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im done woth bare minerals NEW
by: Anonymous

Well now it all makes sense!! I bought this crap about a year ago and have been struggling with cystic acne ever since. I look back to pictures a year ago with no make up and my skin was so clear and I looked so young. I feel like this product has aged me 10 years and gave me acne like I'm a teenager. It makes my face itch but I've always just ignored it bc I like that my skin looks naturally clear after I use it. Turns out it has been damaging my skin all along. I swear I've aged so fast!!!!!!!!!

by: Anonymous

My skin was completely clear, I had had some acne in the past but that was long gone. Thought I would switch from my usual Clinique foundation and try bare minerals. I used it for about a month and a half, I noticed the redness early on but thought it was unrelated. Then cystic acne began covering my jaw and lower half of my face. Again I pinned it down to a breakout caused by something else, I even switched my cleanser and moisturizer. Finally I realized it was bare minerals. My face is completely red, dozens of red spots cover my cheeks, it's so inflamed and irritated. The red spots are not fading, seriously bare minerals should be sued.

Most pain my skin has ever experienced NEW
by: Dana

I wish I had found this site sooner. I received a BM gift set of a few eye shadows, etc. for Christmas 2015, but just recently used them as I tend to stay w/ my Terre Mere products. I used the eye shadows 2 times (Wed. and Thurs.) and by the 3rd day, my eyelids were so swollen, red, irritated, dry, and painful, I couldn't open them to more than slits. I never imagined a product that prided themselves to be so safe could be so terrible and painful. I'm on week 2 and still experience pain, although I'm finally seeing some swelling subside.
I contacted BM via email to inform them of my experience, hoping that some feedback from a user would at least put them on notice.
My personal experience would most definitely cause me to advise all others to steer clear of this painful and shoddy product. Definitely not worth the hurt.

Sweet Minerals NEW
by: conniesue

I have tried bare minerals in the past, but after 40 I could not use this anymore since it just dried me out soon bad. I just felt old and dry and sad. Well, my sis introduced me to Sweet Minerals and I can use minerals again! I do use Yves Richer Ovale moisturizer and let that sink in and then swipe the Sweet Minerals on and WoW! I am so happy with the soft smooth lovely coverage! You should try it!

My Face looks horrible NEW
by: Shawni Girl

I started using Bare Minerals late January and by mid February my face was fully inflamed with acne, little red pimples daily and my skin was itchy. At first I thought it was a new face soap so I stopped using it and went to the doctor and was given oral steroids and topical all while continuing to use Bare Minerals needless to say, my face continued to get worst I was then referred to an allergist prescribed a stronger topical steroid and continuing to use the Bare Minerals. Finally, after a month of this and and my husband telling me to think about what I was doing different because my skin on my body was perfect, I finally realized it was the makeup and started researching Bare Mineral ingredients and Bismuth Oxychrolide is the ingredient that has completely ruined my face I am so devastated I'm praying that I will get my face back soon! When I returned the compact to Ulta the cashier was shocked that this could happen. yep it did that:0(

My Face looks horrible NEW
by: Shawni Girl

I started using Bare Minerals late January and by mid February my face was fully inflamed with acne, little red pimples daily and my skin was itchy. At first I thought it was a new face soap so I stopped using it and went to the doctor and was given oral steroids and topical all while continuing to use Bare Minerals needless to say, my face continued to get worst I was then referred to an allergist prescribed a stronger topical steroid and continuing to use the Bare Minerals. Finally, after a month of this and and my husband telling me to think about what I was doing different because my skin on my body was perfect, I finally realized it was the makeup and started researching Bare Mineral ingredients and Bismuth Oxychrolide is the ingredient that has completely ruined my face I am so devastated I'm praying that I will get my face back soon! When I returned the compact to Ulta the cashier was shocked that this could happen. yep it did that:0(

by: Anonymous

Just don't! My face is burnt after 3 days of use. Constantly red, extremely dry, bumpy.. but the burning pain is worst. I hope that I will get my face back... Can't believe this make up is not forbidden or at least sold only after allergy tests are taken. I'm beyond sad and angry!

by: Anonymous

This has ruined my daughters face and the burns on her face will not go away after MONTHS of NOT USING IT!

Reaction to primer?
by: Sydney

I have been using bareMinerals foundations for about three years. I first bought the starter kit and the oil control primer (since my skin is slightly oily). After it ran out (the primer) I never got around to shelling out the $25 for another one until two days ago when I wanted to try it again.

I have never had any problems with any of the bareMinerals products I have used, but yesterday and today my face has felt very dry (I've moisturized it about three times today), tight, and itchy (even when not wearing any makeup). There are now small raised bumps covering my face, not very noticeable, but I can feel them.

I can only assume that it is some reaction to the primer since it has never happened before and started occurring after the first or second day of use. Needless to say I'm returning it tomorrow. I may try to exchange it for the normal primer... or get a refund all together. I love bareMinerals and I'm very saddened by this experience.

Mineral foundation for Mature skin
by: Anonymous

Avon's Smooth Minerals Pressed Foundation works the best for me. I am 48, have dry skin, but it doesn't settle into my fine lines. I moisturize and use a primer first.

by: Anonymous

I've just brought the bare minerals get started kit and I used to wear mac and wanted a more natural look. I don't have sensitive skin and so I'm surprised about the reaction my skin has face is red, swollen, burning and inflamed!! I really hope it isn't the makeup as I love it :-(

by: Beth

I've used Bare Escentuals makeup for years. Just ordered my third of the wrinkle concentrate. A lady I hadn't seen in 6 months asked me if I had had a FACE LIFT!!! Product must work fantastic! I laughed out loud when I applied it last nite! What a compliment! Thanks Leslie!!

Bare mineral
by: Anonymous

I have had clear skin throughout my teenage years(except for the occasional pimple or 2 during the time of the month). A year ago I started using bare minerals. At first it was okay. I loved how flawless it made my skin looked and I would receive compliments everytime I wore it. However, 4 months Into using it, I started having small bumps on my face. I brushed it off, thinking it was just hormonal and naturally, I put even more BE to conceal. Soon after I started breaking out like crazy! With huge bumps all over my face and had really bad acne. I had to be on oral and topica antibiotics. I suspected it might be BE but when I asked make up sellers at sephora and stuff, they were appalled and said that BE was totally natural and that they hadn't receive any complaints. I followed my gut and stopped using it and my face became so much clearer. So please guys, stop using the makeup if you suspect that it might be the case no matter how natural they claim to be. Don't be deluded by the fact that it's 'natural''. Sorry for the long post. Just trying to share my personal story, hoping to save a potential victim

by: Anonymous


Love Bare Minerals
by: Melissa

I never knew so many people had issues with Bare Minerals until I came across this site. I have used mineral makeup for years and finally switched to Bare Minerals a few months ago. At first, I wasn't using primer first and didn't think it covered well but once I started using the primer, I couldn't be more pleased.

I am in my late 30's and have wrinkles under my eyes and between my eyebrows and I don't think it sinks into the wrinkles anymore than liquid foundation. Actually, with the primer, it smooths the area out which hides some of the wrinkles. When you buy it at Sephora, they have a kit where you can actually pick out one full size of the color that match's your skin

My husband was amazed at how much younger I looked. My skin looks like it's one color (I have blotchy areas)it appears smooth and I swear, the more I use it the better my actual skin is. If you have bare minerals and don't like the results, maybe you should give it a break then come back and try after a few weeks. Definitely use a primer and make sure that it or any moisturizer you apply is completely dry before applying Bare Minerals.

wow! This is just crazy!
by: Sarah

I do not wish to break any codes of conduct or anything here so forgive me if I do!! I am just so shocked at all of these comments and issues everyone is having with a product. I so badly want to send everyone a sample of the product I use called Arbonne. It has been a heaven sent for myself, my children, family, friends....a lot of us have sensitive skin, excema, etc.....I hope I am not solicitating or spam? whatever that I am a former teacher so it is more about wanting to help, educate on natural products and let you try free samples. Shoot me an email if you'd like :)

Bare Minerals ruined my face!
by: Anonymous

I have been using this makeup off and on for a few years, I don't usually wear make up at all so I was only using it about once or twice a year without problems. However, I started dating someone and was using the makeup about once or twice a week, my face started getting redder (I have always been a little pink, but now I was red all the time). I also started to get a pimple here and there on my cheek, so of course I had to use the makeup to cover.

The last time I used this makeup was about 7 weeks ago, I put it on in the morning and didn't wash it off till about 2am when I happened to go to bed that night. After I washed it off, my face was full of little bumps and my face was BRIGHT red and stayed that way for a couple weeks!

I have now been to the doc three times, I have now been diagnosed with rosacea! I have broken capillaries ALL over my face because my face was red and inflamed for so long with no relief. I am now on antibiotics, was prescribed metrocream (which I haven't used) and I am now taking muscle relaxers for tension headaches that I have had lately (I am assuming its because I am worrying about how bad my face looks all the time).

It is getting a little better but I still don't want to leave the house or have company. I have an appointment for a full face Vbeam laser treatment in about a week to try and help get rid of the capillaries on my face, I hope it works! I want my life back...

WOW! Had no idea......
by: Sarah

After hearing complaints about Bare Minerals from some of my recent new customers, I decided to google to check for the ingrediants. This was the first page that popped up and I had NO idea so many had struggled with this product!! I assumed with the name, advertisement and popularity that it was a decent company.

I too suffered from cystic acne while teaching and had a friend recommend a European skin care line that is Vegan certified......The results blew me away and I am now an independent consultant and Executive Area Manager with Arbonne!

Who leaves teaching for skincare?! Crazy I know but it became about educating people about animal byproducts, man made chemicals, dyes and fragrances, toxins etc....Once I googled rendering plants ~oh my word that was nasty! Anyways, I appreciate the information shared here on Bare Minerals ~especially about the ingredient most likely causing a reaction. Hope those of you who had problems have found relief like I did!

by: Erica B.

Wow, I honestly had no idea what prompted me to start Googling different makeup and facts about acne, but I've ended up here (and seen MANY other pages with similar comments). I'm seriously having my AH-HA! moment about my acne right now.

I've used Bare Minerals for the past 2 years, also about 2 years ago I developed a slight rosacea in the apples of my cheeks. So, of course, I put the BM to hide it..only to find it worse when I washed my face at night. I honestly did not make the connection. For the past several months I have been getting cystic acne which I have NEVER experienced in my life. I, like others, figured it was from stress or lack of sleep or whatnot and I continued to put the BM over it..again, only finding the cysts even more irritated and painful when I took the make-up off. I have scars on my left cheek from a bad patch of the little bastards.

Wow. I am speechless. I am going shopping for new make-up first thing tomorrow and also picking up some tea tree oil to help clear up what acne I do have left from this crap. I am so disgusted! I know it is not BM fault, it's my sensitive skin's reaction, but I can't help but feel a little bit of anger about how they market their products as particularly GREAT for sensitive skin, rosacea, and even say you can sleep in the stuff!


I love bare minieral, great coverage
by: Linda

I have been using the bare minerals for the last 8 months, and I love it. I am 50 years old. I do have fine lines, but lets' face it ladies lines are a part of aging. I love the way this make up goes on so smoothly, and I can cover the blemishes with just a touch of extra powder. I will never go back to the cream foundations. BM is so much lighter and lovelier in my opinion. I was able to get an exact match of color to my skin, but to do so I had to over ride the make up artist selection for me and go with what I knew to be a better choice for me. I do recommend this product for a soft even look. All the products blend very well together.

To Itchy from Bare Minerals
by: Anonymous

You are probably allergic to bismuth oxychloride. Check other reviews for products that do not contain this ingredient.

Itchy skin
by: Anonymous

Have tried it but it makes my skin feel dry and itchy. I will have to give my kit away. I am very disappointed because I thought this was going to help me in wearing make up for everyday but sad to say it did not help. Any suggestions on a brand that I can buy that is easy to use and will not irritate my skin?

No Probs!
by: Anonymous

I used Bare Minerals Foundation and Mineral Veil for a few mths til it ran out and I can honestly say I had no problems whatsoever! When I was a teenager I used to get really bad cyst-type acne around my chin and forehead but now in my thirties Bare Minerals did not bring any acne back at all. I have sensitive skin but it didn't affect me and it also gave me great coverage. It does wear off by the end of the day but I'd rather that than have loads of other chemicals being absorbed into my body like in the most popular brands!!! I really am surprised at the mumber of people who have had probs. Maybe each person has to use the products that suits them personally. My only prob is I can't afford to buy it all the time!!!

Now I know!
by: Anonymous

I cannot say enough BAD THINGS about Bare Minerals by Bare Escentuals. I used this product on and off for a couple of years, I went from being the person that never had acne, to being someone that could never get rid of it. I just thought it was that I was stressed about other things in life, blah, blah. As skin got progressively worse and worse I kept piling on the Bare Minerals hoping it would get better. Finally, I started getting huge pimples, I have a scar on my face from and a discolored patch on my skin from on particularly horrible zit. After that, I threw out the Bare Minerals. I researched online and found out that Bare Minerals have a higher concentration of Bismuth Oxychloride than more traditional makeup. Bismuth gives mineral makeup it's sheen and makes it apply smoothly and evenly. My skin took almost 2 months to clear up, but since I stopped using it over 2 years ago, my skin is back to what it used to be like. A zit or two at "that time of the month" and that's it. Bare Minerals isn't the product that they market it to be, you cannot sleep in it, it is not better for everyone, and it can be horrible for your skin. Don't be like me and wait until you have horrible skin problems before you realize that the makeup that you believed was so pure and skin friendly is causing all these issues! Just my thoughts, hope that helps!

Not the best match
by: Anonymous

I started using this makeup and it broke my face out. I never have any kind of skin problems. My whole life I have been pretty lucky. When I used this makeup I started noticing rough skin and small bumps. When I got hot it woould also burn and itch my face. Be careful if your skin in very sensitive. I went back to my old makeup and my skin looks so much better. Although, it took me months to get my skin back to normal.

Me too!
by: whit

I started the makeup about five months ago. I am just now realizing that all my acne is due to Bare Minerals (it was a long process of elimination). My next question is how long did it take your face to clear up? I'm 26, but I have the acne of a teenager.

Bare Minerals and breakouts
by: Michelle

I have been using Bare Minerals for over a year and about 4 months after I began using it I started to have horrible acne. I have never suffered from acne in my life, not even in high school. I continued to use it because I did not think it was related, but now a year after my break outs started and no end in sight I think I might stop using this product. I do not wear makeup everday, in fact I hardly wear it at all. Maybe once a week, if that even. I wonder how long it will take for my face to clear up if I stop using it altogether? Any advice would be great. I love these products but my skin is horrible and now I have horrible scars all over it!!!

Bare Minerals not Good for Sensitive Skin
by: Anonymous

It took about 6mnths until realizing Bare Minerals was causing the irritation and breakouts.I thought it was the new face creams I was using... so that's why it took me a while to put it aside. I spend a lot of money too. I have highly sensitive skin and I've tried organic foundations and was allergic to some organic ingredients. I thought for sure Mineral makeup was the winner. Now that I've read some of these reviews it looks like I should probably give up on mineral makeup.

by: Anonymous


Reply to last comment
by: Anonymous

Mineral makeup is usually good for those with sensitive skin. If the titanium dioxide by itself is a problem you will have to try something other than mineral makeup. Consider a silk powder foundation like the one offered by Aubrey Organics. Possibly what you need though is to try a brand without the bismuth and mica which can cause irritation for those with very sensitive skin. Meow Cosmetics carries some without these ingredients.

mineral makeup

Made my skin terribly itchy. Every mineral makeup seems to do this or cause me to break out! I am looking for an alternative without titanium, bismuth or mica but not finding any out there and I have tried it all!

Very disappointing
by: Anonymous

the best part about BareMinerals is the hype. They have a very good and convincing sales pitch. i am trying to get my refund and going back to my tinted sunscreen/moisturizer.

Watch out!
by: Anonymous

Bare Minerals contain bismuth oxychloride which can cause irritation on your skin and even cystic acne! Be careful! I tried it, and while I've never been irritated by any products, this made my skin unbelievably itchy and red!

by: Anonymous

Does this mineral make-up contain sugar derivatives and/or alcohol? I'd be surprised if it didn't, as most do.


by: Anonymous

yeah mineral oil is known to block the pores and it doesnt let the skin breathe... try to avoid them

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