Natural "Glossing"

by Janice Cáceres
(Oriskany, NY)

Rainbow Henna in Chestnut

Rainbow Henna in Chestnut

I've decided to let my hair go to its natural salt and pepper, but I hate the way the roots grow in and how they contrast with the hennaed hair--actually, henna/indigo, since I am currently using Rainbow Chestnut. After a bit of sleuthing online, I came across others with the same dilemma who solved it with glossing.

This basically involves taking henna, mixing it, then adding conditioner. The setting time varied. What I did was take about a tablespoon of the powder, mixed to a paste with a bit of cider vinegar (to "hold" to the gray) and distilled water. Then, I added about 1/2 cup of conditioner. I put on a couple of shower caps, a warm towel, and let it "bake" about an hour.

The results were even better than I expected. I still have some silver showing, but the roots blend right in. The bit of silver mixed makes the whole thing look very natural. I've done this now twice and I wish this was the way I had always done it. The first treatment lasted 6 weeks before I needed another one. Just thought I would share this! Sure saves on the cost of the henna mix.

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