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Camdens Naturals is AWESOME. I tried Bare Minerals and was NOT impressed with the excess of shimmer. I also hated that I couldn't find the right container fast AND not everything they sell is truly "all natural." Then I found Camdens Naturals. An awesome company that keeps EVERYTHING natural. They don't use bismyth and there is not fillers or anything of the sort, just high quality make up and ingrediants.

What I REALLY love is all the containers screw together so it is all highly visable and more digging in the make up bag. AND instead of a brush it comes with this nifty little puff that stores right inside the container. Since the puff helps hold the powder down it is WAY less messy. Now I just throw it in my bag and apply it when I have 3 min. to spare! I found it nice to find a company that offers great, natural products at an affordable price.
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The ingredients for Camden's Naturals Foundation are as follows:

Ingredients: rice powder, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, magnesium stearate, kaolin clay, mica with methicone

This brand uses rice powder which provides good oil absorption and a finish that is more matte. This seems to be a safe ingredient. Despite some concern that it was not good for skin with acne I could not find good information to support that claim. In fact it seems to good for all skin types with no problems of irritation.

Methicone a natural silicone is used to help the makeup adhere to your skin and should help reduce the look of fine lines.

Camden's also carries other skin care products and accessories. I would like to see ingredient lists with each product. I found this to be lacking on the products in their skin care line.

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