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When you choose natural skin care do you look for the word natural on the label? Seems like a good thing to see if you are trying to buy something with pure, natural ingredients, ingredients that come from nature.

Natural is a word that should be a good thing but frequently it's use is misleading. It has been so over used that it has lost it's true meaning. No wonder it's so hard to shop.

Reading The All Important Back Label

For truly natural skin care products you have to know what ingredients are used in your products. At present a company might put natural on their label but after reading the ingredients you may discover that there may be only one natural ingredient and that the rest of the ingredients are synthetic and sometimes even toxic ingredients.

Perhaps you've seen product claims such as "Now with natural aloe vera" or some other natural ingredient printed boldly on the front of the container. It gives the impression that this is a natural product which it could be but you won't know for sure unless you read the labels and know the ingredients.

At this time there are no regulations guiding the use of chemicals in skin care products. And since your skin is capable of absorbing 60% or more of whatever you put on it, I know you want to be sure that what you are using is safe, natural skin care.

From an issue of Alternative Medicine Magazine:

  • 100,000 synthetic chemicals are currently registered for use.
  • Fewer than 10% have been tested for their effects on humans.
  • Increasingly toxic ingredients are found in our cosmetics.
  • Companies are not required to disclose all ingredients.
  • The "trade secret loophole" allows companies to use a generic term such as "fragrance" in place of a list of ingredients.

How to Choose Truly Natural Products

Synthetic ingredients are common in many of the products we use everyday. Chemical preservatives used to preserve a product and extend it's shelf life is one example. Some research has shown that the small amounts typically found in a product are not harmful. That may be true.

What is not taken into consideration is the cumulative effect of these supposedly safe synthetic chemicals found in products we use everyday like face creams, toners, eye shadow, foundations, cleansers, etc., etc., etc. Don't forget to include products you use for your hair. A look at the ingredient list for hair color alone and you might want to look for more natural hair color.

All these different products and different ingredients and no one knows how they will react in our bodies when combined. There are just too many of them to test all the different combinations.

Sounds grim. But it doesn't have to be. There is a solution.

Choose products with a list of easy to understand natural ingredients.

You want products that contain mostly natural ingredients but there are a few other considerations:

Where To Shop

All of your skin care products from your cleansers, moisturizers, toners, serums, you name it, can be made with natural and organic ingredients. In fact, it's getting easier to have truly natural skin care thanks to companies who believe really good skin care doesn't need to be tested on animals or to contain synthetic chemicals or animal ingredients.

A few to consider:

Other Natural Skin Care Products

New products turn up everyday and are promoted as natural. Green tea, chocolate, coffee, aloe and herbs are just a few other ingredients being used. While these natural ingredients may be a better choice make sure to read the rest of the ingredients to make sure it is truly natural. Some of these ingredients sound like a good thing but unless a product has a history of effectiveness it is hard to tell if there is a real benefit.

Check out the pages below for more information on finding the best natural skin care.

Preganancy Skin Care

Your skin may have special needs when you are pregnant that may bring new challenges for healthy skin. This is a particularly important time to pay attention to the products you use. Natural or organic products or skin care recipes you make on your own make pregnancy skin care safe and effective for a mom-to-be while protecting your growing baby.

Baby Skin Care

Unfortunately, there are no regulations for baby products either so it's up to you to be informed. There are some great natural products being made just for babies and kids. See baby skin care to learn more.

Anti Aging Skin Care

Many natural ingredients have been found to be very effective for more mature skins. Discover the best options available to keep skin looking it's best during the next part of life. Check out natural anti aging

Natural Sunscreen

Even some products like sunscreen which typically use chemical ingredients to protect us from UV rays can be made more naturally. Titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, are two natural ingredients being used successfully in natural sunscreen.

Dead Sea Products

Many different kinds of natural ingredients are being found to be good for our skin and are being used skin care. Some of these are based on ingredients that have been used successfully for hundreds years like Dead Sea products made with Dead Sea minerals. They have been found to provide many benefits for healthy skin care.

African Shea Butter

African shea butter products have become very popular for skin care lately. They have been used for many years by women needing to protect their skin from the harsh elements. This wonderfully moisturizing and healing butter is found in many products.

Not all shea butter is equal. It helps if you know what to look for when buying shea products. That way you will not only see the greatest benefits when using this butter but if you choose fair trade shea butter your purchase will help women in Africa. Check out African shea butter for more information and where to shop.

homemade skin care ingredients

Make Your Own Skin Care Products

Perhaps the best way to have pure and natural skin care is to make your own. It can be as simple as using a few ingredients found in your kitchen and with minimal effort you can make some of your own products. It's fun and easy.

There are many fine books with recipes for simple inexpensive creams, masks and more. Some of these rely on everyday ingredients or if your up for more of a challenge, you can buy the very same ingredients found in commercial products like almond oil, jojoba oil, essential oils or shea butter.

A great resource for someone looking to make their own skin care products is Mountain Rose Herbs. Here you can purchase bulk ingredients like butters, carrier oils, herbs, essential oils, clays and salts along with jars, bottles and utensils for preparation. You can make skin care products that rival some of the finest you can buy. It's such a great way to control the ingredients in your products and save money too. They also carry some very nice natural skin care products.

Care to try your hand at making natural handmade soaps? Clearly written and easy to follow step-by-step instructions and recipes can be found at Soap Making Essentials. Using your own natural ingredients along with soap making ingredients and without expensive equipment you can enjoy creating safe, natural, beautiful soaps for your whole family.

Use Ingredients From Your Kitchen

Simple ingredients right from your refrigerator or pantry can be used to make your own natural skin care products. For more information and some recipes to get you started check out homemade exfoliant and homemade face masks

The books below are just a few of those offered by Amazon for caring your skin naturally complete with recipes for some of the best and most economical skin care.

Click on a book to see more info.

It may not be possible to eliminate chemicals completely but it is possible to minimize exposure. Your health is worth becoming informed about truly natural skin care. Choosing natural skin care products not only benefits you but as an added bonus is better for the environment.

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