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Have you tried using one of the more natural hair color products? How about writing a natural hair color review. Tell us about the products you have used.

Many of us are searching for hair dyes that contain safer ingredients or that don't trigger allergic reactions so we can all benefit by sharing experiences with permanent or temporary colors, herbal products or maybe you have tried henna. Different products have been discussed on Natural Hair Color and I also share reviews of products I have tried but we need your thoughts.

If you would like to contribute, please write your natural hair color review below.

Before you spend any money read what other women have to say?

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Have You Used Any Natural Hair Coloring?

Tell us about it. We want to know.

Its hard to find natural hair color products if you've found one you liked or didn't like please share your experience.

  • Why did you decide to use a natural product?

  • Which product did you use?

  • Was it permanent or temporary?

  • Was it easy to use?

  • Did it work well?

  • Did the color last?

  • Any allergy problems?

  • It's easy to write your own review just follow the instructions below.

    What Other Women Have Said

    Click below for reviews of natural hair coloring products.

    Light Mountain Natural Red Henna (Fox on the box) 
    After a bad chemical burn over the winter from a salon color I decided it was time to research an alternative that would give me great coverage, soft hair, …

    Naturtint and Herbatint 
    I loved how these products made my hair feel - much softer than with regular salon coloring. I am not having allergic reactions to products, just hate …

    Naturtint vs. Herbatint 
    I have medium brown hair and probably like 10-15% grey, but they are resistant greys. My hair is wavy, meaning if I let it dry naturally it is frizzy …

    Light Mountain Hair Color (Henna) - Medium Brown 
    I decided to try a natural product after many years of experiencing burning & itching of the scalp that I suspected was because of hair dye. Upon researching …

    Light Mountain Natural in Light Red is Fantastic 
    (click on smaller image to see after image enlarged) I have strawberry blonde hair and I love Light Mountain Natural Hair Color in Light Red! …

    Surya Henna Best for Women with Greyer Hair 
    After having read all the previous reviews about the experiences women had with Surya henna cream, and noticing some gaps in the feedback, I was prompted …

    Herbatint Permanent Haircolor 5N 
    I wanted to get away from using products with harsher chemicals, both for the environment and for my own health. I found Herbatint to be an easy to use …

    Aveda "supposedly" Natural Hair Colour(not) 
    As I am allergic to any product with Ammonia & hydrogen peroxide, I decided to look into natural hair colours & I use Aveda products without any problems, …

    Natural Hair Color - First time Organic Color Systems Salon 
    (click on smaller image above to view enlarged) Before this experience I had never used a Natural Hair Color - or natural anything, for that matter. …

    Lush Henna 
    I have been using Lush Henna for the past 6 months and it's great. It is 100% chemical free. It comes in bars (it looks like a chocolate bar). For best …

    Pallete By Nature  
    I used PBN 5N and 6GD on a 1:1 ratio and got very dark brown/black results. My hair is a natural dark ash brown with 25-50% graying. My scalp is still …

    Thank you Naturtint Incredible ! 
    I first tried Naturtint on Dec.24th,2010, my hair stylist did the color for me, I picked the light Chestnut Brown color I really wanted something that …

    Naturtint Hair Color Reviews 
    I have been used Naturtint for more than 2 years. I am very happy with it. My hair looks healthy and shiny. My natural color is light brown,I usually use …

    Problems with Natural Hair Color and Perms 
    I used Naturtint for years and was very happy with it. It covered my gray well and I liked the colors. However, my hair was like straw, dried and damaged. …

    Reviews For Herbatint 
    I used Loreal for years and was always happy with the color. My stylist kept telling me my hair was extremely dry. Herbatint was suggested to me. I …

    body art henna 
    I am 46 years old and have used traditional color for years because I have been grey since I was 14 years old. As time went on I had several bad reactions …

    Thanks for your reviews about ACT Natural hair colour! 
    I have been using Logona Colour Cream (Tizian) on my hair for the past 3 years after deciding I had had enough of dousing my head in toxic chemicals. …

    Surya Henna Brasil Powder 
    Surya Henna Brasil Powder (Powdered Hair Treatment) I’ve always used either Light Mountain or Rainbow Henna products, but several months ago, I decided …

    Light Mountain Henna Mahogany Review 
    I decided to use a natural product because I started getting a rash behind my hair the last time that I used a conventional hair dye. I didn't want to …

    Surya Cream Henna Review 
    I have an allergy to hair dye--ppd. The reaction involves burning, itching, intense rash, swollen glands etc. In my quest to find a natural hair dye that …

    Advanced Cosmetic Technologies Natural Hair Color 
    I have been trying to find an all natural hair color that will add shine and cover a few grays. Henna was very messy to apply and rinse off and it didn't …

    Rainbow Henna: My favorite hair color product.  
    Rainbow Henna in Mahogany; the best I've ever used! My hair is naturally very dark. This product left my hair very pretty & never dried my hair. The toll …

    Silver to Gold Hair Coloring 
    This is very easy to use temporary color and works very well for covering grey. I have medium brown hair that used to have golden highlights. I don't have …

    Natural Henna for hair coloring - Body Art Quality 
    I have been planning to do Henna for some time now and this week I finally did it. I have been having increasingly worse reactions to commercial hair …

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    Logona Color Creme 
    I have tried Logona Color Creme, which is totally Natural, and comes from Germany. I have been burned at the salon a few times before. My scalp usually …

    EcoColors Hair Color 
    I had the exact same problem you did with the hair dyes, burning and itching. And to think I put up with that and didn't say a word to my hairdresser. …

    Aveda Hair Color Reviews 
    I actually think Aveda is the best natural color. NO PDD! They use green tea extract instead, which is an antioxidant. They are 98% plant based, too! …

    Aubrey Organics Hair Color Review 
    I tried Aubrey Organics Color Me Natural Dark Brown after some severe scalp reactions to permanent hair dyes. (Both salon and drugstore) After three attemps …

    Henna - Light Mountain and Rainbow 
    I've tried many of the natural pre-mixed products--I had most of them available to me when I owned a health food store in the 90's--but they all seemed …

    Robert Craig Hair Color 
    I tried Robert Craig hair color to color gray regrowth. Even though I have fine thin hair, it did not cover my gray which is about 70%. EDITOR'S NOTES: …

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