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pregnant woman lying down You're pregnant and probably wanting all the tips for pregnancy you can get. Whether it's your first, second or more there is always something new to learn. This exciting time of your life may also be bringing a heightened sense of awareness that so many of the choices you will make the next few months can have an affect on your baby.

If natural living has become a part of your life and you have been trying to pay attention to what foods you eat, what kinds of products you use on your skin and around the home then you are already more knowledgeable than most but there are always new tips for pregnancy to learn.

Perhaps though, the idea that products we use on ourselves or around the house may contain harmful ingredients which can be inhaled or absorbed into our bodies is all new to you. Now is a great time to learn all you can not only for your growing fetus but also for yourself.

Knowing What to Avoid

On a daily basis we use many different products on our skin and hair many of which contain ingredients that many consider to be potentially harmful to our health. Now you have not only yourself to worry about but also the health of your baby so one of the most important tips for pregnancy I can share is to understand the ingredients used in our skin care products.

Read more about nontoxic skin care for the information you need to shop for safe skin care and also learn about the specific skin care ingredients that are best to avoid during pregnancy. Once you know what to look out for you will be able to find some really great skin care options just for the special needs your skin will have during pregnancy.

What About Caring For Your Baby's Skin?

It's not too early to start thinking about the kinds of skincare products to use on your new baby. Not all baby care products contain the safest ingredients. Use this time to learn about different products and ingredients before your little one arrives. Knowing which baby skin care products you want to use can save time and money later. You can watch for sales and stock up and let friends and family know about your choices. You have a better chance of ending up with what you want.

Skin Care Tips For Pregnancy

Skin stretched to it's limits can easily experience stretch marks but there are skin care products being made with some really good ingredients that may help keep them to a minimum or even non-existent and that's just one extra need your skin will experience. I have tried to find the best and safest skin care tips for pregnancy to make it easier to you to shop.

Shopping for ready made products is convenient and personally I like to support companies that are trying to bring us fresh, pure natural skin care products but it can be expensive and for some of your skin care needs you might want to make your own.

You'll find some suggestions for caring for your skin during pregnancy, products you can purchase plus ideas on making your own by visiting pregnancy skin care.

Eco Friendly Maternity Clothes

pregnancy shirt Looking for tips for pregnancy clothing that is eco friendly? If you have shopped for eco friendly clothing you know that there is just not a big selection to choose from and not surprisingly there are even fewer choices when it comes to maternity clothing. Natural fabrics are the perfect choice for pregnancy, soft, breathable and comfortable.

While cute maternity clothes made from eco friendly fabrics are hard to find they are not impossible. The shirt at right is made from organic cotton. I found this and other organic cotton maternity clothing at Amazon.

Also check out Baby Be Mine for bamboo maternity clothing. Here you will find comfy shirts and belly bands made from bamboo. This a particularly nice fabric to use while pregnant because it is so soft and comfortable. It makes great clothing for babies too. For more info check out bamboo clothing.

Perhaps the greenest way to shop is to find a good resale shop that carries maternity clothes. Some really nice clothing from upscale to inexpensive styles can be found at affordable prices at consignment and resale shops on-line or locally. You are being green and saving a bunch of money. See shop and save for info on resale shops.

Green and Safe Pregnancy

Your greatest concerns during this time are of course the health of your baby. To help you accomplish this one of the best tips for pregnancy I can offer is to be an informed shopper. While this is something I feel we all need to be doing anyway it is particularly important while you are pregnant.

On a daily basis we are exposed to a wide array of chemicals. They are present in products we have come to rely on and use everyday. More often than not our only criteria is that they work but it is equally important to know about the ingredients in these products.

pregnant belly Very little is known about the affects of so many chemicals in our daily life but we do know that our bodies do absorb things through our skin and through inhalation. I tend to use extra precautions all the time and feel it is especially important during pregnancy.

Make it a point to pay attention to products you are using whether it is for skin care and beauty, cleaning around the home, doing fix up jobs, painting and even yardwork. I know from experience of myself and others that this is a time of quite a bit of fixing up and decorating in preparation for the new baby so be careful.

Eco friendly or green products are some of the best tips for pregnancy safety. You have more options available today to surround yourself with safe products than ever before.

After the baby is born you will want to continue making the best choices for natural living, visit Natural-Organic Baby for tips and information on raising your baby naturally and organically."


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