Are You Really Using
Organic Skin Care Products?

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Organic skin care is a good idea. Organic ingredients are good for the inside and the outside of our bodies.

When you buy organic food you expect it to be organic but to be sure you have to look for the USDA label for assurance that it is truly organic. It's no different with skin care products.

The word organic may be on the product but don't make the mistake of thinking that seeing the word organic is enough.

The word organic on the label may not mean very much.

The word natural can have a loose meaning on many skin care products. The same is true for the word organic. It's not surprising. There is so much confusion over labels on products. It's hard to know what's what.

According to the Organic Consumers Association, at this time there are no regulations that prevent a company from claiming to be organic skin care, even if that product contains a very small amount of organic ingredients and it may even contain synthetics or petrochemicals. If you are choosing to buy organic shouldn't your products actually contain mostly organic ingredients.

USDA logo

The USDA is now certifying organic skin care products and allowing their organic logo to be used. Products that contain this logo will have to meet strict standards, the same standards that organic agriculture must meet.

Currently certification by the USDA as applied to foods and now to personal care products that meet the NOP (USDA's National Organic Program) standards includes the following:

  • Ingredients that are free from synthetic chemicals: fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics or food additives or genetically modified organisms.

  • Ingredients grown on farmland that has been free from chemicals for at least three years.

  • Periodic checks of production and sales records.

  • Maintaining strict physical separation of certified organic products.

  • Inspection of facilities where organic products are made.

  • Products with all organic ingredients may use "100% organic" on their label and the USDA certified organic logo.

  • Products with at least 95% organic ingredients may use the word "organic" and the USDA logo.

  • Products with at least 70% organic ingredients may claim "made with organic ingredients".

  • Certification by the USDA makes it easier to shop for organic skin care products. Now if you want to be sure you are using a product with a high level of purity and safety, free from synthetic or toxic chemicals, all you have to do is look for their logo.

    Where To Shop

    There aren't that many companies that can claim being certified organic which might surprise you if you have noticed all the different products and companies that call themselves organic. But there are some and a few of them are listed below.

  • Terressentials
  • Terressentials products

    100% organic skin care. The USDA organic seal appears on over 3 dozen different products with 2 dozen of those 100% certified organic. Terressentials carries a complete line of skin, body, hair and even baby care. Check out Terressentials.

  • Dr. Bronners
  • A complete line of organic soaps, cleansers, conditioners, lip balm and skin care. Even products for baby. Visit Dr. Bronners

  • Organicare
  • Skincare for the face and body. For products geared toward prevention, anti-aging, rejuvenation and problem skin see Organicare.

    The benefits of purchasing organic skin care products goes beyond caring for our skin and our health. We are supporting companies that have made a commitment to providing safe natural products. Through our purchases we are also helping to ensure that organic farmers can continue growing crops that are environmentally friendly.

    Good for you. Good for the earth.

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