Rainbow Henna: My favorite hair color product.

by Wendy
(South Florida)

Rainbow Henna In Mahogany

Rainbow Henna In Mahogany

Rainbow Henna in Mahogany; the best I've ever used! My hair is naturally very dark. This product left my hair very pretty & never dried my hair. The toll free number is great for questions! Sometimes I added coffee & less water for a pretty hue. Henna is a little messy but worth it.The only challenge now is my hair is almost half gray so I hesitate to use pure henna.

Thanks Wendy for the review.

One of the biggest advantages of many henna products is their natural ingredients and safety. Not all henna products contain only natural ingredients. I've seen some with preservatives. Rainbow Henna is purely plant based with no additional ingredients. The ingredients below are for one of their more popular colors, dark brown:

Ingredients: Lawsonia Inermis (Red Henna), Indigofereae (Black Henna)

Henna products provide a very safe way to color hair for many women who have darker or reddish hair color. Rainbow Henna offers 12 color choices and one neutral henna which basically adds shine and condition to the hair.

If one of their 12 colors does not quite work for you visit their site to find simple and easy information for customizing a color just for you.

With a simple addition of coffee or black teas darker shades deepen and become less red. Chamomile tea adds brightness and adding Red Zinger Tea well, if you've enjoyed this tea you can pretty well predict a more vibrant red.

They even offer suggestions for helping achieve better grey coverage and with the help of a little lemon juice some gentle lightening can be achieved.

Make sure to check out Henna Instructions for this and more info.


I have not tried henna, the color range does not suit me, but if I did I would make sure to learn all I could. In researching henna in general and reading many reviews it seems like women who are willing to learn all they can, who like to experiment a bit, don't mind a little mess and have the time to play around with henna are often very happy with the results.

Do your own research before trying henna and I think you will be happier with the results. Visit henna hair coloring for more information.

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on the contrary
by: Anonymous

For dark hair with grey, it leaves a yellowish tint on the grey after one or two shampoos.

Great product.
by: Elbita

Good product, I use raimbow Dark Brown IT works great for me, my hair looks more healthy and dark, from highlighted hair to dark works great, just dont, forget to add some Cider Vinager and Sea Salt

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