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Trying mineral makeup NEW
by: Michele

Hi Angela,
I am a 42 yr old, recently obsessed with my skin and wrinkles, that is not satisfied at all with my makeup I have been using in the past. Getting married recently triggered something in me because,wanting the best look and pictures. My daughter introduced me to sephora and ulta. Got the perfect shade. Now that a month had went by I've been doing a lot of studying on skincare and makeup. I'm really interested in the mineral makeup but hesitant being everything I've been buying I hate. I would love to try.

Bare minerals
by: Anonymous

I like bare minerals make up when you just put it on, but it doesnt take long till it wears off. Im very disapointed!!I think I will go back to mary kay and stay there.Bare minerals was a wast of money!

Bare Minerals IS The Original Mineral Makeup
by: Cindy

To the editor that posted that Bare Minerals didn't have the Ingredients on the site, I have to say you ar4e mistaken. When you click on the
Item, the new page pops up with the Item, directions for use & the Ingredients ARE listed on the bottom of that page. You simply have to look.
They also make a MATTE Foundation now for those who complain about wrinkles. It seems to me If you have wronkles no matter what foundation you use they will still show.
I'm 46 years old, have maybe, small wrinkles under my eyes & LOVE this makeup.
It also Improves your skin over time.
ALSO, the night treatment has been clinically shown to make pores smaller, not just APPEAR smaller. Makeup that Is also a treatment Is to be considered here.
Leslie Blogett came up with Mineral makeup first.
Accept no Imitations.

Do a comparison test for me - free samples
by: Angela

I am reading all these comments with interest as I wrote the original review. I have since been working with 2 private label mineral lines in my store and loving the results.
I would love to get some feedback from users here who have had poor results with the big name brands (or those who would be willing to send me a review/feedback on your results).
If you would like a free sample of some quality mineral makeup that works for mature skin.
Message me if you are interested and let me know your skin tone so I can choose a couple colors to send out.
See my profile page for contact info.

Angela Nielsen

All Minerals Makeups are not equal
by: Angela N

I too have tried 3 or 4 different brands until I found some I could stand behind, because I wanted to add it to my store.
The main thing to avoid if you have "mature" skin is anything with the dreaded Bismuth Oxychloride or any that describe themselves as having a "glow" or shimmer. Those are the ones that highlight any lines or textured areas.

If you get a matte product I think you will find that it produces the results you want.

I too have mature skin (54) but not terribly lined (thanks to shea butter) and I love the results I get using matte minerals. It even completely covers the occasional red spot with just a dot extra.

One of the keys is to use a good moisturizer first. Mineral makeup works by blending with natural oils, or moisturizers. I do avoid using the loose foundation right under my eyes (there is a natural cream version that is to die for)but everywhere else I get wonderful even, natural coverage. It is so good that when showing the product to my customers I can use myself as an example of how natural and subtle the results can be. They are always surprised when I mention my age.
Too much fun!

Bare Minerals...Look like a Fossil in 3.5 seconds!
by: SK

I had the Bare Minerals free trial at JC Penneys. I am not a makeup moron but rarely wear makeup these days. I applied it so I know it was not a "application error". I will be 40 in March 09. I dont think I look 40, but boy, with that makeup on I looked like I was 50 trying to look 40. Very, very disappointing! My pores looked HUGE and my wrinkles more apparent! Mortifying! I got in the car, looked at it and wiped it off with a baby wipe... I felt like I belonged in a casket. It was very heavy feeling and looked like I dipped my face in liquid base makeup which I do not like or wear. I have not tried Sheer Cover. I think I might just stick with the cheap stuff...don't fix what aint broke, right? I wear makeup about three times a year, so whatever.

Bare Escentuals - Bare Minerals
by: Kim

After seeing the many infomercials on t.v. about Bare Minerals makeup, I finally broke down and decided to fork over the sixty bucks to try the kit. I couldn't imagine what all the fuss was over some powder that you put on your face, but now I know!

I've had it for about two months now and I think it's just the most wonderful makeup I've ever used. I did have some trouble at first trying to mix it just so to match my skin tone, but once I found what worked, I was very pleased with the results. It is quick and simple to apply, fragrance free,(a big plus with me) and offers built in sunscreen protection.

The coverage is awesome and it doesn't run down your face if you get sweaty or caught in the rain. Another thing I like about it is that there is no "makeup line" around your face. You can't tell the difference between where the makeup starts and your bare skin ends.

It doesn't dry your skin or cake up in any fine lines you may just makes a nice smooth appearance all over your face.

My kit also came with a container of warmth, it is an all over face color, but I use it as I normally would a blush. I don't notice much of a difference with that as I do the foundation,(I had previously used a pressed powder blush anyway) but it is a nice color. Also included was something called mineral veil. It adds sort of a finishing touch and sets everything in place, like a face powder would over your regular foundation. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is thinking of trying it. It is worth the money!

by: Irene

The best part about this make-up is the hype. They have a very good and convincing sales pitch...maybe that should have been my first warning. I washed, moisturized and followed the dvd instructions and my skin looks like crepe paper...

You Should Check Out Bare Escentuals
by: Corrine

Natural mineral makeup is one of the greatest inventions ever. I’ve been using Bare Escentuals for around 6 years now, and overall I think it’s great.

The fact that it’s so fast and easy to use is important to me. I’m a substitute teacher, and sometimes I get called at the last minute to go sub, so speed can be really important to me. I like the way the makeup feels on my skin. It is soft, sheer, and smooth. It gives my skin a glow. It leaves no chin lines, and you can even sleep in it and not leave a mess on the pillowcase.

There are a few things that I don’t like about the makeup or that I feel could be improved. I was disappointed that it didn’t cover my blemishes like they showed on TV. They took Melissa Gilbert’s freckled face and covered everything. I am getting a few spots due to age, and mine don’t cover. In fact, I have to use a liquid foundation underneath the makeup to get more than minimal coverage.

When it comes to fine lines around the eyes, I’ve discovered that I can apply too much of the makeup, and by trying to cover the lines I’m actually accentuating them. That’s not what they told me in the commercials.

I really think that mineral makeup would work better on younger skin (I’m 56). It does make a positive change in my skin, but it’s not nearly as perfect as I was led to believe.

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