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Better Choices , Issue #001 -- Welcome
March 08, 2007

Is It March Already?

Hello and Welcome to the first issue of this newsletter.

I wanted to have this first edition out before the 10th of March and I just made it. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.

What's In This Issue:

New information added to Natural Living for Women:

  • Chocolate and coffee. Two of our vices made better by buying fair trade.
  • Add more organics to your life.
  • Get rid of unwanted hair safely
  • Did you know your cosmetics have a shelf life?
  • Have you ever heard of olive leaf tea
  • Spring Shopping

    What's new for the NLW[natural living woman] for spring.

    When I began Natural Living for Women it was out of my desire to provide a resource to make it easy for women to find in one spot the information they need to live a stylish, natural lifestyle.

    Fortunately, that involves shopping. Most of us like to shop, well, maybe not for all things. I mean I would be happy if I never had to go in and try on another bathing suit or pair of jeans but I do like shopping for unusual items like purses made from recycled tires and I could spend hours at the grocery store.

    We women are a caring bunch and we have begun to question how our products are made. Are they really natural? Who made them and under what conditions? Where did the ingredients come from? Were they tested on animals? We want a natural lifestyle that reflects our values.

    When we learn that we have just eaten some chocolate that might have been made by children working long hard hours in a field somewhere it takes all the joy out of eating that chocolate. We want to change things and make a difference and we want to enjoy that chocolate again but we need information.

    Through my site, this newsletter and my blog, I hope to provide you with information you can use to make changes to your buying so you can look good, feel good and do good.

    New Additions

    I have made quite a few additions to my site in the past month and it has been fun sharing what I have learned with you and hope that it is beneficial to you as we all try to take better care of ourselves while being conscientious about our purchases.

    Just click on the links in the text below and you will be taken to the right page.

  • You know the benefits of organics to yourself and the environment. If you are looking for new ways to add more organics to your life, check out new additions to the organic living section, organic perfume and soy candles

  • Have you been hearing a lot about fair trade and fair labor or sweatshop free clothing lately. Your next cup of coffee could be fair trade coffee or maybe you've been in the mood for chocolate, you know the really good stuff. Fair trade chocolate is the perfect answer for that chocolate fix.
  • Safe, natural skin care and personal care is a must. Let's not forget that there are safe alternatives to personal care products like shaving cream or natural hair removers. I admit I just don't care as much in the winter but with spring here it's time to pay a little more attention to hair removal.
  • While you're thinking safety, just how long have some of your products been on your shelf or in your handbag. There are limits to how long we should keep our skincare and cosmetics find out what they are on this page of natural beauty tips, shelf life.

  • And the makers of olive leaf tea, Olivus were kind enough to let us use their article about olive leaf tea. I found it very interesting and hope you will too.
  • Spring Shopping

    The past month was very important in the fashion world when Fashion Week Fall 2007 opened. I have to admit that while a little interesting, my biggest interest is if designers are doing cruelty free fashions. How often are new fabrics like bamboo or hemp being used or if any are using recycled materials.

    When big name designers like Stella McCartney or Marc Jacobs make fashion statements with cruelty free clothing, even if it's fashion most of us will never be able to afford, it helps.

    The fashion industry is very large and powerful and if they start to take notice not only if their fabric choices are cruelty free but whether they are environmentally friendly or not made with sweatshop labor, changes will be made.

    But we are also very powerful and our money does our talking. How simple is that? We can start with our spring shopping. New spring fashions are calling.

    Through the years I have learned how wonderful simplicity can be so before I run right out and shop, I think first about the wardrobe I already have. I like to start with a clean up first, going through and eliminating anything I haven't worn in the past few years. I know most recommendations are for a yearly clean out but some years I find I don't have the need for certain kinds clothing but the next year I do, so I wait a little longer.

    These items I donate and then I look for any repairs that need to be made and get those done by someone else, since I don't sew, well maybe a button or two.

    Now at least I know what I have to work with.

    Multicultural and ethnic or exotic looks are in. This works out perfectly because I have spotted some handbags offered through eShopAfrica's fair trade producers that would be perfect.

    Jewelry styles are much larger this year and they have a wonderful selection containing glass, silver, wood, terracotta etc. with a wonderful exotic feel to them.

    Global Exchange is another great site and I found some great handbags here. If you've looked at messenger bags for their great looks and utility, there are recycled ones on this site that look really cool and are made by disadvantaged Cambodian women. Also several other interesting ethnic handbags and accessories.

    I've decided I need to try bamboo clothing. After learning so much about it I'm going to have to add it to my wardrobe. It's a little harder to find but that will change and I noticed some of the designers during fashion week had experimented with it so I'm hoping that helps get it to the market along with our interest in it. If you've been wondering yourself, I'll let you know how it turns out.

    This spring I shoot for more eco friendly, fair trade, cruelty free clothing. That's a mouthful and it sounds like a lot of work. But it's not that hard. It takes a little more thought at the beginning but once you learn about where to find all the great looks you want, it's easy. And as I've said on my site I enjoy shopping with companies who have strong values.

    Well, that's all for this month. Next month, I'm adding more to help us buy safe and natural products for our skin and hair. Plus in April we celebrate Earth Day. Find out how natural living women can do that.

    Until next time. Have a great month.

    Comments? Ideas? Feedback? I won't know unless you tell me. I'd love to hear what you think. Just reply to this e-zine and let me know.

    If you like this e-zine and think your friend will too, do us a favor and pass it on.

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