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Better Choices -- Alima Pure Mineral Cosmetics Shares Tips and News,Tomato and Cucumber Skin Care
March 26, 2008

This Month Highlights Mineral Cosmetics
and Skin Care.

What's In This Issue:

  • Learn more about Alima Pure, a leader in natural mineral cosmetics, along with info about choosing mineral makeup in this interview with founder Kate O'Brien.
  • What's In The Fridge Skin Care:
    Tomatoes, cucumber and bananas.
  • What's New On NLW.

  • Alima Pure Mineral Cosmetics

    I am very pleased this month to bring you an interview with a founder of one of the leading brands of natural mineral makeup available today, Alima Pure.

    I have enjoyed using their products and the way they look and feel on my skin. (For my product review check out Best Mineral Makeup.) But as a reader to my site you know that that is not all I consider when recommend something.

    When we buy from companies who look at the big picture we are all contributing to making the world a better, safer and kinder place to be in. By big picture I mean companies who make the efforts to achieve third party certifications, incorporate social concerns, use green packaging or apply green ideas to the actual running of their businesses.

    You will find Alima Pure to be one such company. So in the spirit of helping us be better informed as shoppers as well as learning a few tips on buying mineral makeup, I hope you will find this interview helpful to see the commitment this company has to doing the right thing and help us look beautiful too.

    This interview was conducted with Kate O'Brien from Alima Pure.

    1.Tell us a little about you and your company, Alima Pure.(formerly Alima Cosmetics)

    We call Portland, Oregon home. Since 2004, when the desire to find natural cosmetics turned into a full-fledged company, Alima Pure has been committed to creating dazzling colors in the form of high quality, all natural mineral cosmetics.

    While using mineral makeup is setting new trends, the ingredients are as old as can be. The luxurious mineral pigments in our makeup can be beneficial to the skin. They include subtle reflective properties, sun protection and anti-inflammatory benefits.

    The conventional wisdom of choosing organic produce over the pesticide-rich stuff holds true with cosmetics as well. There are a lot of noxious chemicals in cosmetics that probably shouldn't get anywhere near your skin. If you can�t pronounce it, chances are you shouldn't highlight your cheeks with it, is our philosophy.

    Today, Alima Pure cosmetics are available in Europe and parts of Asia. And of course, we ship internationally.

    Our goal is to help women around the world look and feel beautiful naturally.

    2. What are the biggest advantages to using mineral makeup over other forms of makeup?

    We love the way that mineral cosmetics look and feel, not to mention their purity. Of course the first advantage is that mineral cosmetics are pure and natural (one caveat - read labels. Some powdered cosmetics claiming to be 'mineral' have lots of ingredients best avoided).

    Purity alone isn't enough - the whole point of cosmetics is that they help you look and feel great. Good ones do just that - they feel wonderful on, come in gorgeous, natural colors, and have a nice, creamy texture that makes them easy to use.

    Coverage tends to be variable, and minerals can be layered to achieve the desired level of coverage. Most makeup artists recommend using makeup to even out skin tones and minimize flaws rather than try to achieve a totally blank canvas, and I agree with this philosophy. Thick, heavy foundation always looks bad, whether you are using conventional cosmetics or minerals. Mineral cosmetics can work for everything from photo shoots to weddings to casual looks. They are as easy to use and versatile as conventional makeup.

    The issue of whether minerals are drying is more about skincare than makeup. A good natural moisturizer (I love a couple of drops of organic olive oil massaged into damp skin) will protect the skin and prepare a great base for makeup.

    3. It can be difficult shopping for cosmetics online particularly when it comes to color. Any tips for making this easier?

    Many companies offer email advice to assist clients in choosing colors. I highly recommend taking advantage of this. It's helpful to let the makeup artist know whether you burn easily or tan, what other foundation colors have worked well for you, and a bit about your basic skin tone. If you can never find a light enough shade in conventional cosmetic lines, you may be surprised to discover that mineral cosmetic will offer you a perfect match. More companies are now offering deeper shades now as well, so women have great options.

    If you can, order samples before ordering full sized products. That will give you a chance to play with application techniques and experiment with colors before purchasing full sized products.

    4. Your company has pledged to be cruelty free and you have signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics but you have also been approved by Co op America and most recently have received certification by the BDIH. Congratulations by the way. Readers to NLW should be familiar with the pledges to be cruelty free and safe but what does it mean to us when we see the logos for Co op America and the BDIH?

    Thank you! We love belonging to these two great organizations!

    Co op America has a very rigorous application process for their applicants. The Co op board wants to be sure that member companies adhere carefully and thoughtfully to these standards:

    "Green businesses operate in ways that solve, rather than cause, both environmental and social problems.

    These businesses adopt principles, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life for their customers, their employees, communities, and the environment.

    See What Is A Green Business from Co op America.

    They confirm each member's commitment to work in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. It's inspiring to see how their membership has grown through the years! Green business seems to be enjoying a renaissance.

    BDIH is in some ways similar, but they work exclusively in the realm of personal care products. They have very specific guidelines about which ingredients are acceptable in their member's products, and each product is vetted, ingredient by ingredient, for compliance. In addition, they require that packaging be as environmentally friendly as possible (this is an evolving arena) and they also look for social responsibility.

    5. It's hard enough starting a business and providing great products why bother with all the extra work needed to meet all the requirements from these organizations?

    I think those of us with a passion for the environment and social justice, as well as our products, love having our products tested and certified. It's wonderful being a green business owner! Having compliance tests helps us stay on track, and we don't have to operate in a vacuum. I wouldn't have it any other way.

    6. A natural ingredient we've seen in many brands of makeup is bismuth oxychloride. There are some questions about it's use in cosmetics. Can you tell us a little about this ingredient and why you do not use this in your products?

    There is a lot of controversy about bismuth oxychloride, and some people have strong opinions about it. Many of our clients have found it to be irritating, others seem to be able to use it without difficulty. We've found that we can create a wonderful product without it, so we're happy to sidestep the issue altogether.

    7. Anything else you would like to tell us about Alima Cosmetics? New products to look forward to etc?

    We have our new website launching this Thursday,March 20, and we're very excited about it! We've got organic lipsticks and pressed powders in refillable compacts on the drawing board, and we've recently sourced bamboo handles for our cruelty-free brushes. We're also very excited about the new developments in biodegradable vegetable based plastics, and will be watching carefully for non-GMO versions to appear on the market. This is an exciting time to be in a green business, as environmental awareness is evolving very quickly.

    Thank you Kate that was very informative.

    If you have yet to try out Alima Pure cosmetics now would be a great time to check out their new site. From now until March 31 receive 20% off their full sized foundation.

    What's In The Fridge Skin Care:
    For March It's Cucumbers and Tomatos

    Cucumber and tomatoes are both plentiful in my grocery store this month so it is the perfect time to experiment with these ingredients to make our own skin care facials.

    Cucumbers are loaded with water, vitamin E and natural oils and you may be familiar with using cucumber slices to reduce eye puffiness.

    Honey is good for all skin types. It not only hydrates but is a natural antiseptic. It can be used all by itself on dampened skin as a skin softening mask.

    Honey-Cucumber Mask
    for dry to normal skin.

    1 tbs honey
    1/4 cup mashed or pureed cucumber(peel can be left on if pureed)
    1 tsp oat flour or ground up oats
    1 tbs olive oil approx.

    Mix first three ingredients and then add in enough olive oil to make a paste that can easily be smoothed on your skin. Apply to face, neck and hands. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes then rinse with warm water.

    Or try Organic Essentials Facial Cleansing Pads with Cucumber available at Be Well Stay Well

    Tomato's natural acids help slough off dead cells and it's slightly drying on the skin plus contains Vitamin A.

    Yogurt contains lactic acid which also helps get rid of dead skin cells.

    Tomato-Yogurt Mask
    for oiler skin.

    1/4 cup yogurt
    1/4 cup skinned pureed tomato
    1/4 cup honey

    Combine all ingredients and apply to skin allow to remain on skin for 10 -15 minutes then rinse with warm water.

    or try Tomato Lycopene Masque available at

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