What's All The Hype About
Mineral Makeup?

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Mineral makeup seems to be the hottest trend in natural cosmetics. What is all this hype about? Is this really as good as it sounds?

The best mineral makeup should be made up of pure natural minerals. It basically comes from rock usually various ores and iron oxides that are ground up into micronized particles. This creates a very fine, highly concentrated powder capable of acting as a concealer, foundation and powder all in one.

It's biggest advantages are that it is:

  • lightweight
  • long lasting
  • waterproof
  • good for all skin types and ages
  • does not clog pores
  • light reflective - helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles
  • sunblock - research shows that titanium dioxide and zinc oxide provide a natural barrier against UVA and UVB rays.
  • There have been questions raised over the safety of titanium dioxide. If you have concerns please check out this article reprinted by permission from the Organic Make-up Co. It may help answer some of your questions.

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    Is There Truth To Mineral Makeup Claims?

    The above are claims from companies selling mineral makeup. It sounds good but being a natural skeptic and knowing that cosmetic companies have no one regulating them. I decided to check further.

    I looked for news and magazine articles and reviews by dermatologists. I also check out the the EWG's (Environmental Working Group)Campaign for Safe Cosmetics website. Most of what I found was favorable.

    The dermatologist reports I read said that mineral makeup that did not contain any additives is a safe natural makeup. The ability to sit on the skin instead of being absorbed into it allowed the skin's natural oils to flow. Conventional makeup can block the pores and be absorbed into the skin causing breakouts.

    Many mineral makeups do not have any additives which mean no harmful chemicals (see nontoxic skincare) typically found in many cosmetics. For the purest, safest, most natural product make sure what you are purchasing does not contain any extras, dyes, fragrances or talc. Even natural preservatives are not needed if the minerals are in the dry form.

    Reviews by women who use mineral makeup confirm that it is waterproof. I wouldn't wear it to the pool and expect it to hold up but it tends to repel moisture and does stay on through perspiration.

    It is available in shades to suit all skin types and does provide a lightweight although very good coverage. Many women including myself are quite happy to be using mineral makeup.

    What About SPF?

    Everyone is concerned about sun protection and some mineral makeup companies claim an SPF of 15 or 20. This is an area in skin care in which the FDA gets involved. The FDA considers sunscreen to be an OTC drug product so no company can make this claim without subjecting their product to testing in a lab.

    Look for a brand that makes a specific claim of let's say SPF 15 instead of a brand that says that minerals provide SPF protection. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide provide the safest sun protection but there is more assurance that you will actually have sun protection with a company that has gone to the trouble of having their makeup tested.

    The FDA also regulates mineral pigments and all mica's and oxides (both used in cosmetics) to make sure that are manufactured to the highest standards.

    mineral makeup and brush

    Easy Application

    For many of us who use liquid makeup applying a dry powder makeup may have you wondering if it is difficult to get a smooth look or if it will look powdery. The application is really quite simple.

    Order some samples of foundation, consider a mineral concealer and get a good vegan kabuki brush. This brush is designed to make application easy, very smooth and natural. If you order concealer you will want a small brush to apply it with. I use a clean, soft eyeshadow brush.

    Tips For Applying

  • First make sure to start with clean, moisturized skin and a dry brush. Moisturizer is important as minerals do not adhere to dry skin but make sure to let the moisturizer absorb or you may find the mineral makeup sticking more to damp areas. I have been using a moisturizing sun screen made by Jenulence that works well under mineral makeup. I like that it does not give me a dry look when I apply mineral makeup. Read my review of Green Tea Sun Cream.
  • If you choose mineral concealer start with a small amount on a small brush and tap to remove excess. Apply where needed and blend in gently.

  • It's easier when working with the foundation to place a small amount of foundation in the jar lid or saucer. Many foundations come with a sifter top to make it easier to shake out a small amount. Gather some on the brush and tap the brush good to remove excess. Either apply with a circular or up and down motion, both work. Lately, I have found that just tapping the brush on my face and gently blending works well for me. Experiment and see what works for you.
  • Apply to cover the entire face and down the neck.
  • Some companies offer a liquid that is misted on after that gives the skin a fresh look but it is not a necessity. If you find that your skin looks powdery after application try patting skin gently with a a very slightly damp washcloth or makeup sponge.

    A finishing powder can give you an even more finished look and it helps to set your makeup.

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    That's all there is. It jus takes a little practice.

    I have read reviews by women who weren't so happy with their results. They have found it dry, settles in lines or they have trouble finding the right colors. But with so many different brands to choose from I really think it is just a matter of trying different good quality makeups to find the one that works for you.

    Tips for Buying

  • Read the labels before buying not all mineral makeup is all natural.
  • If you have sensitive skin you may want to consider makeup that does not contain bismuth oxychloride. This natural ingredient used in mineral foundation can cause irritation and itching in sensitive individuals.
  • Most companies offer samples. Take advantage of these. They are not only great for matching colors but they give you a chance to test out different brands.
  • Having used mineral cosmetics for several years now, I can say that I am happier with this than any other makeup I have used and from the reviews many women agree. Your challenge will be finding the one you like.

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