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Mineral Makeup that works
by: Kayla Skjaret

I have very sensitive skin and am very picky about the products I use. Growing up, I was never able to wear makeup because I would break out from everything, didn't seem to matter what brand and so I gave up. I couldn't use most facial cleansers either because I would either get a rash, or acne, or dry patches-something would ALWAYS go wrong. So I gave up. Until I was 20 and a friend introduced me to Damajon and Eco-Glow Minerals. (Quick disclaimer: I do sell this stuff, but it's wholesale. I am not trying to push this product because I have to, but because I know how hard it is to find something that actually works and works well.) It all feels incredibly light on my skin, I've never broke out and my acne has actually gotten better. I love this stuff. Everyone I know that has tried this stuff has loved it and tells everyone they know about it. Check out I hope this helps. Also, I only use coconut oil as a moisturizer-face, body, everything in between. This also seems to help with my skin a lot since I gave up lotions from the store. Feel free to hit me up on Facebook if you are on there. :)

Bare Essentials Makeup Review -not for sensitive skin.
by: Anonymous

My skin has had every type of makeup on it. Never any trouble with breakouts at all. I was excited to try a new natural mineral makeup. It looked great on and was very happy with it for 4 days. I woke up with my face covered in a rash. It looked similar to having small acne spots. The first time I ever broke out from make up (this was the most money I'd ever spent too). After doing research on the net on allergies and Bare Essentials I discovered it happened a lot because of the bismuth they use in this product. Can you say my only allergy is to nickle (guess what I'd bet is included in this makeup). Anyway, if you have any allergies to nickle stay away from Bare Essentials. I decided that I'd look into organics next.

Bare Ecentuals Mineral Makeup Review
by: Susanne

I am in my late 40's with patchy dry skin. I have used BE products for about 4 years, and honestly love it. The cost is a bit steep compared to other brands that I have looked at recently, but I must say the product lasts a very long time. I probably purchase a large foundation every year. It is easy to use, is not drying at all...and YES I would and have bought it several times.

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