How to Apply Mascara
And Use It Safely

applying mascara

How To Apply Mascara

Tools To Have On Hand

Eyelash Curler
Lash Comb

  • Start with an eyelash curler. If you have a metal eyelash curler heat it with your blow dryer set on low heat for a couple seconds. If it feels hot let it cool a little before using to make sure you don't burn your eyelid.

    Place the curler as close to the lash line as possible making sure to grab all lash hairs. Hold the curler in place ten seconds or so and release.

    Don't curl lashes that have mascara on them, lashes can stick to curler and be torn out. Lower lashes are too short to work with so don't worry about curling them.

    While curling won't make lashes look longer, the slight curl you get helps to make lashes especially those that tend to stick straight out, more noticeable.

  • Apply mascara from close to the base of your lash line all the way out to the tip. Use your lash comb now before your mascara has a chance to dry. This will help prevent clumping. Apply a second coat and comb after each application.

  • When using mascara twirl the brush in the applicator, don't pump. Pumping pushes air into the tube causing your mascara to dry out faster.

  • For lower lashes, either apply by stroking from base to tip like on upper lashes or hold the wand vertically and using just the tip of the mascara brush coat the bottom lashes. Make sure you do not have any excess mascara on the tip or you will end up with a mascara blob. If needed, comb and then reapply.

  • To make lashes stand out even more after the mascara has dried apply a little mascara just to the tips of top lashes then comb.

  • Using Mascara Safely

  • Don't share your mascara. It is far too easy to spread bacteria.

  • Get rid of old dried out mascara, don't try to get more out of the tube by adding water or worse, saliva. It just not worth the risk of infection. Just get rid of it and start fresh.

  • Probably the number one tip for mascara do not apply while in a moving vehicle. We see women doing this all the time, I know time is short and you just have to finish your makeup in the car but wait and put that mascara on when you've arrived at your destination.

  • Far too many women have scratched their eyes with the wand while applying on the move and a small scratch can lead to bacteria from the air entering that scratch and causing infection. Why risk it? Eye infections can be nasty and they sure aren't pretty.

    Oh and by the way if you do get an eye infection from whatever source, get rid of the mascara you were using, it could contain bacteria. I know that can be hard to do if you just bought it but do you really want to risk infection?

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