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Better Choices ,December 2007 --The Good We Can Do, Pomegranates For Your Skin
December 22, 2007

Happy Holidays and Welcome To
The December 2007 Issue

What's In This Issue:

  • Being The Change In The New Year Ahead
  • What's In The Fridge Skin Care
  • What I Have Enjoyed Reading
  • What's New On NLW.

  • Are You Going to Be The Change
    in The New Year Ahead?

    The way we live our life, what we wear, eat, drive, use etc is made possible by others.

    No matter how independent we may feel, practically every aspect of our lives is dependent on someone else. 24/7 someone else had a part in making our lives safer, healthier, wealthier, beautiful, efficient, comfortable and on and on and on.

    More often than not these are perfect strangers we will never meet and who may live in countries far away and speak languages we will never understand. Living lives that may be happy, healthy and wealthy or living and working in miserable conditions with little hope for the future.

    They are the people who work to make products we use every day. Just look around you. Every item you own has a history.

    Think of one thing that you own. How about something we all own, shoes. Beauty, function, warmth, protection, they provide all this and more especially to those of us with a little shoe addiction. We love them and we love shopping for them but where do they
    come from?

    No cobbler elves to merrily build our shoes and stock them in our favorite stores. Real people and real materials involved and the real people who make our shoes could be children.

    A worker, maybe somewhere in China, is working hard this minute to make a pair of shoes that one of us will buy and if we made a purchase from a responsible company who provides this worker a safe working environment, good wages so her children don't have to work while also trying to care for the environment. Then we helped create a positive chain of events in a part of the world we may never see.

    Our daily lives have been improved by people from all over the world and if we shop with care our purchase can create benefits for many people, animals and the environment or it can have totally the opposite affect. The choice is ours.

    What Can We Do?

    Just being more aware is a beginning. Try to shop with companies that provide certified organic skin care products, takes efforts to protect the environment, work to promote fair trade products, gives back to the community, doesn't do animal testing and so on.

    I have found The Better World Handbook to be an easy little guide to stow away in my purse and help guide me to some great companies.

    Being as informed as possible is the best answer but it's not easy. I know. More than I care to admit I have thought I was purchasing with care only to turn up new info that shows me that my purchase harms the environment or exploits workers or is not safe for use on our skin and don't get me started on product claims and labeling.

    It's discouraging but I do believe the important thing here is to keep trying. Keep learning and do the best we can to make purchases that respect animals, people and the environment. We are bound to mess up but wouldn't you rather be the one who makes an honest mistake while trying to do a good thing than not try or just ignore the situation.

    My hope for Natural Living For Women, as we see how interconnected we all are, is to come together to learn, make mistakes, try again and share what works so that we make the best decisions when shopping that benefit us all.

    It's a big job but we have a fresh new year ahead of us to

    Sites to help you shop:

    Organic Consumers Buying Guide

    Caring Consumer for cruelty free products.

    Vegan Shopping Guide

    National Green Pages for fair trade, green and organic products.

    What's In The Fridge This Month Skin Care

    Pomegranates are the hot new healthy fruit and this is the time of year when they are plentiful in our grocery store. This fruit has been used for hundreds of years for it's healthful benefits. When used in skin care it provides antioxidants that fight free radicals that can damage and age the skin. But the oil from the seeds is also a source of punicic acid which helps to stimulate cell growth, great for a fresher looking complexion.

    Check out the two recipes below to make your own treatments:

    Pomegranate Facial Mask

    2 tsps.crushed pomegranate seeds
    1 tb. yogurt or sour cream
    1 tb. any kind of fruit juice

    Blend ingredients and apply to clean skin. Leave on for 5-10 minutes. Rinse with cool water. Moisturize as needed.

    Pomegranate Sugar Scrub

    2-3 tsps. pomegranate seeds
    3 tb. sugar or brown sugar
    1 tsp. oil

    Crush seeds into sugar, add oil as needed to create a paste. Rub gently into hands or feet. Rinse and moisturize if necessary.

    Buy It To Try It:

    Brownwood Acres which carries Super Fruit Supplements and Juices also has a a line of organic pomegranate skin care products. Lotions scrubs and creams made with fresh sounding natural ingredients. Introductory specials going on right now. Try a sample pack for $5.95 and see if pomegranate works for you. Check out:

    Brownwood Acres.

    Good Reads

  • The Starbucks Experience
  • I am not a coffee drinker so my personal Starbucks experience is very limited but I had heard some not so great things about Starbucks and it's limited promotion and use of fair trade coffee in their stores. So I had somewhat formed an opinion.

    This was an interesting book that worked hard to point out Starbucks accomplishments in business and their values while doing business. The principles that that are suggested make an excellent guide for functioning in business and in life.

    Whether or not Starbucks has been successful on all fronts is a big question. While Starbucks stumbles at times there is no denying that they do a lot of good.

    If you love Starbucks or you hate it this was an interesting quick read.

  • The Power Of Nice:
    How To Conquer The Business World With Kindness
  • Nice guys finish last. We've all heard that one. If we take a good look at many businesses around us maybe it's time for a change. Bad guys finish last could be our new mantra.

    Everyday we have the opportunity to create good experiences or bad and with just some simple changes like an honest compliment, a helpful hand to get a job done or even just rewording things to reflect the positive instead of the negative. This fun, helpful book suggests some simple ways to bring the power of nice to our work and personal lives and see what will happen.

    New Additions to NLW Website

  • To further expand on the information in eco jewelry two new pages have been added.

    When shopping for an important event in our lives, to express our love or just when shopping for a pretty little bit of bling, make sure that purchase didn't destroy the environment or cause harm or suffering to those responsible for it's creation. For the info you need before you shop and for suggestions as to where to shop check out conflict diamonds.

    Diamonds and gold are only one part of the picture find out what you need to know before shopping for other gems or metals in fair trade jewelry.

  • Blog Action:

    This past month there have been many suggestions to help you shop for the holidays while keeping your values intact. Along with a few thoughts that are close to my heart like giving puppies for Christmas and how one person can make a difference.

    If you have not signed up for my blog yet, check it out at NLW Blog and see if it's for you.

    As this year ends and a new one begins I wish you all happiness and prosperity. Happy Holidays Everyone. See You Next Year

    Comments? Ideas? Feedback? I won't know unless you tell me. I'd love to hear what you think. Just reply to this e-zine and let me know. If you like this e-zine and think a friend will too, do me a favor and pass it on.

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