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Better Choices - Tips for Head to Toe Healthy Summertime Beauty
July 24, 2009

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  • Save Money Look Beautiful - Recipes for Skin and Hair Care

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  • Head to Toe Beauty

    Itís already July and we are in the full swing of summer. Sun, heat and wind can be rough. How is your skin and hair holding up this summer?

    Healthy, Shiny Hair

    Dry, frizzy unmanageable hair does not have to be the description of your hair this summer. While itís easy to find great organic and natural products that will do the job why not save some money by using natural ingredients you may already have around the house and make your own.

    When making any of your own homemade skin care recipes avoid ingredients you are allergic to eating and if unsure do a patch test.

    Avocado Hair Mask From Celebrity Stylist Leonardo Rocco

    For oily hair Ė apply mixture to the bottom half of hair working well into ends.
    For normal hair Ė use mixture all over even massaging into scalp.

    1 ripe avocado peeled and mashed
    1 tb olive oil
    1 egg

    Blend all ingredients. Wet hair and work mixture through hair. Cover your head with plastic wrap or shower cap and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse as best as you can then wash with a good shampoo.

    Remove Product Buildup and Chlorine

    2 tbs vinegar any kind will do
    1 cup water

    Pour mixture over hair and scalp after shampooing hair. Rinse thoroughly. For oily hair, use this mixture once a week, twice a month for others. I have color treated hair and use this once or twice a month.

    Soft Smooth Skin

    Help keep your skin looking itís best with one of these skin care recipes.

    Good For Dry Skin

    The same healthy moisturizing benefits from avocado used in skin care.

    1 med ripe avocado
    1 tsp olive or almond oil

    Mash avocado with the oil until creamy. Apply the paste to face, neck and back of hands. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

    For All Skin Types

    Good for tightening pores and freshening complexion.

    2 egg whites whipped until soft peaks are formed
    1/8 tsp cornstarch

    Gently mix cornstarch into beaten egg whites. Immediately apply to your face and leave on until dry about 20 minutes. Rinse.

    Body Scrub

    Dry scaly skin and rough dry patches prevent your moisturizer from doing itís job. Try using a good exfoliant on a regular basis.

    1 cup coffee grounds
    Ĺ cup raw sugar or coarse salt
    enough olive oil to make a spreadable mixture.

    Mix all ingredients. Rub gently into your skin while in the shower. Coffee is thought to help break down cellulite. Focus on those places and see if it works for you. Rinse and wash as usual.

    Alternately try skin brushing as a simple easy to way to exfoliate and create healthy skin.

    Foot Care

    Start with a foot soak. Use anything large enough to soak both feet and hold water high enough to cover up to your ankles. Start with any water temperature that sounds good to you. Cool water sure feels good in the summer.

    Add one tablespoon Epsom salts or any salt you have on hand. Soak for 10 minutes, remove feet and pat dry. Use a good scrub like the coffee one above and rub all over your feet concentrating on rough spots. Rinse thoroughly. Apply a good moisturizer or body butter like the one mentioned below.

    Don't neglect feet when applying sunscreen. They are too often overlooked and always wear flip flops in public showers. It is way to easy to get athletes foot and other stuff by walking around barefoot especially in damp, moist areas.

    Products to Keep You Looking Your Best

  • Jenulence Body Shimmer Give your skin a soft healthy glow.

  • Alaffia Shea Butter Keep your skin looking healthy and beautiful.

  • Just Natural Skin Care Just about any product you could want to get your hair, no matter what condition, into excellent shape naturally

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