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I used PBN 5N and 6GD on a 1:1 ratio and got very dark brown/black results. My hair is a natural dark ash brown with 25-50% graying. My scalp is still flaking little black dandruff after 2 weeks. I used lemon juice to lighten it up, which it did...a little. It does NOT cover gray hair. If you have questions for the company, the only way is through e-mail and they do not respond! This company's customer service is AWFUL and I would not recommend anyone to use this product!

I also tried the gray blender product in dark brown...what a joke, it does nothing at all. Their conditioner leaves your hair feeling no better than if you used no conditioner at all. UGH!!!


Thanks for your comments! I am sorry you did not have a good experience with Palette by Nature. It would be great if one product worked well for everyone but everyone's hair is different.

I have read other reviews for Palette by Nature and it seems to me like those who have darker hair and our trying to cover their grey seem to have problems with gray coverage. Since gray hair is coarser it might follow that those with coarse hair might also have problems with color too.

My own experience was quite positive and I thought it did a good job of covering my gray. I am about 60% gray but my gray and my hair are light colored. My hair is also fine with my gray hair being only somewhat coarse. I am thinking that that may be why I have had good results with this product. This may be something to keep in mind when thinking about trying this product.

The ingredients are so much safer than conventional products and it was fairly easy to use although applying heat for that long with only a blowdryer was a hassle. But the product worked and the only way you will know for sure if this product is for you is to try it and do the patch test and then the strand test.

If you would like to read about my experience using Palette by Nature check out the page below:

Palette by Nature.

If you are looking for a safer and more natural hair dye be sure to visit natural hair color for information and links to many different products.

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