Mineral Indulgence Mineral Makeup For Women Of Color Review

by Jullian

I am a brown skinned black women and have been looking for a mineral makeup line for my dry flakey skin for years. My skin is far too sensitive for chemical ladden brands, but mineral makeup brands usually make my skin either look ashy or really dried out.

I live in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and it is often humid here, so I needed a makeup that would compliment my toffee colored skin, not dry out my skin, and would not slip off in humid weather. I was searching online and came across the Mineral Indulgence site.

Reviews about this product line were scant so I was a little skeptical about purchasing. Boy, am I glad I did.....I felt like a kid in the candy store. I purchased the Oil Free Moisturizer along with the mineral makeup in shade "Mocha" and it not only feels like I am wearing NOTHING at all, but is not overly drying.

It has not rained here in a while so I'm not sure about how it will hold up in humidity, but so far the Mineral Indulgence mineral makeup is the best I have ever used. I recommend the Mineral Indulgence line to any woman of color/African American/black etc. My makeup has never looked so natural and my confidence has never been so high.

For those who are skeptical, GO FOR IT. It's completely worth it. They are the only mineral makeup line that I know of for black women that do free customization, so if you aren't sure of what shade will match you best...you can just ask if they'll customize it.

Five out of five stars!

Jullian Hendrix



Thank you Jullian. Great review!!

This company seems to be doing all the right things. I usually include an ingredient list here. Their ingredients seem to be very good and they do tell you on their website the ingredients they use in their products but I did not see individual product ingredient lists which I like to know. I have contacted them and so far have not had a reply. When I do I will put the information here.

Comments for Mineral Indulgence Mineral Makeup For Women Of Color Review

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Callan NEW
by: Anonymous

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FABULOUS Customer service
by: Cheyrl

The customer service from Mineral Indulgence is really helpful. I was having trouble finding the correct product for my skin and was pleased by how quickly they responded and how eager they were to help me find the correct product. LOVE this line already...cant wait to receive my items!

Great Customer Service
by: Anonymous

I havent tried the products yet but I'm sold on the customer service alone. I plan on buyng Pink dorbet lipstick so I can get a natural stain. :)

really good makeup
by: Anonymous

I purchased the liquid silk foundation in Caramel and got number 4 in the concealer as Renee recommended. The concealer has shea in it so at first it was a little oily, but afterwards soaked right into my skin and made the area right under my eye soft and supple. I've heard that shea is good for wrinkles so the concealer may help me get rid of them for good!

How lipstick is supposed to feel!
by: BiracialBeauty

I have never tried their powders or foundations before or their hair products because I have locs but I bought their lipstick in the color "sable"...and it goes on so smooth. The eyeshadows are also beautiful, but I still use a eyeshadow primer for hold.

by: Vanessa Davis

I am a former MAC lover but after recently experiencing terrible acne breakouts, I decided to try Mineral Indulgence. I I bought the shade Ebony in the Natural Finish foundation, the foundation primer and the Cleopatra Treasures eye shadow collection with the Sable lip gloss.. The first time I used the powder dispensing brush (it comes with the powder), I was worried that the powder wouldnt cover my acne spots because it feels so light. As I continued to buff the areas with a second thin layer of powder, I noticed that the dark spots had disappeared but my makeup still looked and felt natural. The trick to using thier dispensing brush is that you have to use a little at a time and then buff and swirl the powder on your face in circular motions until you get the coverage you need. The eye shadow shades are vibrant and have a lot of color which was important to me because of my dark complexion.Sable gloss looks very dark (almost black) but it has a deep red undertone that actually complimented my skin tone. I will be buying more eye shadow collections and trying out their hair care products too.

Good Glosses
by: Anonymous

Haven't yet tried the foundations or eyeshadows, but I purchased lip gloss shades and lipsticks from them during their buy 2 get 2 free sale. They were both great but I like the glosses better than the lip sticks as the glosses have just as much full coverage as the lipsticks with a higher gloss finish. I don't like buying online but customer service was pretty helpful so I went on an placed my order. good quality and good service.

Tried the glosses and eyeshadows
by: Erika

I have never had issues with dry skin and am what many would call a hardcore product junkie when it comes to glosses and eyeshadows, so I bought the Tropical Island and Purple Passion eyeshadow collections, along with the Wildcherry lip pen and plum glaze dual gloss. The glosses have a LOT of color and are very shimmery (same as the eyeshadows)...the colors are very true to the site.

So far I've only used the Tropical Island collection on my eyes, and the color stayed all day without wearing off. So i'm very impressed with the quality.

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