Choosing Natural
Personal Care Products

Choosing to go more natural? How about natural personal care products?

It is an ongoing process becoming more natural and green. Some of us start with our diets, some with skin care and little by little more natural items are added as we learn more. Natural personal care seems like a logical next step in the process and it becomes easier all the time as new products are developed or old ones are revamped to meet our demands for safer more natural and eco friendly products.

Among my natural personal care products are my toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, feminine protection and deodorant. I also consider hair care products to be part of personal care along with razors, shaving creams or hair removers.

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Did you know you could buy a recyclable toothbrush?

It's something we should be using everyday and if we do what our dentists recommend, replacing them at least 4 or 5 times a year. That's a lot of toothbrushes ending up in the trash. To the rescue comes a company named Preserve that has come up with an answer to this problem.

They have developed a toothbrush made with recycled materials, mainly Stoneyfield Farms yogurt cups, that is also completely recyclable itself and they offer an easy way to recycle their toothbrush, just send it back to them. Your old toothbrush will end up as plastic lumber.

Their Preserve line of products also include disposable razors which can also be recycled, kitchenware, tableware and flavored toothpicks. Here's what they say on their website:

"When we design and create our products, we consider their full life cycle and the environmental footprint they will have."

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Check out Preserve for more information about their products (make sure to check out their toothbrush subscription program) and also some great links to other environmental and recycling organizations. You can buy products on their site or through health and natural products stores.

Natural Hair Removal

When you're considering natural personal care, what about natural hair removal? Consider using a recyclable razor with some natural shaving cream or how about other methods like waxing or sugaring which use herbs, oils and sugars to safely remove hair.

At the very least check your favorite brand of hair removal product for safety by visiting EWG's Skin Deep Database to find out where your brand stands.

Tampons and Deodorant

Health and safety concerns about our feminine protection products have been raised over the last few years and as always when studies keep pointing to problems and no solid answers are found, I err on the side of caution and do what I can to use safer products. Using organic tampons along with other organic feminine products is one way to minimize exposure to pesticides and chemicals and is an important part of natural personal care.

Any product that touches the vaginal area should be chosen with care. Valera offers a USDA certified organic female lubricant. The ingredients in this product are an all natural mixture of plant oils and extracts. Visit their site to learn more.

Other personal care products under scrutiny is deodorant and anti perspirant. Many concerns have been raised over aluminum and other chemicals used in them. You may want to consider a more natural approach. There are quite a few companies that offer natural deodorants.

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Hair Care

Hair care products are another concern because of all the chemicals used in shampoos, styling products and hair color. Better, safer and more natural products are available that are not only good for your hair but gentler on the environment.

When it comes to hair coloring for me finding a natural choice was a must. I have had to find natural hair color products due to allergies and I'm glad I have at least a few options. Discover some of the more natural and safer ways you can color your hair.

Have you used a more natural hair coloring product yourself or perhaps you go to a salon that specializes in safer more natural hair color. Tell us about your experience? Write your own natural hair color review? It's easy to do. Go to Natural Hair Color Review and tell us about it.

Choosing natural personal care products gives us even more opportunities to bring natural living to our lives. One more step to being a Natural Living Woman


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