Want That Healthy Glow?
Use A Good Face Exfoliant.

A Face Exfoliant.... That's the answer to the question "What is one of the most important products we can use on our skin"?

Just what can we expect from exfoiatiing our skin on a regular basis? - a fresher, healthier and more youthful appearance.

Choosing A Natural Face Exfoliant

There are a couple of different ways to purchase face exfoliants. Exfoliation can be a manual process but enzymes can also be used to help dissolve dead skin cells.

Manual exfoliation involves using some kind of skin care product or tool that roughs the skin up and sloughs off the top layer of dead cells off the skin exposing fresher newer cells underneath.

Another way is by applying a cream or cleanser to the skin that contains natural enzymes that actually dissolve dead skin cells. Both processes work by encouraging sometimes sluggish older skin to more rapidly grow new cells.

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Handy Tools for Face Exfoliants

A handy inexpensive and easy face exfoliant is to use cloths made from micro fiber. Use your own cleansers and these reusable cloths to deep clean, lift and remove dead skin cells. Ultrafine fibers gently work even on sensitive skin. With proper care they are supposed to last 60 - 80 uses which is a big saving in money.

Exfolia Beauty Cloths are made from a material called Evolon which is a non woven microfiber fabric. This particular manmade fabric has not been chemically treated like other micro fibers so it is a better choice for using on our skins. The downside is that this is a manmade synthetic fiber not quite as environmentally friendly.

You can find these cloths at Isabella.


Professional microdermabrasion at a salon is an example of a face exfoliant preferred by some women. With the use of micro crystals, the process resembles sandblasting the skin and then vacuuming it to remove the dead cells leaving a clean fresh complexion behind. It sounds nasty but it is safe and very effective.

While the actual microdermabrasion itself is safe the creams that are used along with this may contain ingredients of concern. If you decide this is the way to go, make sure that the products that are used on your skin do not contain harmful ingredients or have been animal tested.

At Home Microdermabrasion Tools

There are a variety of at home microdermabrasion tools available at a wide variety of prices. The biggest issue will be finding one that works well. Microdermabrasion done at a salon can cost anywhere from $75 on up. Average costs in my area are $100. At home tools can cost anywhere from very inexpensive $29.95 to the expensive $200. Save yourself some money and save the environment from another plastic piece of junk being sent to the landfill by buying a decent one with a warranty and good reviews from other users.

I'm not going to recommend one as I have yet to try one of this form of face exfoliant but I can direct you to product reviews. My problem with these tools is that most of them will arrive with their own creams and moisturizers. Based on the ingredient list for the products I looked at I would pass.

The Micordermabrasion Guide is a handy resource for reviews and information of the most popular brands of microdermabrasion kits. Through my own searching I found a couple of different tools without a lot of extras, Dermapower and Crystalift

Unfortunately these were the most expensive tools. They most closely resemble professional microdermabrasion where the skin is not only exfoliated but then vacuumed for really clean pores and skin. No creams or cleansers with Dermapower to worry about and Crystalift used natural crystal capsules. Both come with a money back guarantee.

Check out:
If you decide to use one of the other brands with it's own cleansers and creams, I know I don't have to remind you but it bears repeating know the ingredients in the product.

Face Exfoliant Washes and Masks

Not all of us want or can afford microdermabrasion especially when done in a salon but we have a variety of options to help us accomplish a similar effect.

Many of the companies offering organic skin care carry cream exfoliants usually a combination of enzymes or rough materials to help encourage cell renewal and exfoliation. Scrubs applied in gentle scrubbing motions often rely on ingredients like oatmeal or rice bran to exfoliate while masks may contain enzymes, often from fruit to do the job.

The products below are some excellent choices for products like this. Many of the same ingredients found in these products you have at home in your own kitchen. Check out homemade exfoliants for some ideas to make your own.

No matter which face exfoliant you decide to use make it a regular habit. Exfoliating is one of the most neglected parts of most women's facial care routine. Depending on which products you use you should exfoliate at least once a week more often for effectiveness with some products.


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