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confused shopper I don't know about you but I like reading natural product reviews. Partly because I don't like to waste money or time buying something that doesn't work but also sometimes reviewers will add some tip or extra info that makes finding and using natural products easier.

Our Contributing Writers: Been There Done That

We have some readers of this site that are very generous. They know how hard it can be sometimes to make a decision about which natural beauty products to use and they want to help us out by sharing what they have learned.

There are a few contributing writers who have their own page to write their own natural product reviews. Here they can write about any natural product they've used.

Natural Product Reviews

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    I get reviews all the time where someone in their enthusiasm for a product will write "This product is great. I will use it forever" good to know but don't you want to know more? I know I do. You get the idea. Writing a good review is not hard especially if you think "What information would help me if I was reading a review?"

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    Natural Product Reviews

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    Earthtastic! Home of the Vegan Lip Balm with Nut-Free Ingredients! 
    Handmade made right out of a small town in Washington State by a stay-at-home Mom, Cassidy features a modest, but lovely variety of all natural (and mostly …

    Just discovered, Santaverde Organic Skincare. 
    I have searched, what feels like forever to find a natural range that 1, I like 2, smells nice and 3, really works. After my husband returned from a business …

    Dove Shampoo Review 
    PLEASE DO READ THE WHOLE THING, IT'S VERY IMPORTANT...I BEG YOU ALL! I bought 2 bottles of DOVE, trusting my friends. They said that it works,and actually …

    Bear Fruit Hair 
    I was home one morning watching the news. An African American Arizona native came on to discuss her new hair care line, Bear Fruit Hair. She had always …

    Nvey Eco Deluxe foundation 
    This make-up is awesome! It is 100% organic, no nasty chemicals you can't pronounce and it looks great on! it's also vegan ;) the mineral powder doesn't …

    Aubrey Organics  
    After finding out my current mineral makeup has harmful ingredients, I came upon an article in my health store magazine...about Aubrey Organics. I use …

    Holistic Mascara for Sensitive Eyes 
    I have been wearing this paraben free mascara for years, love it! This mascara is made by a holistic company called Real Purity. I love this mascara.. …

    The Website 
    I have very sensitive skin and I can not use any and everything on my skin. I was on youtube and found a video of a lady talking about natural and organic …

    Faith In Nature Aloe Vera Shampoo - Brilliant! 
    I recently used Faith In Nature Aloe Vera Shampoo and have found it to be fantastic. It contains aromatherapy oils and is made from all natural ingredients …

    Smooth, Hydrating Natural Lip Balm-Elle Naturals 
    Visiting Austin, TX for South By Southwest Music Festival, in the hot Texas spring, I found myself in need of some lip balm. My lips were burnt and chapped. …

    Wally's Outer Ear Wipes 
    The other day I used a product that was just absolutely amazing. They’re called Wally’s Outer Ear Wipes. I got them online from Wally’s Natural at their …

    Shea Butter Products 
    I have been using Alaffia products for quite awhile now and have been very pleased with how they work. I have tried Night Radiance Face Cream, Rooibos …

    Amazon Herb Co. 
    Our herbal combinations are based on those used by the Indigenous People of the Amazon for thousands of years to maintain and optimize health, strength …

    Physician's Formula Organic Wear 
    Let me say right off that I would not generally buy from a company that has not signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics and that is generally a “mass market” …

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