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SheerCover NEW
by: Anonymous

I LOVE this product and was surprised to see any negative comments. NEVER any issues on my light skin (no yellow undertone as one person reported). It is never greasy, it lasts all day the coverage is great, it goes on super fast, makes my skin feel soft...can't find one thing I don't like! Makes
me wonder if the completion is posting bogus complaints! Try it!

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Sheer Cover NEW
by: Anonymous

Excellent goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff previous to and you are just too great.
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Cannot Customize NEW
by: Anonymous

I have been a customer for several years. I have never had any issues with the product and it works well with my skin. I always have been able to customize my next shipment and had complete control over what products I wanted shipped to me and how often. Well... They seem to have updated their website and now I have to take time out, wait on hold and talk to a representative to explain the products that I want? Terrible. Just for this reason I will be canceling my service. A long time user lost.

Ripoff scammers lieing thieves. NEW
by: Cindy

I ordered this in dec got it its nothing special and certainly not worth 40 dollars a month. I called and cancelled my account. January low and behold a new kit arrives. Along with my visa. I call they apologized sent my money back (shorted me) but I just wanted to be done. March arrives and guess what yep a new kit and charge. Now I'm mad. I call and again apologies blah blah blah. Send it back we will credit your account. Ha they put it back -5.28. I call it's the exchange. I don't really care I am NOT going to be out money because some company either hires incompetent people or this is part of there business. Well now it's May. I just got my visa bill. Guess what. Yep another 40.00 charge. Now I'm furious. It's an inferior product and there customer service is a huge joke. I want all of my money back along with the 7.66 may's interest and 7.67 for April. It will not matter what the exchange is. I don't know how else to get it in there heads I don't want there product. I
There makeup goes on cakey half way thru the day it's virtually gone. There sample of eye makeup, blush, lipstick . I have emails saying my account has been cancelled but they still steal my money. They are not authorized to take money from my visa. And I have emails of confirmation that back that up. And now after seeing how many people are having the same problem. I think its time to get the word out. Newspapers, tv, facebook Twitter YouTube. However u can do it do it. It may not be something the authorities get involved in. But I'm going to find out Tuesday.

sheer makeup is beautiful NEW
by: sheryl simmons

they sent me the trial in light it was too dark so they sent me a "nude" one that they dont offer in the kit for free. it worked beautiful. No breakouts or anything. Best makeup ever!

sheer makeup is beautiful NEW
by: sheryl simmons

they sent me the trial in light it was too dark so they sent me a "nude" one that they dont offer in the kit for free. it worked beautiful. No breakouts or anything. Best makeup ever!

sheer makeup is beautiful NEW
by: sheryl simmons

they sent me the trial in light it was too dark so they sent me a "nude" one that they dont offer in the kit for free. it worked beautiful. No breakouts or anything. Best makeup ever!

sheer cover NEW
by: cheryl

I started using sheer cover 3 years ago the coverage was amazing,I have a lot of redness and bags under my eyes sheer cover worked its magic,was hooked!my 3 daughters love it too ivrecommended it to a lot of people everyone deserves that time to shine

works but customer service sucks
by: Nicole

This is actually a very good product. At first I didn't like it thought it was too thick. Here are some tips exfoliate make sure u don't have any dry skin hanging on your face and only use a little. When I order I check ebay out .

Customer Service Nightmare
by: Anonymous

First, let me say that I like their mineral powder and have been buying it for years, but the last order I placed has scared me away for good. Twenty phone calls, ten different supervisors promising to personally take care of things. Nothing ever getting done right. After two months or so the order had supposedly finally shipped. Noticed that my debit card had been charged for the wrong amount so went on line to see what they had sent. They had sent only three of seven items and had charged me non-kit price, plus shipping. I was supposed to get seven items so that I wouldn't have to pay shipping. They only sent one mineral powder instead of five. I could have put up with that mistake, too, except that the "supervisor" I spoke with tried to tell me that I had ordered one. Boy, the steam was coming out my ears but he kept insisting that I'd ordered one. Believe me, I know my orders down to the penny and mine was $114.60. I have no idea how they screwed it up so bad but trying to blame me and not make it right was the last straw. There's something terribly wrong with this company. I've never experienced anything anywhere near like trying to get this last order placed. I was mislead so many times by so many "sincere" customer service people that my trust is down to zero. By the way, Dr. Oz says not to use mineral makeup 'cause it's bad for the lungs... so hold your breath while applying it.

They are thiefs
by: Anonymous

I ordered a trial..Needless to say every month they steal money out of my bank and refuse to respond to my telling them to stop. So over 100.00 later im canceling my whole bank card since they refuse to stop taking money.

Dont be a Sucker
by: Anonymous

Who cares my thought on it if you are a sucker you need to be scamed dimmies lol

Thanks People
by: Becca-Is-Going-Trololololo-XD

Hey thanks everyone for commenting for this! Im 12 and really into makeup i was going to get a free trial and i remember my dad got scammed once so i searched reviews and i found this so thanks!

Saved by horror stories on other Blogs-
by: pamela

Boycott it is!

Horrible product!
by: Sophia

I purchased this product after watching the infomercial. Product goes on cakey, wears off quickly, and is way too expensive for such horrible quality! Not to mention, customer service is absolutly horrible! Do Not Order!

by: Goidy1218

I thought I was ordering a "trial" of this makeup and ended up being billed 4 times the trial cost listed. The makeup accentuates pores and does NOT look natural. I have since read that others have had a similar negative experience. Take my advice. Choose another choice from your local store ... you'll be saving a LOT of money!

Sheer Cover Works for me :D
by: (:

I've only ever owned it once, I used it at My Aunties for the first time on my 14th Birthday and I loved it! I have very fair, Extremely light skin because I am a Red Head and I also have skin problems, Acne, Urticaria, Etc and It works really well for me! (: My Dad is buying it for me for my birthday in a few days, The trick is the buy it off Trademe xD Hahaha :D (: It might sound kinda dodgy but I found a trader that sells it consistently and I've showed the trader to my friend and She is going to get a trial pack off that person, and This is the first time I'm getting the whole Trial pack, Last time I just got the Concealer and One powder thingy to see what it was like to have it for myself! (: The only bad thing I would say is that if it does work for you, Then you never want to see how you look without it! So I don't buy it a lot, This is the second time, I got it once in December 2010 and Just bought it off of Trademe a few days ago, Other than that I just wore it when I went to my Aunties because she had the whole membership monthly thing :D I honestly love it but don't wear it really unless I'm going out somewhere (: Around home and Seeing family there is no real need for makeup, I don't really barely wear makeup but for someone with skin like mine that can be good one day and Awful the next day, I'd say it's a very hood product, and Seeing as most comments are about shipping and Handling and Posting and Membership problems, Try a site like Trademe, You can get it brand new with no fuss from a good trader! (: I recommend using your own moisturizer though, Just incase there one makes it come out looking all powdery and Gross! (:

Bait and Switch
by: Anonymous

I ordered the $29 kit and they sent me the $109 kit. I called them to let them know that they sent the wrong kit and the lady in customer service was very rude and hung up on me. I called back again and they apologized and said they would send me a label.

I finally got the label, sent it registered mail and by they time they received my kit it was past the 60 day period so they said they couldn't refund my money anymore. Since I sent my kit in they offered to send me a new one. In the meantime, they said they would send me my trial kit and if I wanted any more product I would not be placed on the automatic refill but I could place my order as needed on line.

I received another kit that I did not order and I sent the kit back via registered mail as they had indicated and it has taken over 1 month for them to receive the kit. They had not yet received it and informed me I had one more day till my 60 days was up and they would not be able to refund my money again which again was $109 make up kit.

I am completely disgusted and would never order from this company or recommend that anybody order from this company. They get your credit card number, charge you for makeup that you did not order and refuse to refund your money. They also have very poor customer service. Let the buyer beware!!

Getting Your Money Back
by: Anonymous

When dealing with any company that simply does not respond, does not stop charging, does not send refunds, etc., it can often be helpful to write to the state Attorney General in the state where the company is located.

For Sheer Cover, the corporate address is listed as: Guthy-Renker Corporation, 41-550 Eclectic Avenue Suite 200, Palm Desert, CA 92260.

The California Attorney General's address is:
Attorney General’s Office, California Department of Justice, Attn: Public Inquiry Unit, P.O. Box 944255, Sacramento, CA 94244-2550.

Sheer Cover Minteral Makeup
by: Anonymous

Worst Experience Ever - I live in Canada, purchased it after watching a TV Info commercial and received product within two weeks. I then tried it and did not like the look - pancake makeup is what it looked like after a few hours. No one at work liked it and neither did my husband. I sent it back within 30 days. That was June 26 and I am still sending emails on a daily basis asking for my refund.

They keep saying they never received the product and the time has run out. I sent them a copy of the Registered Canada Post proof of delivery and the name of the person who signed for it and the date. They just keep sending me a standard email with the same 3 paragraphs. They are not even reading my emails. I think it goes into an email box and an auto reply is sent out the next morning.

They now have the product and my $180. I went to their parent company and they have shipped out in excess of 25 million orders from Guthy's parent company. A company with deep pockets and refuses to stand by their word on TV as well as their website is despicable. Their spoke person Liza should be working for another company. Shame on all of you.

Extremely Disappointed!!!
by: Anonymous

I purchased this product thinking it was better than the others out there, but I was dead wrong!!!...I did all the steps, multiple times I might add, & every time my face NEVER had that "airbrushed" beautiful look they claim it should create...& then to top it all off, they keep charging your account until they receive the product back into their system, which can take 4-6 weeks...this company & it's product are BS...don't waste your time or money!!!

by: Anonymous

I have waited 6 weeks, they keep eMailing me that it has been shipped-no information..response from them took 10 days..they have charged my card.

I love this product
by: Anonymous

Every skin type is different. After all these years, I finally found a product which blends in with my skin tone and gives a natural look. I've been using this product for almost 6 months now and I absolutely love it. It is easy to use too. The only product I don't like is their mascara. My experience with their customer service has been good so far. Maybe I've been lucky so far.

Worst Customer service ever
by: Anonymous

So i ordered this product ( the trial kit) and after that shipment they sent me a new one and charged me over a $100 for it. I had a reaction to the mascara, so i decided to go online and switch to a custom kit, the only product I wanted was the mineral loose powder. They sent it to me with the starter kit that was $130.00... I lost my debit card that the payments were initially put on to. granted I did not update my information, however i received a letter from a debt collector that said sheercover had tried to contact me on several occasions for the payments. They have both my email and cell number and NO ONE had EVER tried to contact me. WILL NEVER PURCHASE AGAIN!!!!

by: Anonymous

I ordered there trial package for $29.95. I did not like the product. So when I recieved a bill for $79.00 I wrote them saying I did not want the product. Needless to say I am on my fourth letter with them!!! They have not responded at all to my cancellation letters, and are threatening to take me to collections. They are terrible! Do not buy this product. Beware do not give them your credit card number either. works
by: Anonymous

i used sheer cover..BLOWN does actually what is says cover the blemishes, acne scars and in my case battle scars. i found that the concealer work better then the foundation. sometimes i would just wear the concealer and i would look absoluetly wonderful like i never had any scars purely magic to say the least. i paid them with an debut card which i think is the most logical thing. they cant take anything off of there that isnt on there that's what i think.. so all in all love the product and i would defintely buy it agian

Poor custumer service
by: Anonymous

This is the worse company I have ever had to deal with. My wife ordered some products and did not like them. A box was sitting around the house that we forgot to sent back, so they sent me to collections. I sent the box back as refused. Surprise surprise they claim they never got it back. After talking with them for a while they tell me that if I pay the collections they will sent the product back to me. Well, as a dummy I pay the collections and now after they get their money, they say no we can not sent it back to you because we never received it back. So now I have paid for a product that I do not have. The representives are bad, every time I talk to someone they give me a different answer. I would not recomend this company to anyone.

Lovin Life After Sheer Cover
by: Sheer Cover Fan

I'm seeing alot of negative comments about Sheer Cover - and I cant believe it! They have ALWAYS charged me what they say they are going too, they dont ship early or late.
I have a large burn mark on my face and my neck and this is the only makeup that covers it without caking. My brushes do loose hair as well, but my department stre brushes are worse. All in All, I've saved money, look awesome, and I cant ask for anything more! I recommend this product to anyone that asks!

Try it
by: Anonymous

Bed Bath and Beyond has it and if you don't like it get a refund.

Sheer Cover
by: Anonymous

I purchased sheer cover and within 5 days my set arrived which was considering I thought I would be waiting for 3 weeks.

I tried it immediately and after using it for a few days now I am still unsure whether I like it.
The cream appears to draw out the lines under eyes as well as little bumps and does not cover uneven skin very well. Also, it dries out the skin therefore making touchups impossible; this is after using moisturizer sent from sheer cover.
The mineral powder works better once the colour is matched. However, the more you go over your face with the powder the more of the dryness occurs.

Lastly, the brushes; the hairs come off and onto your face, that was a big disappointment.
I canceled my future orders as the terms state that after receiving the initial kit, I would receive one every 90 days.

When I called to cancel the lady on the phone presented me with options in order to keep me on the shipping order. She would not let me speak until she presented all the offers, which I understand as it is part of their job. Once she finished I stated that I was not interested and she finally canceled my subscription for future orders.

Overall, I would not recommend this product unless you are able to sample it prior to making the purchase.

be careful with the EXP
by: Anonymous

this product is good to use, and i love the powder but i don't understand why they always sent to me the stuff almost expired. i have to send it back to them. when i ask the customer service and they told me that the expired product still good for 2-3 years

be careful with the EXP
by: Anonymous

this product is good to use, and i love the powder but i don't understand why they always sent to me the stuff almost expired. i have to send it back to them. when i ask the customer service and they told me that the expired product still good for 2-3 years??????????????

Everyone's Skin is different
by: Net

Im sorry to see alot of ladies having a bad experience with Sheercover. Everyone's skin is different. For ladies with a dry to combination skin type it is best to exfoliate the skin first, apply a good moisturiser and then apply sheercover. For oily skin types do the same but make sure you use an oil free moisturiser cause you don't want to make you skin evmoen more oily buy using a non oil free hydrant.In almost every major shopping centre there will be a proactiv kiosk that sells sheercover, i recommend you visit your nearest one and have a makeover done with the professional consultants, wear it all day and see what you think, and of course this is all obligation free. Try before you buy this will save a lot of bad chat about this wonderful product.

by: Anonymous

To those who say you can spend $400 on this makeup well same for Clinique and Mac and the rest from the department stores. so all in all either way you can spend . who does not want to look good? we all do. so please buy what you want and dont shoot down the product since you had a bad experience with it. we all dont have that happening. guess you hit it wrong.

sheer cover
by: Anonymous

saw the latest infomercial for sheer cover .this one gives you gifts of makeup and a nice case. and the 30 day supply all for $29.95 and free shipping. well i checked my bank statement on line and thats all they charged me was for the $29.95 not sure why anyone would get an additional $100 charged. waiting for my package and will let you know how it is. ordered the light since I am fair. my husband saw the infomercial and wanted me to get it. so I did. i called and of course i was told you can also get this and that for so and so. held my ground and said no thanks just the offer for 30 days. lady was nice.

Scammed me into a membership.
by: Kris10LS

I decided to try this make up. I bought the $29.99 package deal. Little did I know, in the fine print, it signed me up for a membership and automatically took out money! I got a statement and it took out $100!!!!! I freaked. I now have to send the package back when it gets here, pay a re-stocking fee, and wait 6 weeks for my refund. SCAM! Being in college, I don't exactly have that kind of money to wait on...
Thanks a lot sheer cover. SHEER SCAM!!!

Faithful Sheer Cover customer
by: Stephanie

I happened to come across this page on the Internet and am surprised to see so many people who have had negative reactions to Sheer Cover mineral make-up. I have been using it for over a year now and I have found that it provides great coverage and feels very light weight. One of the best parts about it is that you can mix the powders to perfectly customize the color you need. Sheer Cover's cream concealer is the best I have found for covering imperfections. When I first ordered the products, they sent a DVD that told me exactly how to apply it, and I have had no problems with caking or the make-up looking too yellow. I have fair, Caucasian skin that fluctuates from very pale in the winter to medium in the summer, therefore I am able to order different colors during different times of the year. I do wish that when the company charges my credit card they would charge the entire price at once instead of breaking the payments up over 3 months. I guess this gives me time to pay off a lower balance each month, though. I would recommend you try Sheer Cover for yourself, because there are satisfied customers out there, like myself.

Best makeup !!!
by: Anonymous

If found out the best makeup to use is airbrush!! For more information please go to my website.

My opinion is......
by: megmac33

I have read some conflicting comments on this make-up. I for one love it I had been ordering it from ebay because of billing system concerns and recently joined so I could pay less and make sure I was getting real products. I love the foundation, concealer, lip to lid highlighter, mascara, eyeshadows, and lip glosses. The brushes aren't to bad compared to the ones you would get in the regular make-up aisle and they are at the same price points if you are looking for super high quality brushes you will be paying alot more that $10-15 bucks you get what you pay for ladies. I do not care for the cleanser and moisturizer, but that is usually personal purchase for most women. All in all if you apply the make-up CORRECTLY and you make sure to get your color right it works great. I tried bare minerals and bare essentails also and sheer cover offered the best coverage for me the concealer helps with this. Also, when you are a member a tub of foundation costs around 15 bucks and will last forever. When I was shopping at the department stores I was spending 25 minimum for foundation that didn't last as long so I think the prices are cheap. No to mention the price of eyeshadows and lip stick at the clinique & mac counter don't get me wrong I love it but its basically 25 bucks minimum! per item. So I would have to say that I'm a pretty satisfied customer and the customer service ladies are pretty helpful too. :)

by: Anonymous

Do not give these people your credit card #! You will be charged several times a month, random amounts, and you will never get the money back. This is hands down the worst experience I've ever had with purchasing a product. Even if you only ask for one shipment, they will sign you up for auto. And you can't stop it. Not to mention the make-up and brushes are terrible.

There are some great powder foundations out there. Go to the mall and buy one. No credit cards to these people. Seriously. Do not support this.

So most of the issues are with the order system...
by: Proactiv Princess

All Proactiv carts in shopping malls now carry Sheer Cover kits AND most of the individual items, plus they have testers so you can get your exact shade match. They've started doing free makeovers so you can have a full face of it and wear it around to see what you think. The carts never sign you up for any ordering systems and you just buy what you want and never worry about it getting shipped to you in a month against your will, because we don't take your personal information. If you can, by all means go to a Proactiv cart for a full-on, commitment free way to try everything you're interested in! If you still don't like the product after that, then you're not out anything. :D I like it, but I also use other cosmetics, too.

Beware of what you see
by: Anonymous

I see some rave reviews here. Is it possible, given the nature of this site, that Sheer Cover people have posted them?

I listen to these celebities talk about how this product is a awesome and differentiates itself from the rest. I think it is marketing lingo gone wrong. Sorry Sheer Cover...your product sucks. Beware of the marketing and sales. It is a big waste of money.

I feel very sorry for the people who put their reputations on the line to promote such promises. Shame.

Not worth the hype
by: Anonymous

I had a similar expereince with Sheer Cover being sent to me. The natural glow and everything promised was not true.

It is horrible to watch celebrities promote a product so clearly not up to par. Very disappointing. Maybe these stars need money. I don't know and don't care. But, I would never promote this product.

Dishonest Company
by: Nancy

I tried the product did not like it , then canceled all future shipments. After going overseas I come home to find a stack of boxes that had been shipped and charged to my credit card. Upon contact I was informed they would refund me for a few of the boxes. They do not intend to refund over a years worth of make up that I did not ask for yet they continued to send.

Do not order this unless you are ready for a legal battle.

Do not give them any access to your credit card information or you will be milked for all you’re worth. We had to stop our card to stop being charged then got bills in the mail instead. They say per phone call today that another box has been shipped.

I love this makeup
by: Cat

I actually love this makeup. You control the amount you put on- many people probably aren't use to using a small amnount. The eyeshadows are wonderful- just a hint of color and shimmer. The tesxture of my skin has improved since using it and I actually got compliments on my skin from people who had no idea I changed makeup. The suto shipments can be spaced out for several weeks and you can call to put the shipments on hold. For me, I mix two colors and the product lasts for months.

It's OK...
by: Michelle M.

Got this product because I was a sucker for infomericals. When I recieved it I was impressed, yet when I tried on the mineral foundation my face looked very cakey and even when I applied the "pore minimizer" cream you could still see my pores. The mascara is nice and I love the conceler duo to hide blemishes (they work wonderfully) however, I will not get Sheer Cover again, it is waste and already cancelled my subscription.

The pros and Cons...
by: Anonymous

there are pros and cons to this makeup...
PROS: The foundation is awesome. it stays on pretty well and the coverage is awesome and looks great. The mascare, cream eyeliner, and shadows are pretty good as well. I do love that you can change your delivery to whenever works best for you and you can customize it all online! LOVE THAT. however there are cons as well... i hate their cleansers and moisterizers, their brushes aren't that great, and how their customer service reps try to sell you everything in the book but i've also found them to be very polite. ALL in ALL, it makes my skin look fabulous and a little goes a LONG WAY!! It seriously last forever! love it

Excellent Product
by: Anonymous

1) The company is very direct in its billing policy. It is basically set up on a payment plan with auto shipments. You can also set how often you would like to recieve products and change products as often as you like.
2)You can cancel at any time. They have excellent customer service. I made a mistake on my kit and they sent me free products to get me by until my mistake was fixed. It was my mistake and they still gave me free products.
3)Their website clearly states in the FAQ section that their products are NOT tested on animals.
4) The make-up is wonderful. It does exactly what is says it does. I recommend that you watch the instructional video that comes with the initial kit. This is not like traditional cream or liquid makeups. If you don't know how to apply it, you won't like how you look. If you take the time to follow the directions, you will look amazing!

by: Kristy

Do not give these people your credit card #! You will be charged several times a month, random amounts, and you will never get the money back. This is hands down the worst experience I've ever had with purchasing a product. Even if you only ask for one shipment, they will sign you up for auto. And you can't stop it. Not to mention the make-up and brushes are terrible.

There are some great powder foundations out there. Go to the mall and buy one. No credit cards to these people. Seriously. Do not support this.

Read this and save $100's of dollars
by: Anonymous

Ok, Sheercover.

The actual foundation itself is not too bad, but all the other crap you have to pay for is ridiculous! Moisturiser, cleanser (which doesnt clean off the make-up!!), shoddy “Professional” brushes that shed hairs all the time…the list goes on and on. Concealer is very poor, doesnt provide good coverage.

Not to mention the fact that you will pay $400 per year for the privilege of using this product. $400!!!!! For foundation!!!!

My advice, invest those funds in a decent under eye cream & moisturiser and spend the rest of it on a quality department store brand of makeup. You will be better off financially and your skin will thank you. PLus you can actually get a colour that looks good on you!

You also will not have to deal with the moronic company that sells this stuff. Just try getting a refund from them…If you dont believe me, check the blogs online...

by: Anonymous

I use it and find it great. ts even coverage, doesnt clog pores.. and its cheep!

sheer cover
by: tina

as soon as i put the makeup on i cancelled the same day it looked like crap caked on my face this is totaly false i would recomend store brand than this its garbage.

Sheer Coverage Watch Out!!!
by: Lisa In Orlando

I ordered Sheer Coverage after seeing their infommercial constantly on TV. I consider any mail order busy very disappointing when they trap you with monthly purchases after you purchase your first trial set. Leeza Gibbons should be ashamed to represent such a company. The way the purchases work truly takes advantage of the consumer. And the products did make break out.

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