Jenulence Green Tea Sun Cream Review

Jenulence Green Tea Sun Cream I know mineral sunscreens are safer to use and I'm willing to put up with a slight white look on my body but my face that's different.

There is one shelf in my bathroom that just contains different brands of sunscreen. All good brands that claim they can be used under makeup. I have tried them all and not one of them will I use.

This one is too oily, this one is too heavy feeling, this one is too white etc, etc, etc. Companies try but you've seen the heavy white creams of zinc oxide or titanium dioxide it's a challenge turning that into a cream or lotion that dries clearer.

I had given up and I have to admit that on a day to day basis have only used mineral makeup as my sunscreen. I know this isn't good enough but I just can't bring myself to use something that looks or feels funky.

I am a happy camper now. I recently tried Green Tea Sun Cream from Jenulence. This cream made for very dry to normal skin is a moisturizer that contains sunblocking ingredients. While titanium dioxide is present other ingredients like Green Tea and African Shea Butter which have also been found to provide some sun protection are used.

It is this combination of ingredients that makes Green Tea Sun Cream go on so nicely and dry just about clear. I applied a thin layer as instructed and let it dry. It remained slightly tacky feeling which concerned me at first but this turned out to be a benefit.

Lately, I have been having problems with my mineral makeup looking and feeling dry but this cream provided a nice base that held on to the mineral makeup and gave my skin a natural fresh look. My skin felt moist without looking too shiny.

Jenya from Jenulence says this product should offer an spf of 8 to 10 and when combined with mineral makeup which also offers some sun protection, spf should be closer to 15 to 20. Just right for daily use.

Jenulence offers mineral cosmetics and skin care products for women and men that are based on safe, natural, organic or vegan ingredients.

Click this link to check out Jenulence Green Tea Sun Cream.

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