Relaxing With
Organic Tea

Tea has always given me pleasure but organic tea even more so and I'm not alone. With a history that goes back thousands of years, tea has become the beverage of choice for so many people today for it's soothing, calming, healthy benefits.

Tea is in. Organics are in. Organic tea is in and the increased demand has growers looking for ways to meet it.

Tea grows best in regions of China, India and South Africa. Large tea plantations exist and have existed in these regions for many years. Organic methods used to be the only way tea was grown and some smaller plantations have never strayed from these methods but as the demand for teas increased growers began to use pesticides and fertilizers to increase yields.

Today, too often pesticides are used in countries with less strict environmental policies than we have by workers, sometimes even children, who just aren't informed about proper application and safety. Many times the chemicals being used are ones that have been banned in the U.S.

A simple way I can improve things is to make it a point to purchase organic tea when I can. Tried and true practices of composting, crop rotation, mulching, encouraging beneficial insects, using ground cover plants that replace nutrients in the off season and more are used to create healthy, living soils yielding higher quality teas. These methods are safer for people, the environment and wildlife that surround and feed off these fields.

Choosing to work with nature instead of fighting it makes more sense for all life on earth.

Organic tea must be certified and while the certification process varies from country to country, you can be sure that any tea certified by which ever certifying body is free of pesticides and fertilizers. Some teas undergo certification for sales in the U.S. They will have the USDA organic logo on them too.

Other countries have enjoyed many teas for years that Americans are just discovering. Black teas are by far the favorite. I have found it's smooth flavor very pleasing. But I have been experimenting and finding new favorites.

Green tea is one tea I wanted to like. After all it has so many health benefits. But I found it too bitter until I learned that I was brewing it too long, the same time I used to brew black tea. A shorter brewing time helps, so does a little honey.

What really made a difference for me was green tea in a blend. I can really enjoy green tea with mint and Tazo's, Iced Green Tea is my new favorite way to drink green tea cold. Not too sweet, just the right flavor. You might have to look around for this as I have found it difficult to find here in Texas.

Recent studies have been showing many different health benefits that are found from drinking tea. Organic tea is no different and has the added benefits of being grown without harmful toxins. Improved heart health, blood pressure, increased bone mass and even effects on cancer are all being investigated and I know many of us are learning the benefits of olive oil but did you know that there is an organic olive leaf tea?

But why wait, when there are so many wonderful varieties to enjoy. Experiment, have fun, throw a couple of different kinds in the pot and see what you can come up with. A healthy way to de-stress. The simple act of brewing a pot of organic tea and sitting down to enjoy it can take the edge off a rough day and you'll know you are helping just by doing something so simple.

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