bare X minerals Mineral makeup review

by Julie Devlin
(Dublin, Ireland)

This review is for bare X minerals Mineral Make up.

I bought 4 pcs kit of mineral make up. I found them on internet shop after some research for good pure mineral makeup with natural and safe ingredients for my skin.

I paid 42 Eur for a kit. Kit includes Foundation 9 g, Concealer 5 g, Kabuki brush and Concealer Brush. It was a great value for items which I received.

I decided to buy not so known brand name, because of the cost and I was looking for mineral makeup with natural ingredients without bismuth, ultramarines, talc, oils, and I want to try something new. Before bare X minerals I used Bare Escentuals mineral foundation i.d. Bare Minerals but was not so happy.

There was a huge difference between these brands. All ingredients can be found on the bare X mineral site. Their customer service is excellent and they are very honest.

Shipping is quick and products of excellent quality! I never wore anything light on my face before because it was always so heavy and it wouldn’t allow my skin to breathe even Bare Escentuals leaves my skin not so natural looking and after i.d. bare escentuals I always have itchy skin.

Other brands like L’Oreal, Maybelline and other popular brands having mineral makeup lines too, but their ingredients are not so pure like I found in bare X minerals.

Since I gave this a try, my face looks flawless and it lasts for the entire day without ruining it. My skin now looks much better, everyday I feel fresh and natural. I can enjoy my makeup everyday.

I just love it. It provides great coverage. I am now adopting the mineral make up regimen for all my cosmetic needs, from concealer to eye shadow and I i will definitely shop at again.

It works great for me and I am very happy with product, cost, quality and service.
Highly recommended!


Thanks for the great review Julie and I apologize for the delay in posting. This looks like another promising mineral makeup.

Below are the ingredients for bare X minerals from their website:

Ingredients: titanium dioxide, iron oxides, zinc oxide, magnesium stearate, mica, kaolin clay, rice powder.

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BareXminerals mineral makeup review

by Ann Marie
(Cambridge, UK)

After a few months of using bareXminerals mineral makeup I feel, and reaffirm to myself that mineral makeup is definitely one special thing in this life that I am incorporating in my makeup routine - forever!

I bought bareXminerals 4 pc mineral makeup kit. I thought that I’m buying Bare Escentuals bare id minerals, as usual, but bought this brand by mistake. I was really surprised with the results of this makeup.

Foundation look very natural, give good coverage without aging me (I'm 38)
Concealer helps to conceal my redness on cheeks and leaves skin silky and smooth. Gives perfect coverage.

I’m wearing makeup everyday all-day but it doesn’t feel at all.

Everyone keeps telling me how well I look.
Sometimes little mistakes gives great discovery !!!

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