Shea Terra Organics (On-Line Store)

by Nancy S.
(Paso Robles, CA, USA)

Shea Terra Organics Argan Oil

Shea Terra Organics Argan Oil

I found Shea Terra Organics Web Store about a year ago. All of there product are 99-100% Natural. They always send wonderful samples with their shipments, and once you place an order they send you a monthly email with an online coupon for 30% off your entire order. I have purchased several things from this company and have loved them all. I purchase their 100% Natural and Organic Argan Oil and Tamanu Oil as staples... with the 30% off coupon it is the best price I have found for Organic Oils.


Thanks Nancy and apologies that it has taken so long to get your review up but I sure do appreciate you writing in to tell us about Shea Terra Organics.

I had never visited this on-line store before so I checked it out. This is perhaps one of my favorite types of stores. One that carries great natural products and also tries to make a difference.

This is a company that has worked for over ten years to bring natural products from 3rd world countries to the market. The goal was not only to bring wonderful ingredients that have healing and anti aging properties like shea butter, argan oil or baobob to market but also to provide native people with incomes and an added effect of utilizing native crops is the preservation of natural habitats.

Shea Terra Organics carries many natural skin care oils along with a complete line of skin and hair care. There are also products for mom and baby.

This site is rich with great information. There are clear product descriptions and info about their ingredients and use. My favorite part though is the story behind the ingredients and how these products are changing lives.

They have a large selection of body creams. Shea butter in particular is wonderfully healing and soothing but if you have yet to use natural oils in your facial skin care routine you should give them a try. I have been using argan oil every night for several weeks. Organic Morrocan Argan Oil typically comes in a small bottle with a dropper. Only a few drops are needed of this rich, golden colored skin oil. It absorbs readily and leaves my skin soft supple and not greasy.

Having bought this elsewhere the price I saw at Shea Terra was very good. Check them out.

Make sure and check out other fair trade products.

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Natural Living Stores:
Afrikan Republic

by Janice

I found this site while looking for quality shea butter at a good price, and have been very pleased. Based in Pennsylvania, the company carries a wide range of fair trade shea butter and black soap products, including Alaffia and black soap in bulk.

Their shea butter is imported from Ghana and Togo, their black soap hails from Ghana and Togo, as well as the U.S. They also carry Avocado products, jojoba oil, black seed products, and...well, so many I really cannot list them all.

Their shipping is reasonable (standard, US, $6.95) and my orders arrive quickly. They also have a wholesale price list for those with their own businesses. Right now, a 32 oz. tub of Golden Shea Butter from Ghana is $25.00, U.S. They are very good at sending out coupons via e-mail on a regular basis.

While there are a myriad of other natural living stores offering shea butter out there, many with good prices and high quality product, I have been quite pleased with this company!

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Hosia online - Natural store

by Mousavi
(Bronx, NY, USA)

Gharti Bodycare Unrefined Shea Butter

Gharti Bodycare Unrefined Shea Butter

I found this website while googling for natural ways to whiten my teeth, they have a blog and a link to their shopping store.

They offer pure shea butter products, including raw shea butter, natural shea butter lotion, oatmeal, milk and honey soap, cocoa butter lotion, sugar scrubs cubes, shea butter oil and other natural and organic skin care products. Some of their products are so natural that they can be used from head to toe!

I purchased unrefined shea butter from them, it was off-white and smelled like cigarette smoke or something smoky. They also have the golden yellow version, Not the most pleasant smell but it did wonders for my skin especially since winter is approaching and my skin is very dry and itchy, I will be sure to purchase a whole pound of this beast.

They also have black soap that I ordered in a sample and was just as pleased. It's alata black soap from ghana and it's awesome. it lathers very well and cleanses the skin till it literally drys it, but shea butter help counteract that. They ship pretty fast, I received my order from them within 3 days of placing it and it came wrapped up very nicely.

No chemicals as they say, no parabens, no minerals, petroleum or any nasties. All natural.

You can visit them here at



Thanks Mousavi for the info about Hosia Online.

This store was begun by a woman who has been making and using shea butter products for years for herself, her family and a small clientele of customers. She was so sold on the benefits of unrefined shea butter that she created a way to share her knowledge and products with others.

Her products are made and sold here in the U.S. but the ingredients are carefully sourced from African co-ops and vendors following fair trade practices.

They offer several lines of products. Ghariti Bodycare seems to be the line developed by the owner and it contains all natural ingredients but the Spice Island Body Products do contain the preservatives phenoxyethanol and several parabens along with several other ingredients like fragrance which can often be an irritant. It is also unknown what is in this ingredient and that is a problem for me.

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