Recycled Crafts

recycled glass beads

What's not to love about recycled crafts? Beautiful, fun, creative and green, honestly... what could be better for a crafter?

The past few years there has been an explosion in resourcefulness and creativity of making things from recycled materials. Putting throw away items to good use has always been around but it feels like more people than ever are looking at just about anything with an eye to how it can be re-used somehow. It's exciting and as a crafter myself I constantly marvel at those creative people who come up with such a fun way to be green that I want to experiment myself.

I have this thing about throwing away pressed paper packaging that often comes with items like electronics and appliances. They remind me of the landscapes or castles my son and I used to make when he played with his minatures. A little paint, maybe some added greenery and a few entrances cut out and there is a fun, inexpensive scene or castle that is as fun as any that could be bought. I have several of these waiting to be made into another new creation. This is just one small way to re-use something that would have been trashed. With just a little research and an open mind almost anything can be recycled into something new.

What do you look at and think maybe you could make something with it?

recycled glass beads recycled glass beads

Recycled Crafts Ideas

For some crafts like making handbags from snack food wrappers or jewelry made from plastic bottles you can find instructions and plenty of examples to look at but this is a fairly new area and often it's just a matter of experimentation.

I have provided resources for you to check out that provide instructions for everything to crafts you can do with the kids that provide a fun experience while teaching about being green to those that make trash into treasure but also those that spark the imagination and explore what others are doing.

  • This is a great site, blog and crafting community. Many ideas here for using recycled materials plus patterns and diy instructions.

    Craft:transforming traditional crafts

  • Spend a little time on this site and even someone who does not think they are handy may be encouraged to experiment. Tons of ideas for using recycled materials in interesting ways. For items made with recycled materials type in recycled in the search box.


  • This site provides ideas and inspiration for many of the day to day items we discard. New ways to think about bottle lids, wire hangers, old clothing, paper tubes, glass jars and much more. Projects for kids and adults.

    Crafting a Green World

  • recycled crafts book recycled crafts book recycled crafts book

  • Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration. Check out this site for ideas on transforming trash to treasure.

  • Want to make recycled crafts with your kids then head over to Disney's Family Fun site. The ideas on this site range from the very simple and easy to those that require a little more time and adult involvement. The below link will take you the section on using recycled materials.

    Disney Family Fun

  • One of my favorite places on the web is Etsy. I have found some wonderful items made from recycled materials on this site. It's a great place to go to shop, to find inspiration and also diy instructions. Many crafters and artisans provide patterns and instructions for many items that are sewn but also things like weaving plastic garbage bags or paper. Check out the link below and see what you can find.

    Etsy: Recycled

  • recycled crafts book recycled crafts book

    Books To Spark The Recycled Crafter In You

  • It is surprising how many books there are on the subject of recycled crafts. Amazon offers a great selection. The books on this page are just a few that I found. The following links will take you to a wide selection of books that offer inspiration and instructions to get started on your next recycled crafts project.

    Recycled Craft Ideas

    Upcycled Crafts

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