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confused shopper Natural living is a lifestyle choice that is.... well, natural.
But what comes to mind when you think natural lifestyle?

When I think of living more naturally I think about taking care of myself and my family by buying or using products made from ingredients found in nature from skin care to clothing to our homes. Using natural products is healthier but it is also gentler on the earth. Being green is a big part of natural living.

Trying to live more naturally can be complicated when we are bombarded with the word natural on everything. More and more we are learning that some of our so called "natural" choices are not so natural after all.

To make matters worse, we find that many of our purchases are made in ways that harm animals, people or the environment.

It doesn't have to be this way. You can make better, informed choices when you shop. Choice that are healthier, choices that make you feel good using them, choices that you know were made with concern for life. If this makes you nod your head in agreement, you've come to the right place.

No matter what you feel is important for natural living whether it's using natural skin care products, supporting fair trade, buying things made from recycled materials, being fashionable in organic cotton or steering clear of companies that use animal testing, there are plenty of options that will let you live well, dress well and look beautiful.

So how do you make the best choices?...

Being An Informed Shopper

Making choices for natural living is not always easy or affordable. You have to be more informed when you shop to make the best decisions. Many new options are available but it can be difficult to know just what is the best choice. Reading labels can help but they are often confusing .

I've had many questions as I'm sure you do too:

Sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to make the right decisions when you have so many questions and concerns. Let me be your guide to the answers to these questions and more.

Make Being Natural or Eco Friendly Affordable

Does it seems like many natural or green products are not in your budget? They are often more expensive but you can take advantage of sites that offer coupons and discounts for all kinds of products. What about resale shopping? Great styles, designer labels, affordable prices and it's eco friendly.

For more information check out: If you know ahead of time which products work, you won't waste money on those that don't. Check out product reviews before shopping by reading these: You don't have to sacrifice anything when you make natural living a part of your life and you enjoy the added benefit of knowing that your purchases do not harm animals, people or the environment.

Little by little we can all make better choices
for ourselves and the world.

Better Choices

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I love your website!! It is so helpful in finding ways that I can be eco-friendly and yet still fashionable at the same time. Allison

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