Bear Fruit Hair

by Jamie
(Globe, Arizona)

I was home one morning watching the news. An African American Arizona native came on to discuss her new hair care line, Bear Fruit Hair.

She had always fought with taming her dry hair throughout the year. She decided the best thing to do was create a hair care line that provided the needs of her hair as well as other Arizona natives.

She creates most of her only line with simple ingredients. Most of which is essential oils. She also offers a create your own conditioner line. I bought some of her conditioner (oh she does not sell shampoo because it is the most damaging for your hair, stripping it of all your own oils and then conditioning it with oils that do not benefit your hair) and since the product works great.

A couple times a week I wash my hair with a dab of my tea tree oil shampoo (yes, I am addicted to the way shampoo makes your hair seem clean) and then add the conditioner, leaving it to soak in for a while. It took me a while to adjust to the "oily" nature of my hair. But it does not feel like my hair is dirty and I have received so many compliments that my hair looks and feels healthier. I would recommend leaving shampoo's altogether and try just a Bear Fruit Hair cleansing conditioner. Check out the website!


Thanks Jamie! That was a helpful review.

I like to check out new products that have been reviewed for safety so I looked at the Bear Fruit Hair website and some of the products they offer. Below are the ingredients from one of their products, Ginger Orange Cleansing Conditioner:

* Ceteareth-20
* Cetearyl
* Coconut Oil
* Ginger
* Fragrance
* Orange Peel
* Palm Fruit Kernel Oil
* Preservative
* Purified Water

Overall their website is informative, most of the ingredients are natural and clearly explained and most of the chemicals I saw listed (I did not check into all their products) are rated low or no hazard. I do have a few issues with the above ingredient list in particular.

They use just the word preservative and fragrance in their ingredient list for this product. Now Bear Fruit Hair does provide info on what kind of preservative they use on a different page and their choice is better than some but it is considered to be a moderate hazard by the Skin Deep Database.

There is no information on what is in their fragrance. When it is not known what is in fragrance Skin Deep always considers this to be high hazard because fragrance can contain some nasty chemicals.

If this is a line of hair care products that you would like to try find out what ingredients are in Bear Fruit Hair fragrance.

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Oct 09, 2015
I would recommend NEW
by: Alfred Moore

I would recommend leaving shampoo's altogether and try just a Bear Fruit Hair cleansing conditioner.

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Oct 08, 2015
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by: Oliver

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Aug 10, 2015
Is it effective? NEW
by: Cindia

I did hear about the same, but don’t remember from where exactly I heard that. I do have a big doubt about the same, whether this hair care technique that they are suggesting is effective and not to have any side effects?

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