Do You Need To Find More Ways To Recycle Your Stuff?

Too much stuff and looking for more ways to recycle some of it?

Maybe this list will help. This on going page will contain ideas to help you find different organizations for all different recyclable or unneeded objects .

Do you know of any great ways to recycle or reuse our things?
If you do contact me.

  • Give your almost new formal dresses and accessories to a high school girl who can't afford to buy for her prom. While this group is in Chicago, they provide links on their FAQ page to groups throughout the country.
    The Glass Slipper Project

  • Even though you don't want your old cell phone anymore it still has value and can be reprogrammed, refurbished or recycled providing charitable organizations with much needed funds.
    Phones 4 Charity

  • Give your stuff to some one else. Sign up and join a group in your area and maybe you will find someone who would just love to have that item that you want gone.

  • Wondering what to do with your old office equipment? Well, your local Staples has the answer. For a small fee they will take your old computer, printer or other equipment and make sure they are safely recycled. For an interesting article about this program see this USA News report. Check your local Staples store for more info.

  • If you are hanging on to dead vcr's, cameras, handheld games or other techno trash because there just doesn't seem to be a good way to recycle them. Send them to this company for recycling. You will have to pay for shipping but at least you know they will be handled responsibly.
    Green Disk

    Catalog Choice

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