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Better Choices --Green Ideas For Spring Fashion,Avocado & Orange Skin Care
February 21, 2008

Springs Hottest New Trends Can Be
Eco-Friendly Fashion

What's In This Issue:

  • Get a jump on spring with ideas for buying some of the latest fashions in their eco-friendly versions.
  • What's In The Fridge Skin Care:
    Avocados and oranges good for our skin care.

  • What's New On NLW.

  • The Green Approach To Spring Fashion

    I don't know if it is the mild weather here or everything I have been reading about Fashion Week that has me thinking about new spring fashions. I know so many of you are in the midst of cold and snow but spring will come so get your head into it by thinking about new spring styles.

    Your first step before any shopping is to take a look in your closet and give away any clothes that you do not love. I have found that I would rather have less clothing that I really like and feel good wearing than a closet full of clothes that I feel so so about. Results... clothes you really like, a more organized closet and you now know what you have to work with.

    Next and this is environmentally speaking but it also affects our wallets don't buy what you don't need. Yeah we want to freshen our wardrobes for spring but we can do that by just buying a few key pieces.

    Eco friendly fabrics are better for the environment but even they require precious resources to produce so we can step up our earth friendly commitment even further by buying less plus think of the money you can save.

    Another consideration is how our new clothes can be cleaned. Unless you live near an environmentally friendly dry cleaners the better environmental choice is machine washable.

    If you'd like to learn more about the new eco fabrics being used today check out my page on alternative clothing choices.

    On to the shopping

    I picked a few of the fashion trends for spring and found green and one not green but fair trade version for you to consider. I thought this was going to be a piece of cake but even though I was thinking spring not as many online stores were with me on this but I think I found enough to get you going and at the very least have provided you with some new places to consider shopping.

    What's great is that many of these stores are doing clearance sales right now so for someone new to buying eco friendly clothes now is a great chance to try something at reduced prices.

    Tropical Colors Are In

    Greenloop offers clothing from popular green fashion designers like Linda Loudermilk or Anna Cohen and companies like Habitude and Perfectly Imperfect. Several tops available in bright tropical colors. Priced from $70 on up. Check out their clearance section for other items that would make great additions to spring wardrobes.

    Organic Style Cute wrap top in a berry color paired with soft tropical print skirt or even your favorite jeans brings a bright touch to your wardrobe. Price $39.95. Also available as a wrap dress which still remains popular and is flattering to so many of us. Priced at $49.95

    Faeries Dance A few tops in bright colors like tangerine and fuchsia along with some nice prices starting at $25.

    Kasper Organics Maggie's Organics camisoles in bright spring colors are on sale as of this writing for $11.96, 20% off regular price. If you are not familiar with Maggies', they are doing some great things by working with a women's co-op in Nicaragua to create organic items. Read more about them on this page.

    Soft Fluid Fabrics

    Faeries Dance Organic cotton and spandex pants available in taupe and black with a soft stylish look and the fuller leg that is popular and flattering to more figure types. Priced at $89 and available in sizes from x-small to x-large.

    Patagonia Several cute skirts here in soft fabrics. Priced from $35

    BTC Elements A pretty kimono sleeve dress in organic cotton is beautifully designed and available in tropical colors too. Priced at $122. But check out the Love Is In The Air Dress on the second page. What a beautiful party dress and look at that color. Pricey but beautiful and made from organic cotton.

    Full Moon Family How about a soft wrap dress made from hemp with 3/4 length sleeves and an angled hemline? Very pretty in natural or black. Price $78.

    The Safari Look

    This proved more of a challenge than the others but here goes...

    Patagonia White Organic Cotton Netty Shirt is a short sleeved button down with a look that could work for safari. Add a large belt and khaki or neutral pants and you get the idea. Price $70

    Full Moon Family I see a crisper more tailored look for safari fashions and these pants and gauchos made from hemp might be a good start. Priced at $76. Neutral colors, to me work best.

    Fair Indigo This linen and cotton short sleeved sash jacket paired with tailored pants or a skirt could work nicely. I know it is not organic but this company provides some beautiful clothing that is fair trade and they do have some organic items. This is on sale right now for $29.

    Kaight This belted organic cotton shirt dress in natural color would work nicely but unfortunately it is only available in small. It is on sale right now for $147.50. Other sale items make this site worth checking.


    The belted look is fashionable this spring so check out the sites below for cruelty free versions. This is a great way to update what you already own by using a belt over dresses and shirts.

    Alternative Outfitters For cruelty free belts to complete the safari look or any of the other spring fashions. Good selection of handbags and shoes for cruelty free/vegan shopper. Flat shoes are still popular and you will find a nice selection here.

    Vegetarian Belts Fun fashion belts. Check out the imitation python materials of The Rahbek. Great addition for the safari look or even your favorite jeans. Price $47.

    Mooshoes How about the Strange Pursuit Rubber Belt on the second page? Nicely priced at $17.

    Well, I hope I have given you some ideas for your spring wardrobe.

    Have fun shopping.

    What's In The Fridge Skin Care:
    For February It's Avocados and Oranges

    This month my grocery store has been highlighting avocados so they have been in constant supply in my kitchen. But avocados are great for skin care too and there are many skin care recipes that use this good for you ingredient.

    It's loaded with vitamins and minerals but it's natural oils are what makes it so good especially for dryer skin types.

    As always whenever using any thing on your skin don't use food that you are allergic to. If in doubt don't use it.

    Avocado Facial Mask.
    From the Green Chronicle

    Great for skin that's drier. Both the honey and the avocado are very emollient

    1/2 ripe avocado
    2 tsps honey
    1 tsp cream or sour cream(substitute here for any dairy, while the lactic acid in dairy is good for the skin it can be left out altogether. Add a little more honey if mixture needs thinning.)

    Mash avocado, blend in honey until a thick smooth paste is formed. Apply to face and neck and I always like to do the backs of my hands. Leave on for 10 -15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

    Puffy eyes? How about this idea from Pioneer Thinking.

    Put a little of that avocado to good use. Peel and slice a ripe avocado into thin slices. Lie down and place a few slices under each eye and rest for about 20 minutes. They say puffiness will be gone.

    Not into making your own that's OK you can still enjoy the wonderful benefits of avocados in these skin care products.

    Eco-Beauty Avocado Eye Cream.

    Adriana's Holistic Skin Care Avocado Ginger Moisture Cream

    For those with oiler skin, why not try another seasonal fruit for your skin care needs. Oranges.

    Orange Facial Mask for oily skin.
    (Don't apply to broken skin, it might sting)

    Juice from 1/2 an orange (for it's astringent qualities)
    8 tablespoons any kind of flour or rice powder
    (good for absorbing oils)

    Combine to create thick paste and apply to skin. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and then cool.

    Just love the fresh smell of orange but don't want to make your own products. Check out this body lotion from Lavera. Orange extracts and sea buckthorn provide an astringent effect that tones and clarifies the skin.

    New Additions to NLW Website

  • In an effort to help women find natural hair color products that are safer to use, as environmentally friendly as possible and cruelty free, a new page has been added to allow women to provide reviews for natural products.

    If you or any women you know have chosen to use one of the more natural forms of hair color either because of allergies or environmental concerns please help us out by writing a review at Natural Hair Color Reviews

  • A new section has been added Natural Anti-Aging. As this section grows look forward to information on natural solutions for aging skin.
  • Just added to this section is Homemade Exfoliants

  • Blog Action:

    This past month in the blog has seen info for Valentines Day shopping to Eco Fashions that have turned up at New York Fashion Week.

    If you have not signed up for my blog yet, check it out at NLW Blog and see if it's for you.

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