Natural Hair Color - First time Organic Color Systems Salon

by JoAnn
(Delray Beach, FL, USA)

Natural Hair Color

Natural Hair Color

Natural Hair Color Natural Salon Hair Color

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Before this experience I had never used a Natural Hair Color - or natural anything, for that matter. I always had a bad time getting my hair done. Ever since I was young I would dread getting my hair colored, but still did it regardless. I knew it wasnt natural and had to be damaging my hair and body.

A few months ago, I had just about had it. Whenever I got my hair colored my scalp and eyes would be increasingly irritated, itchy, and burnt. I could no longer take the damage done by non-organic hair products. I got on the internet and began looking for a natural alternative. I found an organic hair salon near my house and booked it...And there I was, at an organic hair salon, ready to get my hair colored with natural hair color. I never thought that would be me :)

My new natural stylist asked me what color I was looking to get, to which I gave her my old color formula. She explained that the brand of natural hair color she carries at her salon (Organic Color Systems) has a very extensive selection of colors to mix and match. Quite impressive, really.

Upon color application, I immediately realized the difference between natural hair color and conventional hair color. I had no scalp irritation! There was no horrific chemical smell, because there were no chemicals! It actually smells kind of good!

Interestingly, to apply this natural hair color product you had to use heat, which I hadn't seen before this organic hair salon.

Once the color was all washed out, I could see the results. I was BLOWN AWAY! I never thought that an natural hair color line could give me the same results as a conventional line, but it actually gave me MUCH BETTER RESULTS! My hair was shiny and glistening and smooth and healthy. It looked like I was ready to go shoot a commercial from a standard (natural) hair coloring!

Since this first experience with natural hair color, I have never gone back. Try a natural hair color line and see the difference for yourself. You will never go back!


Thanks JoAnn for sharing your experience.

Organic Color Systems sounds promising for those of us looking for a safer hair dye. Checking into their site I did not find a complete ingredient list. I did find a list of natural ingredients and it appears that lower levels of chemicals are used. From their site: "Our claim is that OCS is manufactured “as naturally as possible without compromising its effectiveness”. They also display certifications for being cruelty free, vegan, eco friendly, ammonia free and containing certified organic ingredients.

This is a product certainly worth checking into. They have a site set up for salon professionals and you can locate a salon near you:

For more info about at home options for safer hair color please visit
natural hair color.

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Education NEW
by: Savannah Corfield

Natural Hair color seems to be a really good and healthy product for hair color. I have heard about this from so many people that this product has natural hair color and no chemicals and it works great. Why don't you try rushessay reviews? In which hair care and treatment is a big upcoming topic of discussion. In which all hair related products are discussed and reviewed. You can get so much to it,

Without a Doubt Amazing
by: Jill White

I have been using Organic Color Systems in my salon for 5 years and it has changed my life. This product has invigorated my business, enhanced the well being of me, my employees, and definitely my clients, and gave me a whole new perspective on life. After 20 years with Redken and 8 years as an Aveda salon, I will never try another color. For your readers who want to have better looking, better colored, and healthier hair; this product is a god send. For your readers who want a more natural, healthy, organic approach to color, there is no other alternative. It is one of those few life changing products you only find once in while. Organic Color Systems is what Google has been to the Internet or Apple has been to the cell phone. I don't know what else I can say about it, except it is amazing!

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