Light Mountain Natural Red Henna (Fox on the box)

by Under the Bigsky mommy

After a bad chemical burn over the winter from a salon color I decided it was time to research an alternative that would give me great coverage, soft hair, with a natural- looking color that would also be good for my own health. Lets be honest here, after years of coloring my hair (since I was 16) it was a wonder I had any hair at all with the chemicals in the boxes and salon colors I'd use.

After researching about Henna on and off for a few years, I finally found the Henna for Hair website and with all the great information there I decided it was time to either try it or deal with the chemicals. So I decided to try the Light Mountain Natural Red Henna that I was able to purchase at my local Natural Grocers store.

It took me about 3 or 4 days of back and forth should I or shouldn't I questions to myself that I decided I had nothing to lose. The directions in the box of henna itself were very simple add water, mix and use or option 2 add liquid, mix and wait 1 to 2 hours for henna to "cure". I decided to do Henna for Hair website recipe for henna and it worked awesome. (recipe I used was 100grams of pure henna brand of your choosing and 16 ounces of acidic liquid: I chose lemon juice: then mixed until it looks like yogurt then wrap up and place somewhere warm like top of your fridge and wait 8 to 12 hours until henna is "cured") then once Henna was ready I smeared it on my head from back to front and roots to ends; waited the amount of time from strand test; Yes strand test is important; then wait 2 to 6 hours for henna to process, wash and wash then rinse and your done..

Thanks for the helpful review. There are always lots of questions about using henna. Henna for Hair is a good product and a great resource for those wanting to try henna.

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Thanks for the helpful review. There are always lots of questions about using henna. Henna for Hair is a good product and a great resource for those wanting to try DV/camera sport

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by: Emma

I have switched to natural hair coloring long ago and since then, I haven’t had many issues with hair coloring. Before that, when I had been using chemical ones, I used to get headaches and hair loss. Now it is all good with natural means.

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