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Great Natural Products! NEW
by: Anonymous

Finally! I have found natural products that do not irritate my skin! I have dealt with major cysts and acne for most of my life and have used countless products with the hope of helping my red irritated skin. I decided to try the sample kits from Faerie Organic and have been so pleased with the results! The acne and redness in my skin seems to have gotten so much better and it has been less than 1 week. I found the light airbrush finish is the best for my skin and I loved their SUMO cleansing clay as well, it has light exfoliation but not too much to be irritating, leaves my skin soft.

I would like to point out that I read the reviews here prior to trying the sample kit and wanted to say I am not sure what the last poster was expecting to be in a mineral formula considering every other mineral makeup brand I have ever used always contained titanium and zinc oxide as they are the natural mineral sunscreens in mineral makeup. I looked it up on EWG (environmental working group) and the rating is a very low concern. I also looked up their rainbow child lotion and it does not list polysorbate in the ingredient listing. Personally I am thankful for basic mineral formulas rather than foundations loaded with synthetic chemicals, parabens etc. I have also read the FO website about us page and it makes me happy to support a small business that cares about the ingredients they are using they even provide helpful info on their site about which ingredients are safe/not safe to use on the skin which was very helpful for me when looking up different products for my skin. Overall I give two big thumbs up! I highly recommend trying out the sample kits!

Horrible company NEW
by: Anonymous

OK. This company is NOT as advertised. Directly from the website: "Erin believes cancer and modern disease are caused by a build up of toxicity, and so chooses to create holistic, healing products that you can feel safe putting on your skin. Faerie Organic products contain the healing plant force elements that not only help you to obtain beautiful skin but also help our earth at the same time". Below is my review of this company.
Eyecream (this eye cream had both eyes swell up, burn and extreme redness for 12 hours)… some of the contents include:
Xanthan gum (INORGANIC) is a food additive. It is a common ingredient in processed foods. "People who are exposed to xanthan gum powder might experience flu-like symptoms, nose and throat irritation, and lung problems."
Sodium benzoate – linked to cancer (amongst other things:

Foundation (this foundation left huge hives on my face)… some of the contents include:
Boron Nitrate (INORGANIC), commonly known to irritate skin and eyes.
Titanium Dioxide linked to cancer, allergies, immunotoxicity and organ system toxicity. (

Zinc Oxide ( INORGANIC - while considered safe in small doses, inhaling can cause health issues (safe working conditions?)

Iron Oxide ( INORGANIC – potentially harmful when breathed in. Again, not concerned about small doses but is it safe to work with??

Other products include: Polysorbate 20 an inorganic substance that has many alternatives available, it’s just cheaper to use this.

After more investigation into this "organic" practice, I found the most appalling thing. The Rainbow Child Lotion contains Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate: a known extreme irritant to sensitive skin (ahem, a child’s skin).

I don’t care if her company uses these "chemicals". I care that it is not clearly stated that her products contain chemicals. I am tired of Organic companies sitting on their respective high horses, judging the rest of the world for not following full organic ways and then altering the rules around so they can make a buck.

Faerie Organuc more info
by: ish91

Hi, I am thinkng of having a go at the brand.. I currently reside in India. Do they ship here? Also, what sizes would the sample kits be? Do they really work on sensitive skin prone to like anything imaginable !! This is kinda urgent.
Thank you.

Can't Access Faerie Organics website
by: TG

I love Faerie Organics but can't access their website. Is something wrong with it or are they out of business? I am using a PC at work with large servers so it's not my PC. Help, I love this makeup

Faerie Organic
by: kelsey

I would disagree with the other poster, I have been a faerie organic customer for several years now and they actually have really great customer service. I always get top notch treatment and receive my orders pretty fast. The makeup is great and I have even gotten freebies with my order. I buy from them all the time, I'd also recommend getting the sample kits they are a great deal and the samples last forever~

by: Anonymous

Faerie Organic was horrible...that treated me with disrespect. My shipment came in really late said that they would give a gift for late shipping because they were moving and never gave a gift..also got my angled brush I ordered..the next week it broke and my foundation brush was horrible a lot of hair was coming out of it. Let them know about the problem...told me I had to take a picture of the brushes..once I did they said that I was a "confused" customer that's not their brush...they kept fighting me about how that's not their brush...I sent them a receipt and never got my back. SO UPSET!! THEY ARE HORRIBLE!!

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