So...You're Interested In Natural Living

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    Hello and welcome to this guide to natural living.

    Let me ask you....

  • Do you know how to choose really natural products? It can be a challenge.

  • Are you trying to be more eco friendly and green?

  • Is using safer products important for you and your family?

  • Could you use some help understanding the ingredients in products?

If you're getting tired of all the chemicals or artificial ingredients being used in your products and you're looking for better, safer and more natural options, you have come to the right place.

This site is all about using:

More - natural ingredients and materials
Less - synthetics, chemicals and artificial ingredients.

Here are just some of the things you will find on Natural Living for Women:

  • Info for finding the safest and most natural skin care and beauty products.
  • How to buy organic products of all kinds from skin care to underwear.
  • Discover fabrics and great styles for eco friendly clothing.
  • Explore green choices for the home.
  • All this and more are covered to help you make informed choices when you shop. Choices that are better for you and your family and kinder to people, animals and the environment all without giving up style or beauty.

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    Natural Should Be A Wonderful Word

    Natural living is a simple enough idea but it can be confusing when we are bombarded with the word "natural" on everything. Think about it. Does a day go by without seeing it being used for something?

    You want to see the world natural on the label. It implies that safe, natural ingredients are used but just putting it on the label somewhere doesn't make it so. It's just plain frustrating to find out what you thought was a natural product is not very natural after all. An item might contain one botanical ingredient and call itself natural. It's maddening.

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    Being An Informed Shopper

    You can make better, informed choices when you shop. Choices that are safer and healthier for you and the planet. Choices that make you feel good about using them. There are plenty of options that will let you live well, dress well and look beautiful.

    I've been choosing to make natural living a part of my life for years. I believe ingredients from nature are often the safer, healthier choice and better for the environment too. Natural living works for me and it can for you too. It's not hard and it gets easier as you become better at understanding labels.

    So how do you make the best choices?...

    That's where this site comes in and here are just some of the topics you will find:

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      You can make a difference when you shop. Check out the pages below:

      Shopping With A Conscience

    • Explore the world of Fair Trade Products?
    • Find great places to shop for cruelty-free or Vegan Products?
    • Be informed when shopping for jewelry by learning about Eco Jewelry.

    Make Being Natural or Eco Friendly Affordable

    If it seems like many of these products are not in your budget take advantage of sites that offer coupons and discounts for all kinds of products.

    What about resale shopping? Great styles, designer labels, affordable prices, it's eco friendly fashion at it's best.

    For more information check out:

    If you know ahead of time which products work, you won't waste money on those that don't. Check out product reviews before shopping by reading these:

    Now... let's get to making natural living a part of your life.

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    Thank you for such a wonderful insightful web site presence!- Marie

    I love this site. thank you.-River

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