Cat Murphy's Skin Tone Mineral Makeup Review

by Kathleen
(Norwalk, Connecticut)

I had been using a compact form of regular makeup but now that I am getting older (I'm 54) I found that to cover age spots I needed to use a heavier coverage and I don't like to look as if I am wearing makeup. A friend introduced me to Skin Tone Mineral Makeup sold by Cat Murphy's Skin Care Salon. In particular I like the powder foundation. I have found it to be a very fine powder compared with other products. This is particularly important because the finer powders do not cake into facial wrinkles. It can also be applied with a sponge for better coverage but for daily wear I just use a Kabuki brush for a makeup-less look.

It is so quick and easy to use compared to non-mineral makeup. I would not go back! It really looks natural. You can Google "Cat Murphy" to find it online.

Editor's note:

Cat Murphy's mineral makeup contains:
Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide provide protection by physically reflecting back the sun’s harmful rays. Contains Hyaluronic acid and Vitamins A and E for hydration.

This is the first one I have seen that contains Hyaluronic acid, a natural complex sugar which has been found to help the skin hold moisture and Vitamins A and E. All ingredients that are beneficial for skin, aging skin in particular.

They also say that their mineral makeup protects against UVA and UVB and contains an SPF of 26. Also something not claimed by many mineral makeup brands.

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Indulgent Cosmetics

by Delilah
(Melbourne, Australia)

I got the Scandalous Fondue set (4 eyeshadows and one blush), a green color corrector loose powder called Wicked and a finishing powder called Radiant.

The eyeshadows were long lasting. I wore it for almost 8 hours and although it's shimmer dimmed, the colours were still solid on my eyes. The blush was a natural blush for me. Nothing too grand that I couldn't wear with smokey eyes. It has just the right amount of sparkles.

My nose and cheeks tend to be very very red. So I used Wicked as a primer to tone down the redness. It gives a very translucent glow and an airbrushed look. However, because of it's translucent glow it did not suit me as a finishing powder, or a standalone face powder as it gives me a pale complexion. A little bit of this powder goes a very very long way.

I use Radiant as a finishing powder. It gives a more dewy/yellowy kinda glow without the translucent glow like Wicked does. It has very low amounts of shimmer.

I realized all the products contain pearl/silk powder which is suppose to balance out the moisture on the skin. On dry windy days I realize my face tends to be a bit more shiny but that's easily taken cared of. But other than that it doesn't really give me much of a problem. I can't say for sure because my foundation's not from them although I am also using a mineral foundation.

I will definitely buy their stuff again to try out their new releases and also because I think their eyeshadows suits my taste.

The website is at


As of Nov 18, 2011 Indulgent Cosmetics could not be found on-line but plenty of other reviews can be found at mineral makeup reviews. Click the link below.

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