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lavender field Are looking for safer ways to relax?
Turn to aromatherapy products for help.

For many years essential oils have been used in aromatherapy to help relieve all kinds of ailments. The scents of essential oils have been found to have a powerful effect on our health and emotions. Essential oils go beyond just fragrance they have aromatic compounds that have been proven to be effective on so many conditions.

It's not surprising with so many of us looking at ways to deal with stress naturally that companies are responding to our interest by creating an array of aromatherapy products.

Buying Essential Oils

1. Not all aromatherapy products are equal and unfortunately not all products labeled aromatherapy actually contain essential oils.

Aromatherapy is a popular word to add to a label but read the ingredient list on the back. Look for words like fragrance oils. Fragrance oils are often synthetic and may contain many harmful ingredients combined to make that scent.

Many products use fragrance oils for scent and while it may smell good it does not offer the true benefits found in essential oils. Your product needs to have pure 100% essential oils and not just lavender fragrance oils.

2. Good quality essential oils have expiration dates and should be sold in dark colored bottles, no plastic. Oils can breakdown plastic potentially contaminating the oil and light colored bottles can ruin delicate
essential oils.

3. Be wary of aromatherapy products where the essential oils are all the same price. Essential oils come in a variety of prices depending on the flowers and plants used and how difficult it is to harvest and extract that oil, making some oils very expensive.

4. Shop with companies that you can trust. The quality of aromatherapy products can vary. Look for those which provide quite a bit of information. Watch for claims that a company grows all their own plants for essential oils. Unless they specialize in certain oils. Essential oils come from plants, flowers and trees that are grown around the world and it can take many acres to grow enough to produce one type of essential oil.

essential oil

Using Essential Oils

When you are stressed during the day, aromatherapy products containing either single fragrances or special blends for relaxation may be one of the most effective ways to appreciate their benefits. A small diffuser on your desk or an aromatherapy necklace may be helpful.

Fragrances like those from essential oils of lavender, ylang ylang chamomile and the citrusy scents of bergamont, lemon, or neroli have been found to have powerful relaxation affects.

Aura Cacia is a great company to try for single oils or relaxation blends along with diffusers, massage oils or skin products. This site is loaded with great information and well worth the time to explore. Their philosophy page tells about their company but don't forget to check out the art of aromatherapy for more information about essential oils and their safe use. It's very important to be informed of any safety issues before using essential oils.

Saffronrouge carries a big selection of aromatherapy products including roll-on aromatherapy blends by Primavera, a company I like for their commitment to quality and ethics. I'm a big fan of convenient aromatherapy use in the form of roll-ons. I can carry this around with me and as needed apply a little on my wrist or temple.

Another Great Aromatherapy Product - Scented Candles

Just having candles around provides a relaxing atmosphere but it's important to choose the right kinds. Not all candles are safe and natural. Most candles are made from paraffin, a petroleum by product and are scented with synthetic fragrance which contain questionable ingredients that are released into the air as we burn the candle. Not a very healthy choice.

Soy candles that use 100% essential oils as their fragrance offer a safe natural choice while providing relaxing effects. Candles made from 100% essential oils can be expensive. Beware of companies that mix their essential oils with other things like fragrance oils to extend them.

LuminEssent Candles hand pours non-GMO soy wax and pure essential oils for their candles. They offer many different essential oils with clear explanations of their purpose. A pretty way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils is to burn their soy wax potpourri.

Organic soy wax is just beginning to be available for use in candles. For more information on this and the benefits of soy wax check out my page on organic soy wax candles.

Interested in giving essential oils a try? With a little looking I'm sure you will find aromatherapy products that work for you.

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