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More Ways To Be Green And Save A Little Too
April 22, 2009

What's In This Issue:

  • Ideas for Green Living and Saving Money
  • News from Natural Living For Women

  • Living Greener

    A big environmental choice used to be paper or plastic. We've moved well beyond that now and have new green avenues to explore. Where else can being green take us?

    If you've been implementing simple but effective changes in your life that are more environmentally friendly like using CFL light bulbs, carrying reusable water bottles and shopping bags or caulking and sealing your house to reduce energy consumption you are ready for the next challenge, looking at other areas of your life to see how else you can be green.

    To me the next logical step was to begin looking at what I was buying. Shopping for organic or local produce has been important to me for a long time but I began my website exploring other ways to be more natural, healthier and greener.

    I started doing research about organic and sustainable fabrics and was surprised to find that the fabric industry has been no friend to the environment and since this was something we all use this was an obvious place to start. I wrote about organic cotton, hemp or bamboo and have tried to make these fabrics more a part of my life. It was also exciting to see so many items being made from recycled materials that I could buy but as I started to dig a little deeper I have been pleasantly surprised to find so many green solutions can be found to everyday living.

    I also found that often when I chose the greener option while it may be initially more expensive these purchases are usually well made products that last longer or consume less energy saving money in the long run. Or as is the case with being green by buying or trading used trading items or being handy with things I already own the savings are upfront and easy to see. Many times being green and saving money can go hand and hand.

    More Choices for Green Living

    I started to look at my life. What were my interests, hobbies, passions? Where did I choose to spend my money?


    After my son and if he's given me a hard time maybe even before my son comes my pets. They are a big part of my life and a big expense. Could they be greener? Definitely. I found a great resource to help make shopping for pets an eco friendly thing to do at:

  • Great Green Pets

  • A shopping blog with green ideas for just about everything you could want for your pets from food, to toys, to bedding to gifts for pet parents. Great site that includes prices and where to shop.


    Who doesn't own at least one or two electronic items? Some of our electronics contain toxic materials that can't be recycled or consume too much energy but smarter choices exist. It's just a question of being informed shoppers.

  • Green Electronics

  • Their slogan is "Buy it right the first time". They provide the information needed to make better decisions when shopping for electronics, computers and even lighting that not only saves money but is eco friendly. Also tells us where to shop.

    Books, DVD's and CD's

    Halfprice Books is of course the best in book, dvd and cd recycling but a new fun way to recycle those items can be found at:

  • Paperback Swap

  • Simply post ten books and receive two start up credits to use to get your first books. You can then order books and have them shipped to you free. When someone wants one of your books you earn a credit when you ship to them (PBS provides address and wrapper, you pay shipping). A simple way to be green and save money that can also be done with dvd's and cd's through their sister sites.


    One of my creative outlets is crafting and I realize that many of the supplies I use are not green or use a large quantity of resources. Scrapbooking which I have just discovered is a very popular hobby which because of it's popularity consumes large quantities of paper. But I have found that this craft like many others has green solutions. Check out:

  • Crafting A Green World

  • Here you will not only find ideas for crafting with eco friendly and natural materials but also ideas on how to make any of our crafting more green.

    Kid's Toys

    Plastic is one of the most used materials in kids toys. Recent news about dangerous materials turning up in kids toys. These are things to think about when shopping for green and safe toys for kids. If you are looking for better options look to:

  • Green Toys

  • This U.S. company (American made toys are hard to come by) uses recycled plastic milk jugs to create colorful classic toys like trucks and children's tea sets for the younger set.


    Celebrations of all kinds have us buying all kinds of paper and plastic items which often see one use. Reusing as much as possible makes sense but in the end it's all trash. So what's the solution? This site has some great answers:

  • Green Party Goods

  • Here you will find partyware made from bamboo fibers, corn or even potatoes that is biodegradable or compostable and doesn't rely on petroleum products. Beautiful paper products that are eco friendly. Decorations, party favors, games and more made with concern for the environment.

    Around The Home

    Decorating inside and outside the home provides plenty of opportunities to experiment with green options for the do it yourselfer. This magazine and website is a great starting point.

  • Ready Made

  • Looking for ideas on what to do with old picture frames, beautiful bottles, even old doors, how to repurpose old furniture or organize your recyclables. This magazine provides resources, ideas and how to instructions for those of us who like to do it yourself.

    You get the idea. Take a look around your life and see where you could be living greener.

    Celebrate Earth Day April 22, 2009

    New To Natural Living For Women

    I am constantly adding new info to the site. Check out these new pages on Natural Living For Women:

  • Pregnancy tips for safe healthy skin care for you and your baby.

  • More reviews for mineral makeup and natural hair color.

  • Updates to my experiment using facial flex.

  • Information on choosing green cleaning products

  • Comments? Ideas? Feedback? I won't know unless you tell me. I'd love to hear what you think. Just reply to this e-zine and let me know. If you like this e-zine and think a friend will too, do me a favor and pass it on.
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