Caring For Your Skin With
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When you choose natural or organic body care products you are making a healthy choice for your skin, your health and you're helping the environment.

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Your Skin Is Absorbent

Have you noticed how many medications like nicotine or birth control patches are now being administered through the skin? It has been found to be an efficient way to get them into our systems.

Well, consider the many skin care products you use on your skin every day and the ingredients in those products. Your skin may be absorbing those ingredients. Are these ingredients you feel safe using? If you aren't sure it's time to become a label reader. Make it a point to learn which ingredients are safe and which ones aren't. Check out nontoxic skin care for help with this.

Questionable ingredients in products has some of us switching to organic body care products. Being able to buy skin care products that are truly certified organic is relatively new. It's an idea that appeals to many who support organic products but there is a bit of a problem. Many products are turning up on the market with organic on their labels that are not really an organic product. You have to forget the pretty packaging and product descriptions and read the ingredient list. This is where the real truth about what is in a product can be found.

What you want to see is either a product that displays the USDA certified organic logo or one that contains USDA certified organic ingredients. Check out organic skin care for more information about this. Choosing organic products for your skin care routine can be a very healthy but sometimes an expensive choice. Great ingredients cost more. To help keep keep costs lower keep your routine simple and consider making some of your own organic body care products.

My Organic Body Care Routine

4 Basic Rules

Rule#1 Exfoliate.

Remove dead skin cells to freshen skin and allow your moisturizer to do its job. Salt and sugar scrubs are popular and help to remove dead skin cells as do loofah brushes which are another popular choice.

ayate cloth

An Ayate Cloth is natural fiber made from the Agave plant that is good for exfoliating. It comes as a reusable and machine washable washcloth, hand mitt or soap pouch. It feels quite rough when dry but once it is wet softens a bit and becomes a very effective way to exfoliate the skin. May take a bit to get used to but once you do I think you will enjoy it. Just be careful not to rub to hard especially at first. It lasts for a long time making it very affordable.

I also like an old technique that has been around for many years called dry skin brushing. It has been found to be very effective in removing dead skin cells but it also stimulates pores to help eliminate toxins. (For how to do this technique see skin brushing.)

Make your own fresh organic body care products. Homemade exfoliants are easy and inexpensive when using ingredients you have in your kitchen. You will find recipes on this pages that are good for the face and the body. Don't forget your hands. They often show age. I often use the same products on my hands that I use on my face.

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Rule#2 Cleanse.

Gently cleaning without over cleansing and removing all of the skins natural oils is important to help keep the skin from becoming dry and uncomfortable. Many soaps create problems when they are overly harsh . Organic body care products like organic soaps that clean without stripping away all natural oils is a great way to go. Or consider one of my favorite products Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps Pure-Castile Soap. I like how this certified organic soap gently cleans, smells great from the essential oils and cleans so well and if you need something to read the bottle is quite interesting. (you have to see it to understand this.)

While your thinking about cleansing your skin have you given any thought to the water that comes out of your shower. If you are using a water filter to eliminate impurities in your drinking water you may want to consider a shower water filter to prevent these same impurities from being absorbed by your skin.

Rule#3 Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize.

I don't have to tell you that do I? Depending on your needs and the time of year a light lotion might be sufficient but for really dry skin a natural body butter could be the answer.

Body butters are an important part of moisturizing for women around the world. They are an excellant way to help in prevent moisture loss for all skin types especially during dry hot weather or cold weather and indoor heat.

Many varieties of body butter exist from shea to mango, macadamia nut, illipe and many others. Shea butter while one of my favorites is not an organic product but you can buy good quality shea products that are naturally grown without pesticides and minimally processed so I feel safe using them. Visit my page on shea butter for more info about this wonderful moisturizing and anti aging ingredient.

Check out Amazon for a great selection of organic body butters or visit Terressentials for a wonderful selection of USDA certified 100% organic body care products like Seductive Spice Annoiting Body Oils or Passionate Lavender Body Creme in a handy push up bar.

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Rule#4 Protect.

By now we all know how important is is to wear sunscreen not only to protect from sun damage and aging but also to help prevent skin cancer. Here is where it is hard to be organic.

The safest products for sun protection have been found to be mineral based such as titanium dioxide or zinc. While these are natural ingredients they are not organic. It is possible to find sunscreens that contain organic ingredients though. I have had good luck using Badger Balm Sunscreen. It is mineral based, rated very well by the Skin Deep Database for effectiveness, dries quite clear and contains organic ingredients.

Organic body care products can be an important part of a healthy skin care routine. They're good for you and they give you another opportunity to support organic growing.

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