Your Products Don't Need
Animal Ingredients To Work.

Animal ingredients in our personal care products is not as common as it once was. Many companies have found alternatives. If vegan skin care is important to you a little knowledge will help you avoid ingredients you don't want.

Ingredients we see quite often especially in anti aging skin care is collagen and elastin. Both of these ingredients are proteins that are found skin to help it stay firm. As we age it diminishes and our skin starts to sag and lose elasticity.

Collagen and elastin are also found in animals. Skin care companies believe we could use these proteins from animals on our own skin to help it maintain suppleness. Non animal versions do exist for both these ingredients and may be just as effective.

Know Your Ingredients

The Caring Consumer has compiled a list that can help you identify ingredients from animals in your products. This list will tell what these products are used for, where they come from and alternatives available.

Some companies work very hard to create excellent products without ingredients from animal sources, even an ingredient such as honey. Look for labels that say vegan or contains no ingredients from animal sources.

vegan logo

You may find a vegan logo like the one to the right on the label or just the wording "no animal ingredients". Although according to Eco-labels the use of this claim is only somewhat helpful as there are no standards set by any organization for this claim.

Aubrey Organics carry great products for skin and hair that are not only made with safe, natural ingredients but are cruelty free and most products do not contain ingredients from animal sources. Products that are vegan are clearly labeled.

Another company to look at is a small company called Max Green Alchemy. This small environmentally sensitive company prides itself on creating skin and hair care products using safe, natural ingredients that are also cruelty free and vegan.

If you are looking to eliminate animal ingredients from your products, make it easy on your self, shop at companies like the ones above that clearly list ingredients and let you know which products are vegan.

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