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Healthy, Natural, Good For Your Hair

Thinking about trying organic shampoo? Well, why not? There are good reasons to consider using something made with safer, natural organic ingredients on your hair.

clean healthy hair
  • Organic ingredients clean gently.

  • No harsh synthetic detergents or other unsafe chemical ingredients.

  • Organic ingredients are grown without pesticides or herbicides.

  • You are supporting organic farming.

  • It is environmentally friendly.

I am someone who believes in buying organic whenever possible. I think growing organically is important to our health and the health of our planet so it makes sense to me to consider organic hair care. If it makes sense to you too there are a few things you should know before you shop.

When shopping for organic shampoo it's important to know that while you can buy shampoo made with organic or certified organic ingredients there are very few brands that can claim their shampoos are certified organic. Sound confusing?

A product can contain organic or certified organic ingredients and can even claim to be an organic product and still may contain chemical preservatives and synthetic detergents. Only a product that carries the USDA seal does not contain any synthetic ingredients. Check out this page on organic skin care for more info. At this time there are very few hair care products that can make this claim. So make sure to read your labels very carefully.

Shampoo Ingredients


For years we have been using shampoos that were made with detergents. In most shampoo, water and detergent are the main ingredients with all the other ingredients making up a small percentage. Detergents suds up and work very well to remove dirt and oils from our hair. Effective but as we are finding out not the safest or best solution.

Conventional shampoos typically use synthetic detergents like sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate. Both of which have been commonly used and both have had questions raised about their safety and effectiveness. At the very least they can strip the natural oils from the hair and scalp making the scalp more absorbent to bad stuff like synthetic chemicals while leaving the hair feeling dry. It can be very irritating to the scalp.

Often to compensate for drying the hair other chemical ingredients are added that coat the hair and make it feel less dry and conditioned. New safer, miider detergents like decoyl glucoside may be used. This is a plant derived, safer, biodegradable, effective but more expensive solution that can be found in some organic shampoo.


Using soap as a shampoo may not be something you would have considered but some of the new organic shampoos are a great alternative to detergent based products. These shampoos clean with soap made from saponified oils (a process of mixing natural oils like olive, sunflower or coconut with lye made from wood ashes, sodium hydroxide etc, to make soap). Other organic ingredients and essential oils make shampooing a healthy pleasure. Organic soap is a simple, gentle way to clean the hair.


How about trying a shampoo made from ingredients found in nature that are known for their cleansing abilities? Saponins like soap berry or soap nut, soap wort and even clay are few examples. While using ingredients like this have been popular in many cultures throughout the world they are just beginning to be used in products available in the U.S.

These kinds of products may be the most natural. They gently clean the hair but they also take the most getting used to. Ingredients like soap nuts do lather but not as much as we are used to and the organic shampoo made from clay does not suds at all.

soapy bubbles from shampoo

Many of the most popular shampoos build up nice foamy lathers but tons of soapy bubbles doesn't necessarily mean clean. It is what we have become accustomed to seeing but that doesn't mean that it's the only or even the best way.

Foaming action is something detergents do well but often with harsh results. Did you know that some shampoo is made with the same detergents that are used to clean and degrease oily, greasy car engines?

Where To Shop For Organic Shampoo

Organic shampoo is a great, healthy, natural way to clean your hair but some of them may perform a little different than other products you have been using. Make sure to read any info on these products so you know what to expect.

Shampoo Made With Mild Detergents

Some shampoos use a mild detergents like cocamidopropyl betaine or disodium cocoamphodiacetate. Decoyl glucoside is the gentlest and the greenest. These products most closely work like the conventional shampoos. Sudsing and cleaning your hair but with the added benefit of natural and organic ingredients. If you are looking for something that is as organic as possible look for products that contain the most organic or certified organic ingredients.

    John Masters Organics

  • John Masters Organics is a collection of products created by hair stylist John Masters to meet the needs of his clientele but without the nasty chemicals so commonly found in hair care products. He uses many certified organic ingredients for healthy, beautiful hair. conditioner, texturizer, styling gel and color sealer are also available.

    He call his products organics but if you look you will see a logo that says made with certified organic ingredients. So not totally organic but made with safer ingredients.

    Check out John Masters Organics

  • Shampoo Made With Soap (saponified oils)

    Nature's Paradise Organics

  • It's not easy to find Certified USDA Organic Hair Care products but Nature's Paradise is one of the few companies that does carry this seal. It's a pleasure to read their ingredient label. It reads more like a grocery list. Who wouldn't feel good using organic shampoo like this?. This product contains apple cider vinegar right in it instead of the follow up with a rinse of apple cider vinegar which is the usual recommendation.

    Visit Natures Paradise Organics.

  • Bubble and Bee

  • Bubble and Bee carries a couple of organic shampoos one for dry to normal one for normal to oily hair with some nice organic and natural ingredients. They offer a good explanation about the difference in products that are soap based over those made with detergents. They also recommend using an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse to balance the hair's ph and condition. Not what we may be used to using but from what other women have said works very well. This is a product that may not work very well if you have hard water.

    Go to Bubble and Bee.

  • Shampoo Made With Saponins

    Our last choice in organic shampoo is a real break from conventional ideas for shampooing hair. If you can be open minded and willing to experiment it may well be worth the effort. It certainly is a very natural way to clean hair that reviewers said made their hair feel like it did when they were little.


  • Terressentials a leader and one of the first to offer USDA skin and hair care products has created organic shampoo that uses clay to clean. Pure, simple ingredients gently work without coating the hair. Very safe to use even for those with irritated scalps.

    They say that hair that has been shampooed with conventional shampoo or color treated will go through a detox period where all the chemicals that the hair has absorbed with be removed. During this time hair may not behave or look it's best. It is important to read the instructions before buying this product so you know what to expect.

    Check out Terressentials.

  • Good Place to Shop For Organic Shampoos

    Be Well Stay Well - Natural Solutions

  • One of my favorite sites for all kinds of natural products is Be Well Stay Well. They always provide plenty of info about the products, reviews and even offer many items as samples. Well worth a visit. For a variety of organic shampoos from all the above categories.

    Go to Be Well Stay Well.


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