Showering in Nasty Water?
How About a
Shower Water Filter

Do you really need a shower water filter?

We stand in our shower and feel the warmth of the water on our skin. Cleaning and invigorating, it feels good. And if it were only pure clean water that would be great.

But do we really know what is in our water. The only way to be sure is to have your water tested through an independent lab. It's a simple process you can do yourself that costs about $150.00 depending on what impurities you want to test.

Testing usually takes several weeks to get the results. If you're not happy with your water quality consider a shower filter. It may even be worth considering even if you don't have your water tested.

One water testing lab to consider is Aqua MD. They do testing for those on municipal water systems as well as for those with water wells.

What To Expect From A Shower Filter

A good shower water filter will remove unwanted impurities and even make your skin feel smoother, softer and less dry. It should remove pesticides, sulfur, heavy metals, iron oxides which create rust water, hydrogen sulfide that rotten egg odor and chlorine. But it all depends on the type you buy.

Problems with chlorine can occur in treated water. Chlorine is usually used to disinfect water. And since it bonds to organic material can bond to our skin, hair, eyes or be absorbed in to our lungs through the steam. Studies have shown chlorine linked to various forms of cancer, birth defects and miscarriage.

After disinfecting some chlorine is left in the system to continue disinfecting. Residual chlorine is what you smell in your water. A perfect shower water filter would remove 100% of chlorine and other impurities. The rate of flow of the water through the system is a problem for most filters.

On a shower the rate of flow is so fast it is hard for a filter to be effective. And studies have shown that it makes a difference if a filter has been tested on hot or cold water. Look for independent tests on shower water filters to determine their effectiveness. Company product claims may not be accurate.

It has been found in tests that the best filters on the market are removing about 90% impurities, are easy to install and maintain and are easy to replace the filters. Typical prices on shower water filters range from $20 to $250, with filters lasting anywhere from 3 months to 1 year.

Some shower filters offer massage or an adjustable water flow to save water and energy. And while some of these systems can be downright clunky and ugly. I wouldn't discard a large system by looks alone after all the best filtering is what we're after. And that large filter might be the most effective.

As companies work to find the most effective filter material smaller filters will be possible. Just research the tests that have been performed. I know for some of us researching is a pain but with water filters it is necessary because it may not be easy to tell if yours is doing it's job unless you have your water tested.

No matter what the results of your water test it is important to keep testing every so often, some recommend yearly, because things can change. That is probably the most important thing you can do if you have questions concerning your water safety and you can also check with your local water authority.

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