Natural Deodorant Reviews

Finding a good natural deodorant can be a challenge. It's not easy fighting odor. There really isn't one product that will work for everyone. It really is a question of trying different ones but with so many to choose from it can take awhile and it's a waste of money when something does not work at all.

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Writing a natural deodorant review is easy just please be sure to include enough info about the product and it's use.(Reviews that are too short may be deleted.) Here are a few questions to keep in mind.

  • Was this a cream, roll-on, spray or stick deodorant?

  • What about application?

  • How well did it work?

  • A list of ingredients would be helpful.

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    Natural Deodorant Reviews

    Have you tried a natural deodorant that works? Share your experience.

    What Others Have To Say

    Tom's Natural Deodorant Review 
    We all know the dangers of using commercial deodorant-risks of breast cancer linked to using anti-perspirant is possibly the biggest reason to find a natural …

    Rocky Mountain Botanicals, Face Naturals, Lavanila, Lafe, DeodoMom 
    I can honestly say that I have tried almost every all natural deodorant on the market and none of them did they said they would. Well, a couple did work …

    In Love With Body Care Deodorant 
    Eight months ago at the local farmer’s market I bought a new on the market natural deodorant "In Love With Body Care". For years I’ve been looking for …

    Silver Shield Deodorant 
    Silver Botanicals make an awesome all-natural deodorant that uses colloidal silver and essential oils. It smells great and leaves me odor-free all day …

    Kiss My Face Liquid Rock Deodorant 
    We have recently gone "green" in every aspect of our lives. Although for the past several years we have been extremely conscious of our decisions regarding …

    Pit Putty Deodorant 
    I can not tell you how many natural deodorants I have tried. I have found a few that work pretty good and some that did not work at all. A deodorant …

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