It's All About The Ingredients
Finding The Best Natural Cosmetics

When you buy natural cosmetics you expect natural ingredients right? But unless you read the ingredients on your beauty products you won't know for sure? You won't know if it is safe or if the product has been tested on animals? Often cosmetics claim to be natural but contain few natural ingredients and many synthetic ingredients.
Do you ever wonder...

Just what are some of those ingredients anyway?

Look back through history a little bit and you'll find what we now know are some very unsafe ingredients that were frequently used for beauty. (Check out the history of makeup for a brief overview.)

One of the big advantages we have today that they didn't have back then was access to plenty of information so if it is important to you to use products whose ingredients are mostly natural and safe then a little research is needed. I have done the research for you and below you will find info that should help make shopping for natural cosmetics easier.

What I Looked For When Choosing Natural Cosmetics

1. Pure Natural Ingredients

Our products didn't start out with all these chemicals but as cosmetics began to be manufactured on a large scale chemicals have been increasingly added through the years to preserve, stabilize and improve them. They became cheaper and had a long shelf life but this moved them farther away from natural to more chemical.

No matter which type of natural cosmetic from lipstick to mineral makeup there are products that contain all or mostly all natural ingredients. These are the ones I like. The real challlenge comes in with products like hair dye or nail polish where it is hard to find something that is effective without the use of some chemicals. Here I help you find those products that use the safest and least amount of chemicals while still being effective.

2. No Animal Testing

This is very important to me for all personal care products and I hope it is to you too.

Synthetic ingredients should be tested for safety and animal testing is a cheap easy way to do that. Fortunately, many companies have found that this form of testing is not necessary but some of the most popular brands of cosmetics still have not come to the same conclusion.

3. Product Safety

We do want our products tested though but the problem is that often testing is done for a particular ingredient. No one tests for all the possible combinations of chemicals we are exposed to everyday and since testing is strictly voluntary for cosmetic companies not all ingredients are tested. In fact only about 10% of the synthetic ingredients used have actually been tested. I find that scary don't you? I feel much safer using products with natural ingredients.

natural beauty

Many different types of beauty products have come under scrutiny lately for their questionable ingredients but fortunately we do have a choice. Truly natural cosmetics could be the answer.

Natural Beauty From Head To Toe.

No matter what look you want from all out glamour to simpler natural beauty, you have more choices than ever in natural cosmetics and beauty products.

Hair Products

  • Starting at the top with your hair. These are often the products that contain the most synthetic and toxic ingredients. Make sure and check out natural hair care for more info.

    Natural hair color contains a great deal of information for help in finding a safer hair dye. Don't miss the extensive review section with reviews submitted by others for all kinds of hair dye.

  • Nail Polish

  • Many nail polish brands contain nasty ingredients but there are alternatives. You can have beautiful nails and a safer manicure with natural nail polish.
  • Lipstick

  • Off and on in the news questions have been raised over the safety of some of the ingredients in lipstick. Concerns over chemicals in lipsticks can be put to rest when you choose natural lipstick.
  • Lip Balm

  • Looking for lip balms with no petroleum and natural ingredients? It's easy to feel good about using something on your lips with such great ingredients like those found in natural lip balm.
  • natural beauty

    Mineral Makeup

  • One natural cosmetic that is really gaining in popularity is mineral makeup. It's been getting good reviews from many women and dermatologists. Versatile natural minerals are used to create an easy to apply foundation but can also be used for eyeshadow, blush and even lipstick. It is well worth checking in to mineral makeup because not all mineral makeup is all natural.
  • To read about my experiences with different brands of mineral makeup check out tips on finding the best mineral makeup.

    Be sure to check out mineral makeup reviews

    Hundreds of different reviews can be found here or how about writing your own review. It's easy to do. Share your experience or read what others have to say at Mineral Makeup Reviews.

    Natural Makeup

  • If mineral makeup is not for you and you prefer a more traditional foundation, blush or eyeshadow. Look to other natural makeup choices. Small companies are creating makeup to give us beautiful looks that are made with care for both skin and the environment.
  • Natural Mascara

  • Is mascara one product that you can't live without but you have sensitive eyes or concerns about some of the ingredients in your mascara? I'm sure you will be able to find a better solution with natural mascara.
  • Tanning Products

  • Many women feel that once the warm weather hits it's time to ditch that pale look and thoughts turn to getting that golden glow. Want the look of a tan without the exposure? Consider a sunless tan. It is possible to get that great look with a safe and natural product.

  • A Few Tips For Shopping For Natural Cosmetics.

    1. When shopping for natural cosmetics always read the label on all skin care and beauty products.

    2. Shop with companies that clearly display their ingredients. Try to familiarize yourself with potentially harmful ones. (You may find it helpful to check out natural skin care for more information.)

    leaping bunny logo

    3. Also remember to look for one of the cruelty free logos to make sure your cosmetics have not been tested on animals.

    On average prices for natural cosmetics are comparable to those of fine department store brands. Well worth it for what you're getting, great ingredients and safer, natural products. Many of the synthetic ingredients used in products are cheap. That's why some brands are so inexpensive.

    You may find as I did that you buy less makeup which is not a bad thing, simply because shopping for natural cosmetics is usually not as easy as running to the local store. I don't have as many spur of the moment purchases.

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