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Better Choices - Fall Fashions Go Green
October 01, 2009

What's In This Issue:

  • Eco Chic Fashions For Fall
  • News from Natural Living For Women

  • Keeping Style Being Green

    Yeah!! Itís fall. Well almost. Today the temperature is in the 90ís so this day doesnít count but we are still officially in fall. Even in Texas we finally get to a point where we start wear fall fashions.

    Yesterday, I thought I would take a look through my wardrobe to see how it could be updated for fall. Since much of my time is spent right here on my laptop with my dogs and cats for company my wardrobe needs tend to fall to jeans and tees but I enjoy keeping up on the latest trends and try to update myself from time to time.

    Iíve been watching and I like what Iím seeing. If you are big on style and comfort tunic tops, long skirts, leggings and boots are so in right now. Animal prints are always fun and Iím glad to see still popular and jackets, I love jackets. They can dress up my t-shirt and jeans look in a flash.

    My first place to shop lately is at resale shops in the area and Iíve discovered some great on-line shops that also do resale, consignment and even some that offer swapping online. I found jackets that I love at resale shops and the prices canít be beat. Plus, Itís very green. For more info on recycled fashion and links to some great places to shop see below in New To Natural Living section.

    Itís this kind of shopping that can make you feel like you can still be green without spending an arm and a leg. But for something a little trendier new may be the way to go.

    So to get you started thinking green and fashion I took a few of the latest trends and looked for eco friendly versions. I know eco fashions donít always seem affordable but you can take advantage of clothing offered by larger online retailers like Amazon and Gaiam that offer good prices and free or low cost shipping.

    Like this offer from Gaiam: 99 Cent Shipping on Any Order (Excludes Outlet). Use code AFSHP9. Expires 10.11.09.

    Ok, so let's pretend you are starting your day and looking through your wardrobe. Ahead of you is a day that you know already is going to be stressful and busy. You need to look good but want to feel comfortable. Soft, comfortable clothing is like comfort foods they are just what you need to feel more at ease. What is better than a soft tunic and long skirt or leggings? If they are made with bamboo which is super soft, organic cotton and just a little bit of stretch you will look great, be eco fashionable and not break the bank. Check out the tunic and skirt below from Gaiam. Itís available in three great colors, wine, black and pewter.

    Change up the look a little with a swing tunic over leggings or jeans. Add a long necklace and you're looking good. Definitely more casual but fun and easy to wear and very fashionable. Also made with bamboo and organic cotton.

    Are long sleeve tees a staple in your wardrobe? Why not choose one made from organic cotton? Alternatives makes a great shirt from organic cotton using low impact dyes. The scoop neck is flattering and the fit is great. I found it at Amazon in a big selection of colors for only $14. Whenever you think canít afford eco fashion you can always start somewhere and these shirts might just be the thing.

    Do you love animal prints? Animal friendly versions are the most fun and the kindest. You might not want to go to extremes but a handbag is the perfect choice donít you think? The handbag below is made from faux leopard fur, synthetic leather and has a twill lining. Itís not too big but has plenty of room. The side pocket keeps your cell phone and keys handy. I particularly like the flap over magnetic closure. This is something I look for in a bag. This keeps my handbag closed without me fussing with it. I was always one of those women whoís bag was always open at the top and my stuff all exposed. This closure stops that and looks neat. Check out the handbag below made by Susan Nichole.

    One final idea, those high boots that look so great with skirts, jeans even leggings could be improved upon and made from animal friendly materials. The boot below is soft slouch styling, low heeled and comfortable. Paired with the long skirt and tunic above and youíll have a great look that is sleek and comfy.

    New To Natural Living For Women

    I am constantly adding new info to the site. Check out these new pages on Natural Living For Women:

  • If you are interested in reading more about natural and green living I have started a bookstore of carefully selected books to make it easier for you to find and buy the best books. Check out Natural Living Books

  • As I mentioned above one of the best and greenest places to shop is at resale shops. It's a popular way to buy recycled clothing but not the only way. Designers working with recycled materials are a small but growing niche. Check out recycled fashion for more info.

  • Also check out my Natural Living Blog where I've reviewed products like natural deodorants and sunscreen and several great companies. Plenty of new reviews from site contributors too.

  • I hope eco friendly fashion in one way or another finds a place in your wardrobe.

    See you next time.

    Comments? Ideas? Feedback? I won't know unless you tell me. I'd love to hear what you think. Just reply to this e-zine and let me know. If you like this e-zine and think a friend will too, do me a favor and pass it on.

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