What To Look For When Choosing
Natural Hair Care

Natural hair care companies are working hard to show you that all those chemicals being used in your products are not necessary for great looking hair.

long blond hair How many different products do you use to get your hair to cooperate and looks it's best? I don't have to tell you how strongly most of us feel about our hair or to what extreme we will go to have our hair looking just so.

I remember as a teen trying to sleep with jumbo rollers in my hair so when I removed them in the morning I had smooth hair with just a little curve to it. Those were rough nights but that's nothing. If your attempts to have beautiful hair involve using chemicals from perming, bleaching, coloring and straightening to hairsprays, gels or mousses then it's important for you to know just what chemicals you are using and making sure to choose products that are the safest.

Chemicals In Our Products

Companies have been only too happy to provide us with any kind of products we could possibly want. Just one trip down the hair care aisle at your favorite store and you'll find a dizzying number of choices. Do I want soft and silky or body? Need help with dry fly away hair or getting rid of grey. More and more new products all the time with all kinds of claims.

An equally dizzying array of chemicals have also found their way in to our hair care products so that what we are using doesn't resemble anything natural. But to look at the front label on the bottle you might think different.

Products claiming natural or herbal are everywhere. But read the back label. After a long list of chemicals near the bottom you may find something like apple extract or vitamin E and this product is calling itself natural hair care.

Hair care manufacturers have come to rely on chemicals to get the results we want cheaply. As we learn about the negative effects of some of these chemicals, more of us are looking for natural hair care products that can be just as effective if not more so than their chemical counterparts and a whole lot healthier.

Making A Better Choice

When you choose a good natural hair product and read the label there are a few things you should notice about it.

  • No sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates or synthetic chemicals
  • No parabens
  • Biodegradable or environmentally friendly
  • No animal testing or animal ingredients - vegan approved
  • No synthetic fragrance.
  • Natural or organic ingredients.

  • Sometimes the ingredient list can be very long. With all those different ingredients it helps that companies like the ones below make their labels and their ingredients very understandable.

    You can also check the safety of ingredients of many different hair care products on the Skin Deep database. This resource is really helpful if an ingredient is not recognizable to you. I have mistakenly thought an ingredient was synthetic only to find out that it really was natural.

    A Couple Brands To Get You Started

    Max Green Alchemy

    This is a small relatively new company offering personal care products that are truly natural, 100% plant based while using as many organic ingredients as possible. They have a line of hair care products that is getting good reviews from customers. I am one of their happy customers

    Aubrey Organics

    A good selection of all kinds of natural hair care products and styling aids. They have a long tradition of providing excellent natural, and I mean natural and frequently organic, safe skin and personal care products.

    Just Natural Organic Hair Care

    Natural hair care products for all hair types and conditions plus a good selection of styling products. I really appreciate all the information this site provides about their products, using their products and hair care in general. Also look here for natural skin care products.

    Giving up chemically laden hair care is not easy especially if you have brands you really like. Make an informed decision, find out what's in your products. If it's loaded with chemicals is it worth it? Finding new natural hair care products is getting easier as more companies respond to our concerns. But don't expect most big name brands to be the ones to make the changes, many of them have not given up animal testing and that's been an issue for years.

    So when you are looking for natural hair care products, look to the smaller companies for great, safe, natural products and beautiful hair.

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