Eye Kandii Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadow and Bronzer

by Steph
(New york city)

Eye Kandii Eyeshadow Set

Eye Kandii Eyeshadow Set

I have been eyeballing this for a while. because it looked super pigmented! I finally broke down and bought some! The colours I picked out were:

Firecracker Red
Juicy Raspberries
Jet black
and Green Tea

I ALSO got their eyeshadow primer. The primer is White but goes on clear and is so smooth and nice. it doesn't have a scent at all which is nice.

After trying them out over the Eye Kandii Shadow Treats Primer they did NOT crease all day!, my days are extra long exceeding 18 hours and the colors stayed true throughout the entire day! OMG that is hard to find. PLUS the colour is super pigmented! Even more so than most of macs colours. and better yet they don't have any fragrances or dyes in their makeup! Its all mineral!

I also tried their sugar scrub, it is nice. the scent is super delicious and it left my skin feeling super soft!

All in all, i would 100% recommend this makeup to anyone wanting quality makeup!

P.S, the bronzer rocks my world!

Their eyeshadow comes in a glass bottle! Super cute.


Thanks Steph for the review!

If you are looking for highly pigmented colors be sure to check out Eye Kandii Cosmetics. They carry a large selection of mineral eyeshadows in some fun and intense colors along with other products like the face scrub Steph mentioned.

I did not find an ingredient list except for their lip gloss but I did find info on the site that said that their products were all natural and no synthetics. (I want to see a complete list of ingredients with each product.) They also sell cruelty free taklon makeup brushes. These are synthetic brushes that I find work just as well as animal hair brushes.

I have another gripe with this company (besides there being no ingredient list with each product). I am a stickler for how companies use the words natural or organic. This company like others I've seen say that their products are organic. Mineral makeup is not organic. Most of the minerals used come from the earth and are natural but not organic, meaning, they do not have any organic certification which is what you should have in order to call your products organic.

Always keep in mind if you are shopping for organics the only way to be sure something is organic is to see some sort of organic certification.

UPDATE: I read the comment below and because I am not familiar with the Green Code I decided to visit Eye Kandii Cosmetics again. I see that they no longer call their products organic and while they still do not provide ingredient lists they say that their products do not contain harmful ingredients and are 100% minerals.

If using safer more natural makeup is important to you be sure to visit natural cosmetics.

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How to purchase NEW
by: Anonymous

I've tried to enter their site to purchase and I've clearly missed the correct link. Can you help me out? I am very interested in trying out their mineral eye shadow and lash primer!

they are indeed organic.
by: Steph

i spoke with the seller, and their products are indeed Mineral and organic Green code 3 and 4. which means 100% organic with some chemical modifications, and 100% organic with no chemical modifications.

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