A Natural Deodorant That Works: Check Out Pit Putty Deodorant

by Pam

I can not tell you how many natural deodorants I have tried. I have found a few that work pretty good and some that did not work at all.

A deodorant called Pit Putty I could hardly ignore.
Take a look at these ingredients:

Ingredients: organic arrowroot powder, organic coconut oil, organic lime essential oil, organic geranium essential oil. That's it!

Nothing to complain about here, all natural and organic but it looks too simple to work and it costs more than I am used to spending on deodorant. Oh shoot, OK I'll try one more. So with fingers crossed I order.

First, let me say this is a great company to order from. It was fast, easy and my deodorant came within a couple of days. A free sample product was also included which is sometimes one of the perks of ordering products online.

Now down to the important stuff. I was a little concerned when I looked at my deodorant. This Texas heat has been rough and my package was hot by the time I got to it so it was a little melted. I checked the package info and caught a part about sticking it in the fridge if this should happen. Worked great.

There are some instructions to using this product so that it works it's best:

Apply to clean dry skin.
2- 3 swipes under the arm is good.
Rub in gently.
That's it.

I have used this deodorant for a couple of weeks now in over 100 degree days. I must tell you though I do not perspire profusely (natural deodorants do not stop perspiration) and this was just everyday stuff but you can't help but sweat in this heat while just running around all day so I feel I gave it a good workout.

The Results:

It applied silky smooth, no underarm white and no waiting for it to dry. I have tried both scents, Geranium Lime and Original which is citrus and cloves. The scents are OK not my favorites and they did have some staying power. Of the two I think prefer the Original. But what about the big question "Did It Work?"

The answer is a surprising Yes! Throughout my day I kept waiting for the inevitable "Oh no my deodorant quit working" and it never happened. I felt good through the day and have used it everyday since with success.

If you have yet to find a natural deodorant that works for you this is one to try. Do keep in mind however that everyone's body chemistry is different and when it comes to natural deodorant results vary. Sometimes I have had products that work OK then quit working but when I came back to them they worked again. Body chemistry.

Check out Pit Putty at Bubble and Bee:

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Pit Putty Natural Deodorant Review

by Jennifer

Pit Putty deserves a big fat 8 out of 10. This product kept up where the majority of my deodorants have failed.

I play soccer a good two to four hours a day and have recently been running two to three miles a day for training. Pit Putty kept up, keeping my underarms smelling fresh. Although it does not have an anti-perspirant, it does keep the stench from embarrassing you.

The deodorant held up easily throughout the day and did not fail me when I put it to the ultimate test. I highly recommend this product to keep your underarms smelling fresh if regular deodorants are failing you. It smells great without overpowering you.


As you can see from the reviews above Pit Putty is a good choice but there are others that are effective too. Visit natural deodorant for more info.

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