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EcoColors Hair Color Review.

EcoColors Hair Color

After I did my homework, EcoColors Hair Color was my next choice for hair color when I devoloped allergic reactions to hair dye. My last product worked great for a while but allergies can act up unexpectedly and there was no choice but to find something else.

Unless... you are like a friend of mine who says she would rather put up with the itching and the burning before she gave up on a product she liked. Not me. It's uncomfortable during the processing and the itchiness can last for days. I try to listen to my body and follow it's cues.

It has been about 6 weeks now since I started using EcoColors Hair Color. I had ordered the patch test kit which is a small sample of the hair coloring, no hydrogen peroxide developer. I did the tests like recommended, behind my ears and at my elbow and I tried it twice with no problems. I did wonder though why the test application did not contain both parts, color and developer, and asked the company. Quick response by the way and they said that their experience was most women did not have a problem with hydrogen peroxide.

UPDATE: I guess I am one of the few people that are sensitive to hydrogen peroxide. I really liked my results using EcoColors and I am sorry to say I can no longer use it.

The color selection for EcoColors Hair Color is pretty good but I was not able to order my usual light golden blonde myself. It is one color, there are others, that is available only through stylists which I questioned them about also. This was their response:

"You can order light golden blonde. Just order any other kit and in the comment box, type in "Please substitute light golden blonde". The stylists have 24 colors to choose from because they have the expertise to use these 24 colors creatively with the four developers. The Home Kits are formulated for gray coverage and light golden blonde is not extremely effective for this purpose".

My choice was to order light ash blonde home kit and see how it worked before talking to my stylist about ordering.

I had my product within a week and on to the salon, I don't do my own color any more I like the help. The application was like usual except the scent was milder, rather pleasant and no allergy problems. Yes, I know I did did the test but I don't trust it until I have the stuff all over my whole head.

The website suggested using heat for processing resistant grey hair, unfortunately I forgot to mention that to my stylist. I remembered just as he was saying, I hope this is going to cover your grey as he was rinsing my head off. We both did a thorough inspection and and grey coverage was great. The color was nice and soft and very pretty. Light ash blonde was a good choice but both he and I agreed it wasn't the blonde I was used to. Soft is nice for a change but I like BLONDE. Next time.

The past weeks the color has faded but less than I was expecting from a gentler product. My hair is in good condition and it feels like it has more body. Always a plus. I am very happy with the results and hope to be able to use this product as long as possible.

Like most permanent colors EcoColors Hair Color does contain small amounts of ppd and ammonia which may be in low enough amounts not to bother me but for some women it may not be low enough so if you should decide to try this product don't by-pass the patch test and make sure and do it twice as they recommend.

You know even if you do not have allergy problems switching to EcoColors is a good move. The safer ingredients used and no animal testing make this a better choice for everyone.

To learn more visit EcoColors Hair Color.

For more info on choosing safer hair dyes check out natural hair color.


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