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Our herbal combinations are based on those used by the Indigenous People of the Amazon for thousands of years to maintain and optimize health, strength and stamina. They are the result of a powerful blend of tribal wisdom and scientific verification that documents and supports the beneficial properties of these botanicals.

Each formula is skillfully developed by a committed group of healthcare professionals and highly trained clinicians. In fact, for the first three years, Amazon Herb Company worked exclusively with doctors, chiropractors, acupuncture physicians, nutritionists and athletic trainers to carefully combine, test and refine our formulas.

We continue this process today while making our products available worldwide. The outcome is a collection of top-quality herbal remedies that address your personal wellness goals.


OK, the above is not a product review but after checking out the Amazon Herb Co. I thought my readers might be interested.

Zamu the health drink pictured above along with other herbal remedies, teas, supplements and a skin care line are made with natural and organic ingredients found in the Rainforests of the Amazon.

I've heard about the health benefits of many plants grown in the Rainforest. Based on the ingredients alone these products seem like they would make a good addition to a healthy, natural lifestyle.

Since they also carry a skin care line called Lluvia, I had to check it out. I found an extensive list of ingredients that included botanicals and botanical oils, essential oils, marine algae and other natural ingredients. Even their preservatives were natural. This is where some natural skin care companies can vary. Some choose to use natural ingredients and chemical preservatives but not here. They use grapefruit extract and essential oils and package their products in dark colored bottles to preserve and protect them.

As I do for all products I checked to see if they mention a policy against animal testing of any of their products but didn't find any info.

I was particularly interested in how the Amazon Herb Co the developer of these products works with indigenous people of the Amazon by providing ways they can make incomes from plants grown in the Rainforest. As people find ways to utilize these forests as they are and see value in preserving and protecting them hopefully we will see less destruction of these areas.

Check it out for yourself.

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